February 26th Long and Huyen – Tulsa, OK“This course definitely helps me to prepare for what lies ahead as we embark on this forever journey together with the blessing of God and the Church”

Him:We liked the different lessons and how personalized they actually were. When we first signed up for the class, we didn't have a very high expectation because of the fact that it is online but [our instructors] did a very good job of making every answer sheet personal and detailed to who we are as a couple.
Her: I really like a class. It gave me a better understanding of what it means to being married in the Catholic faith. Having a couple of the same ethnic background who understands what we are going through definitely helps.
Both:We have a deeper spiritual connection now vs. before taking the course. We can communicate our thoughts and feelings to each other more freely and respectfully.

Febuary 27th Angel and Camille – San Francisco, CA “This course gave us more to think about and discuss in our daily lives and really set a foundation for each of us to continue practicing our faith”

Him:The prep was a thorough and helpful experience. The readings, backgrounds, and accompanying scriptures gave me a deeper understanding of not only my faith, but sparked some great conversations between Camille and I. We really enjoyed reading [our instructor’s] feedback, and understanding where we could learn more about any given topic that was discussed.
Her:Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed going about the course. The context of the readings and videos were very helpful and we will definitely utilize and reference many of them as we go through the sacrament of matrimony and beyond. In addition to the context, spending time together each week to do the readings and assignments became times that we treasured. [our instructor’s] detailed feedback after each assignment was also very helpful.
Both:Prior to the course, our perception of how we communicated to each other was already very positive. However, the course taught us how we could improve our communication even more. For instance, we plan to better utilize "I" statements instead of "you" (blaming) statements. Additionally, making it imperative to place a bigger emphasis on active listening as communicating our expectations.

February 19th Trustin and Allison – Colorado Springs, CO“This course revived my faith by bringing my husband and I closer together in a religious way.”

Him:This prep course allowed us to get to know one another even better even though we've been together for 15 years and married for nearly 8 years. We were able to have a deeper understanding of the role of God in our marriage.I appreciated the depth of the questions provided; it allowed me to reflect on my understanding and beliefs of Christ and also learn more about my wife's beliefs.
Her: This course was very informative and often fun. It allowed for great discussions between my husband and I and a deeper understanding of our faith. I most appreciated learning the "why" behind many of the Catholic teachings on marriage and family planning.
Both:This course revived my faith by bringing my husband and I closer together in a religious way.

February 20th Chase and Mary – Palm Beach, FL “It has made me more interested in God and becoming closer with my faith.”

Him:This course helped me learn more about Mary that I might not of learned before we got married.
Her:I learned a lot from this class and it refreshed a lot from what I learned years ago but had forgotten. I appreciate the time we spent together doing these courses and the final courses that were more geared to us and our future.
Both:We have always had a very good communication but this course opened us communicating more about religion and life choices of that aspect.

February 12th Christopher and Rachel – Dallas, TX“I really appreciated all of the advice from our sponsor couple.”

Him: Quite impressive. Impressive with the in-depth responses to the questions. The responses seemed very genuine, heart felt, and well formulated. I appreciated the thorough, in-depth look into the theology behind Catholic marriage, the practicality of it, and the honest answers from a couple who seeks to live out their vocation well.
Her: I did like that we had to look at scripture and really think about it and reflect on it. I loved our sponsor couple and their responses. It really helped our communication, especially the parts where we had to state our expectations of marriage. That was really helpful for us. We plan to print out our answers and keep them on our refrigerator!
Both:We definitely had some great discussions, particularly on the last assignment and on the assignment about forgiveness. Having His and Her answers is helpful too and keeps us accountable when completing long distance so that we both communicate and listen to each other's answers. 

February 13th Lewis and Hannah – Louisville, KY “I wasn't sure what to think when we first started but ultimately I feel as if I got a lot out of it and am excited to marry my best friend.”

Him:This prep was really great. I felt like it brought us both a lot closer not only to each other but to God. I was really impressed with how in-depth the trainings were and the knowledge provided by our assigned couple was awesome!
Her:It exceeded my expectations as well. I did not expect the counseling to go as in-depth as it did. I am very grateful that we had a couple who had gone through the same things and can relate to us.
Both:We felt like communication improved as a result of the provoking topics which were presented. We were able to talk more deeply about our faith. We greatly enjoyed this course. We felt like the lessons were very powerful and we took a lot away from them.

