October 9th Travis and Brooke – Lafayette, LA“This made me want to get closer to God and more engaged in my faith.”

Him:I liked the class overall. I like that it was self-paced and gave us time to complete the assignments on our own. I appreciated the time it too to complete and the in depth questions, as well as the feedback from [our instructors].
Her: I thought that, overall, this class covered many of the main points that you want to take into consideration and prepare with your future spouse for before marriage. I appreciated the time it took to give such great, thoughtful feedback by our instructors on the answer keys.
Both: It brought a lot of good points that are so simple and so profound back to light in my life and faith.

October 10thKristian and Emily – Denver, CO “I think that it made me look closer about my faith and gave me some insight on where to start with raising children within the Church teachings.”

Him:It was much different than I thought it was going to be. I thought that it was excellent, and really had a methodology to it. It was much less intimidating than I thought it was going to be.
Her: This was my first experience with actual Catholic theology. I'm Episcopalian, and while the teachings are very similar, this class really helped clarify questions that I had about the Catholic Church and thought that it was really insightful. I'm inspired to maybe go further with Catholicism.
Both: Because one of us is Catholic and one Episcopalian, it gave us an opportunity to teach each other and bond over a problem solving experience.  Each of us has unique strengths when it comes to things like this and it allowed us to explore and use those traits together.  There were times where we disagreed with each other on some teachings and some topics and it allowed us to discuss them rationally and helped interpret some questions we both had to find a common ground.  All in all, it was a fun and very beneficial experience.

October 11th Robert and Kathleen – Washington, MD  “It brought into perspective how God will be a third pillar in our marriage.”

Him:This prep was very thorough and brought up many different topics of marriage as well as what it means to be a Catholic on a personal level. I appreciated how it integrated passages and teaching from the church to provide a modern perspective of what marriage is supposed to be.
Her:This class brought a deep understanding of Catholic teachings and what a Catholic marriage is meant to be and how to set up a foundation for a successful marriage. I appreciated the communication skills discussion. It helped me learn how to actually be an active listener to be able to acknowledge other's feelings and how to express my own feelings effectively.
Both: Reading and practicing active listening was very helpful. We liked reading the column about what is good to do in order to hear the other and how to respond. It was even better to be able to read an example and how to put that active listening into action in a real life situation.

October 12th Issac and Yodit – Oakland, CA “It made me see how pure and happy you can be when your base for everything is God”

Him:The Prep was really impressive and so insightful. I learned a lot and will keep it in heart throughout the rest of my life.
Her:It was very deep and meaningful, explaining why we should do things as the church expects us to do or live by. A lot of questions answered and I grew a lot from it.
Both:We had more time to discuss and share our ideas and understandings and we learned to even learn to hear and appreciate our personal perspectives along with the answer key and teachings of the church.

October 13th Jonathan and Rose – San Jose, CA “It was an eye opener and not anything I expected it would be”

Him: It revived my faith because at some point through my career with the military it started to fade, but with this class, it helped me open my eyes to Him again. I appreciated the forgiveness cards the most because I now know the meaning of unforgivable and forgivable sins.
Her:It was actually more than I thought it would be. The feedbacks were great, gave us a better understanding of each and every question presented to us. It revived my faith by making it stronger and giving me a better understanding of things that go on in a marriage.
Both:We were more open to one another, able to share feelings we've never shared before and understand certain things about the other person that made us stronger and closer as a couple.

October 2nd Ryan and Ashlee – St. Louis, MO“We were able to talk about things we hadn't thought of before.

Overall I think that the course was a good tool that allowed up to truly dive deep into the Church's teachings and apply them to our own relationship. I would recommend this course to others.
Her: I think that the course helped spark conversations between the two of us that would have not come up without it. We were able to learn much about ourselves and one another and I think our relationship is better because of the work done in this course.
Both: We were open with each other in a safe and familiar environment. We talked about personal matters and feelings that will benefit us in the future!

October 3rdSteven and ReBecca – Allentown, PA “It exceeded my expectations.”

Him:It was interesting and informative.  I learned things that I never saw in the way that they were explained. I didn't think it was going to be as interesting and informative as it actually was.
Her: I really enjoyed the course.  I believe it should be required by all marrying couples.  It gives you an in site on things that you do not encounter in everyday life and helps you to look at things in the other persons point of view.  I really enjoyed learning about contraception and NFP.  In school we were not taught the things discussed in this course and I believe if we were explained the true meaning of why sex should be saved for marriage and is so sacred that more people would at least try to save themselves and not be so open to contraception and sex.
Both: It help us to understand that we are not judging each other as we are becoming one with marriage and allows us to better communicate as it is easier to talk and express ourselves if we know we aren't being judged.

