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Carmen, from Peru, is a Company Representative and Translator

She answers the phone and the live chat in the mornings.

She translates all our materials in Spanish.

Carmen also helped us start the Quinceañeras preparation and as a teacher, she is the best qualified to help prepare our teenagers.

Charlotte is our Communication Manager and Editor.

She responds to emails.

She answers the phone and the live chat in the afternoons.
She's in charge of social media and advertizing.

Charlotte edits a lot of documents for us.
(She's also a published author with her first book, The Cause.)

Ashley is a Company Representative.

Ashley was born and raised in Colorado and loves this state very much.

She comes from a family of 6 children and is proud of her nephews and niece.

Ashley helps with the live chat.

She is also in charge of the correspondence with the priests and dioceses.

Christine is our Office Supervisor.

She lives in Colorado.
Christine has a degree in journalism and education (K-6).
She has been married for 21 years and has 4 wonderful children,
She recently graduated from the Denver CAtholic Biblical School. 
When not working, she is usually driving someone somewhere, at a soccer field, or trying to grow flowers in her backyard.

Justin is Assistant to Agapè Catholic Ministries as a Marriage and Family Life diocesan support.

Justin and wife Annemarie married in 2015 and they have a son named John Paul, born in 2016.
Justin has spent most of his life studying the teachings of Saint John Paul II’s TOB,
serving the pro-life movement and promoting marriage and family at youth groups
and the parishes in his hometown of Colorado Springs where he is a real estate agent,
with his parents Chris and Mary who are also on the Catholic Marriage Prep team.
He has one sibling, a sister, Faith who serves the Church through many different youth groups
and parishes in their hometown as well. 

Jim Arlien is our webmaster and IT consultant.

He grew up in North Dakota receiving a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from North Dakota State University.

Jim worked for Texas Instruments, Martin Marietta, and COMSYS Technical Services before braving the world of self-employment in web design and photography through his business, CatchLight Professional Services.

He lives in Colorado where trail hikes with Sophie and Frankie bring nice breaks to his days keeping our websites attractive, stable and secure.

Patrick is a Company Representative.

His dad was in the army and so he was born in Camp Darby, Italy, where his family was stationed at the time. 
The family travelled around the world and settled in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1995.
He was born and raised Catholic and absolutely loves his faith.
With his wife Allison, they have a two year old son named Luke.
He received Masters degree in Information Technology from Colorado Technical University in 2016.

Mary Christine is an Administrative Assistant.

She is the daughter of Christine (above) and is also from Colorado.  
She reads and manages all the feedback we receive to dispatch them in our monthly and weekly reviews.
Mary Christine is currently a junior at Metropolitan State University at Denver.
She is working towards her degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences with a minor in Linguistics.
Outside of work and school she is usually watching old movies, working on a craft project, enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, and playing with her guitar

Jessie is an Administrative Assistant.
She enters registrations and attributes instructors to the couples.

Jessie lives in Colorado with her husband of 15 years, Paul and their 3 chidlren.
She has degrees in Finance and Theology.
As a family, they have moved to many different locations in the U.S. and enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.
In her spare time, Jessie loves to work on home renovations as well as take time off exploring the mountains.

Jason is our tech support.
He is native to Colorado.

Born and raised Catholic and the oldest (and he would say wisest) of 5 sisters.
He traveled around the country with NET Ministries for a year.
Both him and his wife, Stephanie, grew up in the same parish, but it took them 25 years to meet each other!
They are now happily married and the proud parents of one son (so far)!
Jason has been doing tech support over the last decade with Apple and is glad to be using his talents with Agapè Catholic Ministries.

Olivier and Jehanne are our French Representatives.

They live in beautiful Burgundy, France, with their five children.

Olivier is also our awesome graphic designer.

Jehanne is Christian and Christine's second daughter.

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