February 5th Ryan and Liz – Hartford, CT“It taught me a lot about the Catholic Church that I didn't know or had forgotten.”

Him: It was very valuable to sit down with Liz and discuss the intricacies of our future together and how they relate to our faith and the Church. We have had many discussions about the future and our marriage already, but this focused our conversation much more towards Christ and the way Church plays such a big role in our family. I appreciated setting time aside each week to spend with Liz. It gave us a time to sit down, relax and explore our faith together.
Her: I felt that this prep was a good first introduction towards our future together in faith. While we've considered a lot of other aspects of our life together, we had not yet fully explored how our faith would impact the way we live our lives. This allowed us to create a plan and road map for our family.
Both:It broadened our discussions towards faith and Christ.

February 6th Roger and Christine – New Orleans, LA “I found this overall useful and very thorough in its teachings about what constitutes a Catholic wedding and marriage.”

Him:I thought it was very helpful in learning more about the Church's role in Catholic weddings.  Overall though, the course was very effective and well organized. I appreciated the fact that many of the questions had to do with us and our own thoughts and feelings.
Her:This course reminded me of what is important in life, and it was comforting to be reminded of all that goes into marriage. It did, however, especially because of our wonderful guiding couple, reinforce the notion that a Christ-centered marriage can weather so much and is truly a blessing in itself.
Both:Having done long distance for over 5 years, we feel that we are pretty good at communication, and this reminded us about how much we've talked about and where we want to go with our lives.

January 29th Andy and Charlee – Sacramento, CA“It caused us to communicate on a deeper level and helped us grow.”

Him:I really think this prep helped us out a lot it made us open our eyes on topics we been talking about and didn’t really know the answer until we came across it in this course.I appreciate the wise words from our teachers and from the passages from the Bible.
Her: I plan on solidifying our relationship with Christ as a couple; praying with each other, going to church together, and by picking passages in the bible to further explore and discuss.
Both:This course brought up a lot of topics that we had not yet discussed and this course gave us the tools to openly discuss some difficult topics.

January 30th Pat and Emily – Arlington, VA “I thought the class was well-organized and the different topics seemed appropriate.”

Him:The class was thorough and encompassed many topics beyond just Church teaching such as managing healthy relationships. I appreciate the hard work you do to put the course together. It was good for me to review some of the Church’s teachings on these issues as it’s been a long time since I have covered them. The course also brought to light some things I hadn’t considered before and stimulated conversation with Emily.
Her:I appreciated learning more about the conservative Catholic Church’s view of marriage and many social issues related to marriage.
Both:The course required Pat and I to spend some time every week talking about our marriage, our goals, and our beliefs. Because we did not have a specific need to do this previously, we often did not. In that way, the course made us communicate more about our marriage and relationship in advance of our marriage which was very beneficial.

January 22nd Lacey and Natalie– Military Diocese“It sparked a lot of discussion and fruitful discussion for us.”

Him:It sparked a lot of discussion and fruitful discussion for us. And it touched upon a lot of potential conflicts in marriage that we were then able to discuss. I really appreciated that. 
Her: There were some questions that I did appreciate, that helped me to think more deeply. But I think what I thought was very good was that, although it was rather basic, was that it helped us to connect and build a foundation on those basics... 
Both:Some of the questions were actually pretty deep and helped us to think about things critically. We were able to identify some of the issues we might have and forced us to be very honest.

January 23rd Nicholas and Fabiana – Atlanta, GA “It's great to see how this marriage and course has been apart of God's plan.”

Him:This class was a much needed challenge for our relationship as it forced us to work together in discussions and planning for our future life together. After the courses, my confidence in our marriage and Gods plans have increased ten fold. I would definitely recommend this course.
Her:I think that this course is very useful. It helps couple to speak and analyze different themes in a deeply and serious way. It confirmed my belief in how amazing as gift life is and how we have to use to live in according of God's teaching.
Both:The Catholic faith teaches principles that are extremely different than our society. This course pushed us to discuss how we would live in society while upholding the Truth of the faith. Conversations such as these don't always happen naturally, but this course encouraged such conversations.