October 4th Luis and Laura – Sacramento, CA “”

Him: It definitely made me look at things in a good and different way. [It] Opened my eyes to ideas of marriage and God that I had yet to consider. 
Her:My overall impression was that it was wonderfully organized to educate and evoke important discussions between us as a couple. I loved the course, am saving all of our answer keys and plan to go over them in greater detail during our first months of marriage. 
Both:It helped us improve by discussing how to listen and communicate intentionally. Reminding us to keep God first in our marriage helps with respect and open communication.

October 5th Chris and Cat – Gaylord, MI “It completely revived my faith.”

Him: Eye opening, heart opening, this was very powerful for me, encouraging me to dig deep and look within at all parts of myself that have defined me up to this point in my life.  I absolutely feel better prepared as Cat and I have had very honest conversations about the present, the past, and the future.
Her:I was very moved by this course. It taught us things about each other and about ourselves. It opened my mind and my heart and I think this course is so important for couples to go through when preparing to marry. I think people can over romanticize the wedding and not realize a marriage comes after it and this course teaches you how to prepare for that.
Both:We have had many emotional conversations with each other in this time, looking at hidden elements of ourselves that need to be looked at.  And as we honestly face them together, we have grown closer, our love has deepened!

October 6th Yovan and Kassidy – Sioux City, IA “I thought it was well-thought out and extensive.”

Him:I really liked the way that resources were set up in each assignment and even in the answer keys to further understand topics and for counseling help if needed.
Her: Absolutely [meet my expectations], some assignments seemed long, but I really liked getting the answer key and seeing what the intended response was supposed to be and how we can practice our marriage to be better bonded together. 
Both: We had to talk to each other about what our intended answers were and come up with an answer together that we both thought was right and made sense. We also learned more about each other because of the way we answered some questions. 

September 25th Bill and Phuong – Galveston-Houston, TX“It make me excited about getting married in the church and to say the vows to my spouse now that I know the meaning behind them.”

Him:It was very detailed and covered a lot of topics. I think it was very helpful and it taught me a lot about myself, my partner, and about my faith. It made me understand that I have to put God first before anyone else. I am selfish in many ways. Allowing God to come first will allow me to form a better conscience.
Her: There was so much I didn't know. I think this course is great and I am so glad we took this course. I really did learn a lot about Bill. I feel like this course made our love even greater. I even feel a closer relationship to God after this course.
Both: It opened the door to things we didn't know we should have discussed. We learned a lot more about each other even though we have been together for some time. We had to talk a lot over this course. The tips on lesson 8 were so helpful to. We even started to try to resolve some small problems using those methods discussed in the links.

September 26thKyle and Katie – Allentown, PA “The course allowed me to fuel a fire that was already burning in my heart for our God.”

Him:This experience was a great opportunity for us to strengthen our love with each other and with God, as well as learn so much about each other, our God, and His Church.
Her: The course was extremely beneficial to us. It opened our relationship to a lot of deep and meaningful conversations that allowed us to be open and really think about the topics presented.
Both: It allowed us to have open and honest discussions about topics that many couples probably don't have. We are now able to respond to one another with forgiveness and acknowledgement of feelings. We feel as though we have improved greatly on our communication and are confident that we can have meaningful discussions about any difficulties that might arise throughout our marriage.

September 27th Nicholas and Danielle – Norwich, CT “It helped go deeper into some of the gospel readings which I may have heard before but did not understand the full meaning.”

Him:My overall impression is that it was a quality class that I felt comfortable doing with Danielle. It got us discussing different ideas about God and we use each other to help us understand through the course. Our sponsors were also great giving us thorough explanations since we are not the best at elaborating our answers.
Her:I really enjoyed this class, it was another avenue for Nick and I to talk about our future together and help plan our future. Our sponsors were extremely helpful in explaining things we didn't fully grasp and allowed us to get to know them so they didn't feel like strangers. Nick and I became closer to God and closer to each other through this marriage prep course.
Both: It gave us important topics to focus on. While we have spoken about our future plans for family it was nice to have a designated time, especially during this busy time in our lives right before the wedding, to slow down and really talk to each other about the important things in life.

