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SymptoPro Online NFP Class and App by Northwest
 We have been providing quality Natural Family Planning education for over 25 years. Our classes are informative, personal, and discreet. Whether achieving, spacing, or avoiding a pregnancy, NFP is a highly effective method. More and more couples are discovering the joy of NFP, and in response, we now offer our course online. Purchase of our online course includes lifetime support from your Northwest NFP Provider at no extra charge as well as our new free web charting App that can be used to share your charts with your instructor for quick review.
SymptoPro by Northwest is a Sympto-Thermal Method of NFP and online class instruction takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Sympto-Thermal means physical symptoms and temperature are used to determine fertile and infertile times during a woman's cycle.
Class cost is $110 with a downloadable ebook or $135 with a textbook. Both options include the free charting App and personalized instruction and feedback.

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MyFertilityMD App

Finally a convenient, reliable NFP app and website for Catholic couples to implement the teachings of the Catholic Church.
Users from all methods have been satisfied with this Comprehensive Tool, which includes the following biomarkers: Mucus Only or in combination with temp, Cervical Position, Saliva Ferning, and Fertility monitors.
- Information, videos and support.
- MyFertilityMD App for Apple devices will teach you to observe your biomarkers, and record them. The app calculates your fertility, and displays your status in real time.
- Have questions? Ask the Doctor feature allows for direct connection with fertility specialists.
- Simple, effective and accurate.
Download the MyFertilityMD App from the App Store 
Or visit: MyFertilityCycle.com
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FertileView Software by Novuscor
FertileView is a downloadable biomedical informatics software program for fertility management. One-on-one personal training combined with the program application tool allows the patient to chart their fertility signs while the FertileView program interprets the information. This comprehensive software program is designed to be used by a couple to provide specific cycle details that include ovulation. The program data or informatics process shapes the boundaries of the client's fertility defining that optimal that optimal time to achieve pregnancy and when to avoid pregnancy. The software is designed to work with either Symto-Thermal or Mucus Only symptoms.

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