January 15th Corbin and Jerianna – Colorado Springs, CO“This course ignited my passion for Christ at the center of marriage.”

Him:It revived my faith by assisting and creating conversation about mine and Jerianna's faith differences. This also encouraged me to dig into aspects of my faith that I learned as a boy and try to re understand why I believe those things or why the Church practices certain traditions.
Her: This course was truly wonderful. Although I'm not Catholic, I would highly recommend the course to any couple - Catholic or not. The topics brought up great conversation between us that I feel really started a foundation that's worth building a life on. This course brought up conversations between us that I had wanted to have (and saw ourselves having), but didn't always have the words or opportunity to have them without some direction.
Both:It sparked conversation that needed to happen between us for the sake of our future marriage. We really took a lot away from the I-message portion in terms of effective communication. The conversations that were had during the course allowed us to practice more of a heavenly perspective for one another, which will carry on through our future to allow us to better understand one another.

January 16th Matt and Stephanie – Colorado Springs, CO “I most appreciated the application and insight for modern day use of the material.”

Him:I thought this prep was very engaging and covered a variety of interesting topics. I think the preparation raised questions that made Stephanie and I talk with one another and have dialogue about our future.
Her:I thought overall this prep was very helpful. This prep made me think about things I otherwise wouldn't, in ways that were different than I have before. Also, I enjoyed the use of scripture and also going back to Genesis and the thoroughness of the course.
Both:We feel it improved our communication by helping us understand what God intended marriage to be. With that in mind, it helps us to talk with each other not at each other. We have a more formed common goal in mind and feel our communication is more open and more about understanding one another.

January 8th Nathan and Nadine – Thunder Bay, Ontario“It was great to learn the values and benefits that matrimony offer couples, and how God plays a role in all of it!”

Him:I enjoyed the experience. I thought the content was relevant to a successful marriage. I thought the conversations regarding forgiveness and contraception were the most relevant to us.
Her: I enjoyed working through the assignments with Nathan, and we had some really good conversations. I am glad we did it online because we could work through at our own pace. I appreciated the time we took to work on it together. We discussed the assignments a lot throughout the course so I appreciated that as well.
Both:We think it strengthened our communication. We talked about that things that we maybe didn't consider before in regard to being married.

January 9th James and Courtney – Knoxville, TN “It reminded me of how powerful God's love is for us”

Him:Thoroughly enjoyed this program. We were asking ourselves questions that never would've come up in general conversations, and were challenging ourselves to answer tough inquiries into very personal aspects of our lives. We became closer going through these discussions and are better prepared to be married as a result.
Her:It was very knowledgeable and opened my eyes to things that I we don't think that much about on a daily basis; very informative, led to some great conversations; we feel closer than ever!
Both:It challenged our norms - things that were more personal that were rarely communicated about were suddenly thrust forth into our everyday chats and personal conversations. We found different ways to communicate our love to each other, and are better off.

January 10th Jeffery and Hao – New Orleans, LA “It touched so many subjects I hardly gave a thought to.”

Him:This was a very interesting lesson to learn and grow from. I am very happy that we were able to take this course. This met [my] expectations tenfold. Help me learn things i did know before or even consider. It was very moving and i have so many things to take into consideration and learn more.
Her: My overall impression of the course was very knowledgeable and I enjoyed it very much. This prep class is something that we all should do at least twice in life so that we may never forget our true mission. The course was more than what i expected it to be. It thought me so many things i never knew and gave me the knowledge to be more closer to my partner and Christ.
Both: We gave a lot of effort into this assignment by talking over the phone and FaceTime and this brought us even closer since we are so far apart. We had to say things that we were embarrassed to talk about but then after felt the relief of our communication. Our goals are more clear and we hope to continue to better our communication everyday.

January 11th Sean and Jocelyn – Philadelphia, PA “The course is another way of getting us to read Bible verses and delve into the Scriptures.”