September 28th Adam and Katie – Altoona-Johnstown, PA “This course enabled me to feel closer to God by increasing my knowledge of several things, including the sacraments and our vows.”

Him:It was a worthwhile course that I was able to use to get to know Katie more as well as both of our expectations for marriage.  It allowed us to discuss things we never thought to discuss before
Her: I enjoyed how this course was focused on our Catholic faith and how we can have a marriage that follows God's will, and it discussed other aspects (money, forgiveness, etc) as well. It covered a wide range and made me feel better prepared for marriage. I appreciated that this prep gave us the opportunity to take time to discuss what we want our marriage to be like, and how we can better make that happen. It gave us the opportunity to talk about having kids, how to include God in our daily lives, and how to better forgive each other. We are both so busy, and I'm glad that this course enabled us to have deeper conversations and spend time with one another.
Both:It enabled us to talk about things that we haven't previously discussed and talk about things that we have already discussed in greater depth.

September 29th Huynh and Hongminh – Dallas, TX “My overall impression is great.  I learned more about God and each other.”

Him:It gives a great idea of what to expect in our marriage.  There is so much more than just love. Love is very important but other aspect of lives is also much more important. Just love itself would not maintain a marriage.
Her:This prep had given me a great impression of what to expect in a marriage and having God by our side through our journey together is very important.
Both:This prep really improves our communication with God and with each other.  It help us to have a better understanding about marriage and a bi part of marriage is to know how to communicate.

September 18th Andrew and Katie – Denver, CO“It definitely got me thinking and reflecting on my relationship with God more than I had in years!”

Him:It was quite the experience and made me think about many things.  It did seem a bit long at times, but it was well worth the effort.  It made us discuss a lot of points and made us stronger as a couple.I appreciated the quizzes that we gave each other and made us talk about hard topics.
Her: It was very different than I thought it was going to me. I really appreciate having to deeply reflect and discuss why we are getting married. This brought us much closer together than I expected.I appreciated the discussion with our [instructor] couple. The feedback was tremendous and wonderfully helpful. There were times I was so stressed out after completing the assignment, but their feedback was so encouraging and proved we were on the right track.
Both: It got us speaking about really tough issues, especially what we wanted out of the marriage. I have watched so many people get married and struggle with the issues we discussed. I feel like we are at an advantage since we were able to communicate so honestly beforehand.

September 19thMatt and Anna – Warroad, MN “I appreciated the in depth look at how both Anna and I look to God and worship.”

Him:It was nice to speak with Anna about our faith and future in an in depth manner.  I believe we both got a lot out of it and understand one another better.
Her: I feel like this was very much so geared towards making sure that Matt and I understand the commitment we are making to each other and how the promises we are making to each other are seen by the Catholic Church.
Both: I think that this course helped Matt and I learn more about our individual communication styles and also our learning styles.  Overall, I think that we already had excellent communication skills, but we are now also communicating about different things.

September 20th Michael and Sylvia – San Francisco, CA “It was a thorough and effective course.”

Him:Very eye-opening and enjoyable.  The topics that we discussed were reminders about what is important.  I feel a deeper connection now with my family and faith as a result.We both gained a deeper understanding of each other and the meaning of the marriage sacrament.  It was a fun experience as well.
Her:The prep brought us closer together and helped us to focus on our relationship with God in the context of marriage.This course ignited by desire to get closer.  The conversations and content provided by each assignment strengthened the bond between us as a couple and also with God.  The course helped me to re-discover my faith in new and deeper ways.
Both: It improved our communication by suggesting topics of discussion and facilitating the opportunity to reflect independently and then come together to review our thoughts.  This process of personal time for introspection and then discussion together was very effective.

September 21th Robert and Angelia – Military Diocese, AZ “It went beyond my expectations.The feedback and lessons were thorough and I appreciate that!”

Him:I was very pleased with the course. Some things we have heard before but others, such as NFP, I am very much looking forward to learning more about. Angelia already bought a book about it and we are going to learn together. I also was a big fan of how the questions triggered a conversation between Angelia and myself. We'd find ourselves spending almost half an hour on one question. I loved how this course helped me grow in understanding of my faith and helped prepare my heart and mind to help my future wife and myself get to Heaven.
Her: I’m so grateful we were able to take this course. It was the center of our weekly FaceTime date night! With the hours we’d spend on each assignment, we focused on building our relationship/knowledge of each other and God and the Church.  The questions and feedback we received sparked conversation between the two of us as it should have, prompting us to talk about some things we’ve never even talked about before.
Both:I believe that as we take this next step in our relationship, we will also take a next step in our level of communication. We can openly communicate about the good and bad things in this world, things that will affect us and our children, and most importantly understand one another like we never have before. Understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and how to constantly support one another despite whatever is thrown our way.

