It made me appreciate God's love and how powerful it can be

July 3rd Alex and Roxanne – Dubuque, IA“It made me appreciate God's love and how powerful it can be.”

Him: I enjoyed the sessions. I am happy I got to learn more about the true meaning of matrimony. I am very pleased with the instructors and they have already taught us so much already.
Her: I really enjoyed working with [our instructors]. They gave us points and tips that we really haven't yet thought about that could arise in marriage. It helped me to learn how to be more open and communicative with my significant other.
Both: It drew us closer together. It helped to really see what are true values are and gave us the opportunity to be more open with each other. I like that it had us talk about our life goals because it got him and I talking about family and how important it is for us to raise our kids with a religious background.

July 4th Chad and Christina – Colorado Springs, CO “I am encouraged to dig deeper into our faith together and continue to create an even stronger bond between the two of us and God.”

Him: I really enjoyed the deeper dive into the Sacrament of Marriage and the discussions that came from those lessons.  I was impressed with the level of personal connection through a few short internet sessions.  I felt supported and valued. The personal connection is what I appreciated most.  The reason I liked this most was because there were no 'canned' responses and I could relate to the majority of the discussions being had.
Her: Overall this prep was extremely helpful to opening up conversations that have been beneficial for our relationship. I appreciated the expanding of answers to the way we answered things. It sparked conversation and was in really good detail.
Both: It definitely improved our communication to discuss the topics in more detail and use the feedback we received to expand on our understandings of the sacrament of marriage.

July 5th Michael and Rebeca – Norwich, CT “It made me excited to get start going to church and learning more about my religion.”

Him:Overall I feel like I came into the course feeling that I had a good idea of what it would be about.  I was happily surprised to find that I learned a lot, and feel much closer to my soon to be wife, and closer to the Church.  I feel much better prepared, and in a much better place spiritually and mentally, to receive the Sacrament of Marriage.
Her:I appreciated the most the prayers we said together throughout the course at the beginning of each lesson and the free time we had together learning.  This has been fun.
Both: It improved communication by opening the first dialogue about God and Church before, during, and after our Marriage ceremony takes place.

July 6th Richard and Jessica – St. Petersburg, FL “I'm very happy we took this course and get to reference it later on in our marriage - thank you very much!”

Him: My overall impression is that this preparation will prove to be very useful for further developing the foundation of our marriage. I was impressed by the level of detail and the ability to complete the course online. The course opened my eyes to a lot of the details and fundamentals about God and His Church that I didn't know about before. This foundation will greatly help us during our marriage and help me during my RCIA process.
Her: I thought it was wonderful. I like how the NFP lesson started off with the lecture by Jason Evert, and then asked questions relating to the topic. That way we had a background of the topic and of what the church teaches, and we could answer instead of shooting answers from the hip, later to be corrected.
Both: It made us think deeply about certain topics we wouldn't have talked about normally. It shed some insight into how the Church sees marriage and focused our efforts on becoming more of a support system for our future spouse.

July 7th Joshua and Frances – Rockville Center, NY “I appreciate our bonding while doing the assignment”

Him: The prep was very convenient especially for someone like me who is always working, even on weekends. It really helped us with our situation. We learn to understand the deeper meaning/explanation about Genesis, thus we get to understand the history as well as the purpose of being a husband and a wife.
Her: Very informative. We learned a lot about God, his teachings on marriage, about ourselves and one another. It made us understand the purpose of marriage. Understanding the many teachings of God about marriage made us want to maintain/improve our relationship with God and the Church, it made us want to know and learn more.
Both: We get to understand each other’s role. 

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