Him:The course covered a broader range of topics than I though it would, going all the way back to Genesis and the creation story. The answer keys were more personalized than I expected and made the course feel more like a conversation than a one way "this the right answer" session.
Her:I learned quite a bit about the reasons behind the Church's teachings on sacraments and exactly why marriage in an unbreakable bond. I like the fact that video clips are mixed in with the readings in each assignment. It makes the assignments more interactive.
Both:The course made us think about theological issues that often get swept aside as the basics because they are covered in Catholic grade school. Revisiting the meaning of a Sacrament is one such example. Neither of us had thought much about that since our school days. We both had stories of awkward grade school Confessions to share. In that sense we were able to bond even closer through common shared experiences.

January 12th Jake and Andrea – New York, NY “It definitely revived my faith and desire to be close to God”

Him: My overall impression with the class was very eye opening, I believe through the class we are challenged a lot and we have grown closer to God and to each other because of it.
Her:I thought the class was really great, it was nice having one-on-one personal feedback from our instructors and I really felt like it brought me closer to my future spouse and to God. I also feel like I learned a lot about what it takes to have a successful and meaningful marriage.
Both:It opened our minds to be more accepting of each other and it made our foundation as a couple even stronger. We definitely plan to practice active listening and try to avoid blame when speaking with each other, and just continue to be open about how we are feeling on a daily basis.

January 1st Ashton and Emily – Omaha, NE“This helped me to remember God should be at the center of our relationship because God has a bigger plan for us.”

Him:My biggest take away was the birth control and NFP discussion as it opened my eyes and informed me of the whole process. I had no knowledge prior, and NFP is something that we are going to pursue.
Her: I was very hesitant about this course at first, but it turned out to be a very helpful course to prepare us for marriage. It opened up discussions that we had not thought of and helped us grow in our faith life and become closer to God. I am so glad we took it and learned so much, we have never been more confident in our faith and relationship.
Both:We have many good talks throughout this course. Communication has always been a strength of ours, so we are continuously looking for ways to keep that strong and how to prevent/handle conflicts in the future.

January 2nd Philip and Roksolana – Toronto, Ontario “It helped me learn about how our faith and marriage correspond.”

Him:My overall impressions of this preparation have been really happy the lessons were very informative with good content. I also really liked the feedback from the instructors and found it helpful in areas that may have also been not so clear.
Her:I am very happy we decided to enroll in this course our instructors were great with their feedback and I enjoyed further exploring the topics we covered with the links provided in the assignment answer keys.
Both:The course covered topics that we missed or never talked about. It also allowed us to look at his point of view and her. We were able to listen to each other answers and opinion on these topics which really helped demonstrate a good communication method.

January 3rd Brad and Timarie – Philadelphia, PA “It enlightened me more about the faith.”

Him:Very insightful and it helped me to really think about how much of a commitment we are really making and thinking about this commitment through the laws and ideas of the church and through what God has said. It has shown me more of the importance of some little, yet monumental things we can do as a couple to make sure we have a true and happy marriage together.
Her: It was eye-opening for us as a couple and forced us to give light and to think about what we really want out of our marriage and what we can do and commit to contribute to our happiness in our marriage, which includes keeping the faith close and to look to God through more prayer; making sure to attend church weekly.
Both: The courses acted as an example to us as to WHAT we can communicate about to improve our relationship and lead to a healthy happy marriage, and it simply forced us to communicate on these things.

January 4th Joseph and Megan – Duluth, MN “You have given us encouragement for our marriage and we look forward to our life together!”

Him:I have been very impressed and surprised by the content and amount of info that I have learned.  It has been very informative, practical and challenging.  I liked the mentorship from you both [our instructors].
Her:There was a lot more information than I was expecting. Additionally, each of the lessons had an answer key that went more in depth than I expected. I was happy that all of the content was so scripturally based and had good rationale for the explanations. I learned a lot in this course and was not expecting to learn as much as I did.
Both:It gave us some important topics to discuss with a solid Christian perspective and scripture to consider in our conversations. The information on the answer keys was an useful tool to go more in depth with our thinking and conversations for each topic. We both feel we learned a lot about ourselves and each other in that process as a result.