September 22th Weston and Melissa – Kansas City, MO “I enjoyed the conversations it created between us and learning new things about each other.”

Him:I thought the class was very in depth and it covered all the topics I was hoping it would. I liked the mix of Bible and documents from the church’s history. I learned knew things about the church that I didn’t know. I also felt that it brought me closer with my significant other. I appreciated learning more in depth about the Bible and church and how it relates to our relationship.
Her:I enjoyed the class. I thought it was good at stimulating my own thoughts and creating conversations with my significant other.I appreciated learning more in depth about how marriage is similar to how Christ loves his people and learning more in depth about God’s plan for marriage and discussing these with my significant other. I enjoyed the conversations it created between us and learning new things about each other.
Both:The course reminded us of the symbolism of being close with your partner symbolizes your relationship with God.

September 11th Darryl and Stephanie – New York, NY“I think the course definitely grew my desire to get closer to God and the church.”

Him:I thought it was a good course overall.  It was insightful and led to deep conversation and thought with Stefanie.  It allowed us to discuss our past and more importantly to discuss the plans for our future.  I think it was a great opportunity to discuss the importance of the commitment we are making with each other as we plan for our life ahead.
Her: It was interesting to look deeper into our faith and how it will impact our future as a married couple.  We enjoyed the opportunity of planning our future in the catholic faith.  Mostly, we realized that we are making the right choice to begin our life as husband and wife in the catholic faith.  We know how much we love and care for each other and want to built our lives and family in this faith.
Both: We were more opened about our faith and the importance of it going forward in our future as a married couple.

September 12thEvan and Sarah – Denver, CO “I appreciate the teamwork and communication that this course required! We spent time together with the Lord!!”

Him:I thought the course was well organized and shared a lot of key information and really gets you thinking. I learned a lot and learned a lot about God and marriage.
Her: I absolutely LOVED it!! I learned so much about the Catholic Church and made me want to learn so much more! I love how it encouraged teamwork and discussion between us!! I also learned so much about God's purpose and blessing for marriage!!! I honestly feel so blessed to have experienced this marriage prep!!
Both: It improved because we had to brainstorm and work through and discuss our thoughts to agree on an answer!! It also proved how communication is so important in a marriage!!!

September 13th Peter and Julia – Harrisburg, PA “It also helped both of us reflect on what is important in our marriage.”

Him: I thought it stimulated a lot of discussion between Julia and I, and it was interesting to really dive deep into a church's views.  As I said earlier, not having been raised by people of faith, I thought it was enlightening.
Her: I thought it was a good opportunity for Peter and I to discuss issues that could come up in our marriage.  It also made me think about my faith and how I might work towards having a better connection with God. It really helped me to see how important and beautiful the commitment of marriage truly is.
Both: It made us consider ways to communicate that would not be hurtful but would still express our feelings.

September 14th Steven and Jeanette – San Bernardino, CA “It made us collaborate, share our thoughts and reminded us of the importance to always communicate with each other too.”

Him:The overall impression I have of this prep is that it requires us to think about things that we may have not considered within in marriage.  It gives real life examples and gives us the opportunity to think of ways to prepare, good and bad situations. Also reminds us what God has intended for us in marriage.
Her: My overall impression of this course/marriage prep is that there God has bigger plans for us than we may have considered. There is a lot of guidance in this prep, a lot of opportunity for reflection, and the opportunity to discuss real life issues and challenges that may stem in our marriage.
Both:Well, all the questions required us to think about things in a different way.  We also had to talk about our responses out loud, why we felt that way, and what we foresee doing in our marriage.  Our communication about the Lord and our relationship definitely improved and now we are able to vocalize somethings that we had difficulty talking about.

September 15th Steve and Samantha – San Francisco, CA “I appreciated that we were able to accomplish this together as a couple.”

