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Allison Auth
27 July 2016

Last month I went to a conference where I heard a talk on the four temperaments by Larraine Bennett, author of “The Temperament God Gave You.” I had read about them in college and found them to be very beneficial to understanding myself, and my relationship to others around me. 

Allison Auth
16 July 2016

A few weeks ago I was sitting with a group of friends. One was crying and sharing about her miscarriage earlier that week. It was her fourth one. Another had gone to the doctor earlier that week to see why she was having trouble conceiving again. One mom wasn’t with us because she was suffering a miscarriage that weekend. 

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Edmund Adamus
08 July 2016
I love July not just because it’s yet another reminder of Summer –despite the weather so far here in Britain- but because it is the month dedicated to the Most Precious Blood of Christ. An extra moment as it were in our cycle of prayer and worship to think, reflect and ponder again on the immeasurable sacrifice that Jesus paid for each and every one of us by His death on the Cross. 


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