January 5th Adam and Emily – Saint Louis, MO “I feel this process has brought me closer to God and has created a new relationship with Christ.”

Him:I think it is an effective tool for preparing couples for what lies ahead in marriage. It was especially convenient considering our unique geographical relationship and schedules. 
Her:A great way to prepare for marriage and become closer to Adam. It was great to get an in depth marriage preparation that worked with our schedules and our long distance relationship. 
Both:It helped us discuss things that we may not have otherwise talked about. 

December 25th Jesse and Sydney – Sioux City, IA“It helped strengthen our relationship and prepared us for trials that we may face.”

Him:This prep has given us the tools and information that will help us to have a strong and healthy marriage. I appreciated the assignments that triggered discussion between us about things we wouldn't have thought to talk about. It showed the importance of faith and God within a marriage, and makes me want to work harder on my faith in order to have a strong, happy, and healthy marriage. 
Her: I think that this course has opened our eyes to what marriage is about, and given us ways that we can strengthen our marriage and relationship with God at the center. It made me realize that marriage is not only for myself, but also a promise to God which makes me want to work harder for Him. 
Both: It encouraged discussion about difficult topics that we were able to share our thoughts and feelings on. 

December 26th Chris and Rachel – Atlanta, GA “It revived my faith because it spurred us to talk about topics related to our faith more in depth.”

Him:This preparation did a great job of covering all the basics of what marriage is and is not. It did a great job especially of encouraging communication and mutual prayer for and with Rachel. I was challenged to grow in my relationship with Rachel and so I believe my expectations were met.
Her:Overall, I feel that this started good discussion topics between Chris and me. Several topics were brought up and considered that we had not previously talked about. I do think that this is a good marriage prep tool. I appreciated the encouragement at the beginning of each assignment to pray with Chris. This time with Chris put us in the right mindset and brought us closer to God together.
Both:This course improved our communication by motivating us to talk about we how to participate in our spiritual lives together as a couple. We think transitioning our spirituality to a mode of experience conducive to marriage is tricky and this has been a magnificent tool.

December 27th Casey and Hannah – Fort Worth, TX “This class revived my faith by helping me learn how to talk about my `faith and my relationship with God.”

Him:This prep helped us communicate to one another on different levels.  Also, it helped us prepare for our marriage and what we expect from one another. I believe we met our expectations and went beyond what we thought we would originally get out of these prep sessions.
Her: This prep helped our relationship grow.  We were able to sit down together and have conversations we hadn't had before. I loved getting love letters.  I think that it's easy to forget to express how much we love each other. The love letters were a special gift that I will keep.
Both: This definitely helped us improve our communication! We have learned to talk to one another about hard topics and more importantly listen!

December 28th Michael and Julianna – Atlanta, GA “The course was much more thorough than expected.”

Him:What I really enjoyed most was the thorough feedback received from [our instructors], and it was always personal. Sometimes I wondered how they tailored their answers for each couple, but it was obvious they spent time tailoring for the individual couple. If def made me think deeper about my spiritual life, and how I can be a better man for Julianna. It made me want to get more involved in the church and refocus my spiritual life around God and Jesus. 
Her:The course made me dig deeper into my faith, more so than I've needed to since being confirmed. The course brought up several points, areas of focus, that Michael and I need to work on. It most certainly met my expectations. We discussed things we'd previously not. In terms of faith, I need to be more proactive.
Both:We both have always been very open with each other, but the course has def forced us to talk about topics we had not before. 

December 29th Tony and Shruti – Kamloops, British Columbia “I appreciate how deep this course made me think about the future and a married life.”

Him:It was really helpful and knowledgeable. It widened my thoughts about marriage life. I understand marriage is much more than what I was thinking.
Her:This course has given me a lot of knowledge about almost all aspects of married life. It helped me prepare for the problems which can arise in our future life and now I know how to tackle it.I appreciate the feedback after the assignment was done. we got to learn more from those feed backs. Also, the part which helps us foresee the issues which can arise in a married life and how to tackle it.
Both:This course helped us to think deep about the future which we never thought about before. It was really helpful as we are prepared to face all those issues now.

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