Him: I was very impressed, this prep worked with our busy schedules and it is very user friendly. The videos, links, and readings were all very helpful and informative.
Her: Overall, I really enjoyed the experience. I would recommend this marriage prep online class to others if they are looking for other solutions and may not have the proper time to complete the course in person.I found that I was learning more about GOD and his role with marriage on a deeper level. 
Both: It helped us understand that there is a lot to fulfill in a marriage other than loving each other. We understand that we must be on the same page and act as one when it comes to decision making. Its no longer about us individually. We are now one body. 

September 4th Nicholas and Macy – Loreauville, LA“It revived my faith by showing me that I am able to become closer to Christ and his love for us as a partnership with Macy”

Him:The overall impression of this preparation class for marriage has been a learning experience and a better understanding for myself and I'm sure as Macy could agree. As we prepare to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony. I appreciated the step by step process of the teachings the most. In part because it allowed me to slowly understand and become prepared for the lessons questions.
Her: Just as Nicholas has said this was an enlightening experience into our faith as we begin our lives together and prepare to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony. I would definitely recommend this way for more military couples whom are separated long distance and are wishing to get married in the eyes of the Catholic Church. I appreciated the last lesson of relationship tools the most. No one can say marriage is perfect and after reviewing that lesson I feel though it gave some good pointers and tips if trouble were to ever arise.
Both: It allowed us to better open up as couple when we are facing problems. That sometimes might make us feel over whelmed.

September 5thMichael and Heather – Canton, OH “It made me desire to start having a better Biblical relationship with Michael.”

Him:I thought the course was detailed and presented well.  Some of the worksheets were long, but that’s because there was a lot of important information to present.  I was able to learn more about my Catholic faith and understand how the gospel guides us through marriage.
Her: I appreciated learning more about NFP. Before this course, I knew that Catholics didn’t approve of birth control, but I have a much better understanding of WHY now. I appreciated all of the research behind it, and we are planning on following NFP.
Both: It forced us to take time and sit down for sometimes hours on end, communicating and completing the worksheets.  Since the topics are sensitive, and since Heather and I are opposites, it forced us to discuss and compromise and decide.  We didn’t always have the solution or answer right away but it at least got us started down the path.  We usually felt pretty accomplished after completing our worksheets and felt closer as a couple!

September 6th Nicholas and Amanda – New Orleans, LA “I have a deeper understanding that God has truly brought me and my future spouse together and that we have a lot to thank him for.”

Him:I believe we gained more from this online class then an actual class because our discussions were with one another and one another alone, we had no outside noise on influence to change what we thought an answer should be and it allowed us to really talk about our answers.
Her:I appreciated the feedback we got from our sponsor couple, while we worked together to talk out everything we learned and reiterate everything we knew in this course their feedback was extremely helpful in helping us get a better understanding for questions we didn't fully understand.
Both: A few assignments really made us discuss what certain answers could be. Even with both of us going to catholic school from K-12 we both had times were we really had to talk about what an answer could be or what a good answer could be.

September 7th Victor and Jasmine – Tucson, AZ “I really appreciated the idea of bringing two people together through readings and small activities.”

Him:I really enjoyed this prep and the way the course was done. Being able to read more about God and marriage really helped how to look at our faith with a bigger heart and more open mind.
Her: It met my expectations 100%. With all the help from the instructors, I really felt I got the help and information needed to become prepared for marriage.
Both:It improved my communication by having us do activities that made us work together. Although we were reading the same passages, we do have different ideas and we were able to bring them together. This included a lot of communication, which in the end, it helped us a lot.

September 8th Mark and Lindsey – Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL “I feel much closer to my faith, making feel slightly more enlightened.  ”

Him:Very informative and educational, I learned a lot more about myself and my beliefs and how they work within our relationship and ultimately our marriage.
Her:I enjoyed all the new facts I learned and all the concepts it opened up between us. The feedback was also very helpful, I enjoyed learning deeper answers to many of the questions that were asked.
Both:I feel like we already have good communication but it helped us open up new conversations on issues or thoughts we had not had yet.

August 28th George and Katie – San Francisco, CA“The course made us really learn and understand the Church's and God's teaching around marriage more clearly”

Him: I felt the marriage preparation course was very helpful and insightful on allowing us to understand and more clearly learn about the God and the Church's teaching on marriage. Additionally, the course facilitated important conversations on marriage, faith, and religion which have been very helpful in our communication leading up to our marriage.
Her: I felt that it was well-round and extensive; it really encapsulated many different aspects of marriage and faith. It encouraged us to have important discussion and think about many different facets of marriage and religion.
Both: The course very actively brought up numerous topics and asked us to be reflective about them and talk about them, so it helped us get into a regular pattern of talking about and addressing a wide variety of things that will be important in our marriage. It gave us more practice in communication which naturally improved our communication throughout the course.

August 29th Levi and Erin – Altoona-Johnstown, PA “I appreciated how every lesson had such a strong tie to God and the church.”

Him: This course provided a great background on the sacrament of marriage and provided us with helpful information that we can use in our married life together. I did however, feel that some of the questions were worded in a way that made them difficult to interpret.
Her: I was pleased with the course. It was a beautiful reminder of the meaning and holiness of marriage and I feel that we will be able to work together using the tools and resources provided to have a successful marriage.
Both: By having us both provide individual answers to questions it got us thinking individually which allowed for great discussions between us. In addition, the scenarios presented to solve problems got us to work together to decide on a fair resolution. Both of these skills have since helped us in communicating with each other, especially regarding difficult matters.

August 30th Logan and Holly – Sacramento, CA “It was truly enlightening and I really enjoyed the practices.”

Him: I have learned a lot of new things that have inspired me. Also, I have been enlightened in a lot of areas that I have been taught before. Overall, I would say that this course has been one of the best things I've done in a while. It has already proven to strengthen our relationship.
Her: It revived my faith because it brought me back to my roots, I have drifted a little and completing this corse reminded me why I enjoyed practicing and brought my closer to Logan.
Both: It asked questions that made us really go in-depth with the meaning and it was impossible not to communicate more than we normally do.

August 31st Ryan and Carrie – St. Joseph, MO “It definitely made me more conscious of how big a part religion plays in a marriage.”

Him: I enjoyed this. It causes you to think critically and really challenges you to think about the future. I know that Carrie and I will be better off as a result of, completing this course and I cannot WAIT to see what the future holds between us. I think that if we keep the fundamentals in our eyesight and don’t let the little things get in the way, we will be absolutely fine.
Her: I loved it. After talking to friends who have gone through this in other ways, I really believe we got more out of it than they did. We were able to talk things through and it gave us some serious conversation topics to discuss. Ultimately it made us feel closer to one another and closer together in our faith. [Our instructors] were fantastic.
Both:It allowed us to address the important subjects that surround us as a couple, and ultimately marriage. We were able to separately complete portions of each assignment and then come back to talk about what we thought about the questions. We think this will prove to be beneficial as we grow as a couple in the Catholic Church.

September 1st Dan and Ashley – Washington, DC “By going through this preparation, it reminded me that God should come first in all my relationships”

Him: I am very glad to have done this prep. It allowed us to discuss important topics that we will most certainly encounter as a married couple. It made us realize what is important in a relationship and how to keep that relationship strong, especially when there are difficult times.
Her: I thought it was a good marriage preparation course. It covered a variety of topics relating to our marriage and I would recommend it to others thinking about getting married in the Catholic Church. I liked the fact that it asked us to open our hearts and kind of lay them bare to each other.  We had to take a serious look at what we wanted and that's what a good course should do for marriage preparation.
Both:This certainly helped to improve our communication. These are topics that sometimes couples can feel uncomfortable talking about, and it forced us to meet those issues. Having talked through some very important things, we realized that we are becoming even closer to one another and with God.

August 21st Christian and Laura – Savannah, GA“I loved the program from beginning to end.”

Him: We gained a lot of valuable insight on the Church’s views on marriage. I feel more confident in strategies to continuously develop our relationship to reach the number 1 goal of marriage. The education on NFP was the most valuable part I think. I knew pretty much nothing about this before the course.
Her: It exceeded our expectations. I think we were going into it knowing we'd be prepared for marriage afterwards, but we learned so much more. Particularly exciting was knowing and reading about the Church's stance on many controversial issues.
Both: It's definitely pushed us to have some tough conversations but much needed. We now have a more clear understanding of the Church's teaching as well as a plan for our future family and our marriage.

August 22ndJacob and Hayley – Kansas City, KS “I was challenged to live my faith how I know I can, living my faith daily.”

Him: I thought the marriage prep was great in every way. It exceeded my expectations and grew our relationship more than I ever could have asked for. I appreciated the coursework as well as the material from sources such as Pope John Paul the Second himself and from the Catechism.
Her: Our marriage prep classes were amazing. They were great for our relationship and will surely help us in the future within our marriage. I appreciated the work of [our instructors] and their mentorship throughout the course. This course helped me to reignite my faith in many ways and has helped me to realize the importance of my faith even more than I already knew of.
Both: Our communication has always been great, but this class helped us to have some great foundational conversations that will help be a great foundation of communication for our marriage.

August 23rd Jeffery and Ashley – Harrisburg, PA “This prep revived our faith in providing us quiet time to pray and build upon our current relationship with God.”

Him: My overall impression of the prep that the prep has been very useful. I believe it helps build the first initial steps for preparing for marriage. It was very helpful to have a Christian couple providing feedback and related knowledge.
Her: Overall I enjoyed the class and I felt like it was more relatable when we had a married couple doing the answer keys for us and giving us feedback.  The class allowed my fiancée and I to have quiet time together to reflect on the Sacrament of Matrimony and contemplate and prepare for our future together.
Both: The course improved our communication because we were able to sit down and have some quiet time together to discuss the questions proposed throughout the course.  We were able to reflect on how God is working in our lives currently and how he will continue to work in our lives as a married couple and when we begin to have a family.  We found out that our communication has to always be strong and we must always help each other be close to God.

August 24th Eric and Lauren – Madison, WI “I feel ready to be married and become one with each other through Christ.”

Him: I feel like we will be closer together now, more able to pray together, and more likely to go to church on a regular basis after completing this program.
Her: It revived and strengthened my faith and I will make a plan to attend church weekly, pray together more frequently, and devote more of our lives toward strengthening out faith and relationship together through Christ.
Both: Thank you so much for this program - it has been wonderful and has helped us grow our faith together as a couple! We feel very prepared for the Sacrament of Matrimony now and we are excited to continue to become more involved with our Church.

August 25th William and Rachel – New Orleans, LA “This definitely revived our faith together as a couple.”

Him: My overall impression of this class is a good one. I feel like my future wife and I talked about a few things we never talked about before, and we found that we agreed on a lot of the topics of this course.
Her: This marriage prep course opened up several conversations that needed to be talked about more or have never been discussed. It has truly opened ours eyes to the true meaning of "marriage" and what is to come on this new journey.
Both: The process of the course definitely helped allow us to communicate better and share our thoughts as a couple. It improved it by asking those sometimes awkward questions and giving us time to think them through and discuss them.

August 6th Nathan and Amanda – Colorado Springs, CO “Not only did we learn more about each other as a couple, but it prepared us for this lifelong commitment.”

Him: Definitely prepped me for marriage.  I enjoyed our instructor’s insights in every section-they were awesome. Definitely glad that this course is out there!!
Her: Loved this course! We learned so much about the sacrament of marriage, ourselves as individuals and ourselves as a couple. I am so thankful to have been given so much insight regarding marriage from this course.
Both: We both believe this course helped us to communicate better. It helped us learn more about our personalities and our communication styles. We both struggling with communicating openly, instead found ourselves bottling everything up inside and truthfully we don't know what challenges will come up in our marriage and being able to discuss these issues openly with each other is crucial. We have both been working towards this and definitely see an improvement.

August 7thMarco and Nancy – Los Angeles, CA “This course allowed me to renew my desire to get closer to God and His church.”

Him: I feel that the course is a very effective way to prepare couples who are seeking to the sacred covenant of marriage. The questions and information offered is very thought provoking and will help couples get to know each other spiritually. It does this by asking questions that are personal. This process offers the couple the opportunity to address a spectrum of topics and encourages self-reflection and growth by promoting communication. Additionally the feedback is very helpful. Not only is it insightful but also supported with many verses from the bible.
Her: I felt that the course touched on a lot of topics that are important for engaged couples and newlyweds to consider. This was especially the case in the latter lessons. I enjoyed getting personalized feedback on the responses and getting so many in depth explanations as well as links to other resources.
Both: Coming in to this course I feel that our communication was very strong; we also had clear goals for ourselves as a couple as well as expectations. This course allowed us to deepen our understanding of each other by allowing us to explore our standings on our catholic faith. We now understand each other more spiritually and feel more comfortable supporting our faith together. We also have a better understanding of the church predisposition of many modern issues and understand what it means to come together as a union. We understand our role as we join together in marriage and embrace this opportunity to get close to the church.

August 8th Joseph and Lauren – Edmonton, Alberta “They made me feel loved and that my thoughts and feelings were heard.”

Him: I really like it. It forced us to talk about how we can ensure God is at the forefront of our marriage and new family. We made a formal commitment to this in this course. I found the facilitators and links very helpful and informative.
Her: I thought it was good to speak about possible challenges and expectations in our relationship. It was important to start/strengthen an open line of communication that I hope we continue throughout our marriage. I really liked the kindness of the facilitators.
Both: Sometimes we don't communicate what we are thinking and/or feeling enough out of fear of starting an unnecessary argument. This showed us that keeping those thoughts and feelings secret can often be detrimental to the relationship. It showed us that we can have open communication without having an argument. It is important to have the Lord present in those conversations to ensure we're communicating with love and respect.

August 9th Eric and Katie – Golden, CO “I appreciated that our instructors often had tips from their own lives which they shared with us”

Him: I thought that this prep. course was better than I'd expected. I liked that it touched on a lot of different areas which could be potential "problem areas" moving forward. It spurred a lot of good conversations between me and my fiancé.
Her: I really enjoyed this class- we had a lot of good conversations and I think it helped both of us feel that we are really making the right choice about our marriage/partner!
Both: We like to think that we have pretty good communication already, but we definitely talked about things that we hadn't spent as much time on before.

August 10th Doyle and Sarah – Salina, KS “It helped bring me closer to God and his teachings.”

Him:It was a great experience! The course brought me and Sarah closer and it helped get us talking about several things that we hadn't thought of before. I believe it brought us closer not only to each other but with God as well!
Her:The prep was exactly what I was hoping it would be. It was a great chance for us to really develop our relationship with our faith before receiving the sacrament of Matrimony. It reminded me of how great our God is and how I will be forever thankful for each day he gives me.
Both:It improved our communication because now when we talk about things we can better see the others point of view and thier needs.


July 31st Luis and Elizabeth – Atlanta, GA“I feel that it brought us closer in a spiritual and emotional way and feel good about the sacrament we will receive soon.”

Him: Really enjoyed learning a lot more than what I knew about marriage as it relates to the Catholic Church. Loved taking time to read the resources provided. To know God is there, and will take care of us, and our marriage, even if we go through struggles in our future.
Her: Very well organized, timely responses, and so impressed by the amount of time our instructors put into this for us.  I can't thank them / you all enough. It ignites a passion in me to learn more Bible scriptures.  Yes I learned growing up in CCD, but I think going to a bible study often would help keep Christ first in our lives, which will help strengthen our marriage.
Both: We committed and talked about how we don't want to hide behind technology to bring up those hard issues. We know how to respect each other and talk to each other face to face.

August 1stJonathan and Lulu – Military Diocese “We felt more than just supported; we felt loved.”

Him: The class is very well set up in terms of pace and order of content. The class demonstrated that there is an entire infrastructure dedicated to aid others have a successful marriage and that I can trust my worldwide Catholic faith community to help us live God’s will.
Her: The class helped me learn more about God’s will and His plans for us, knowing we can always trust Him. I will be able to look further into where my place in parish life is after the wedding. I have a strong desire to be actively involved with the youth and children of the parish.
Both: It allowed us to better see how each other communicates, especially between us. It also gave us an opportunity to realize where our potential roadblocks in communication would be, so that we can work on them and keep them in mind for the future of our marriage.

August 2nd Cory and Katelyn – Philadelphia, PA As long as we have God and his church to turn to we can overcome any obstacle.”

It made me see that as a married couple we will face many issues but as long as we have God and his church to turn to we can overcome any obstacle.
Her: It revived my desire to get closer with God and his church because you get busy with every day life and sometimes forget how important it is to take time to allow God into your relationship but this course talked about so many things and brought to light the importance and how much we need God in our lives and relationships.
Both: A couple of the assignments pointed out the correct way to talk to one another and to approach one another so we don't automatically go into the defense mode. Also if we do forget to use the tools we were given and we have misunderstandings this course helped us to be able to practice forgiveness so we can forgive and that opens up the doors for better communication.

August 3rd Donald and Casey – Denver, CO “It exceeded my expectations because it brought a new level of communication to our relationship.”

Him: I think the prep was very beneficial to us because it spurred conversations about our faith that we would not have dove into had we not done it. It provided a lot of insights into what marriage means to the church.
Her: I enjoyed that it allowed us to discuss topics that we haven't before. It was great to have a platform that brought us both together to talk about or faith. I also enjoyed learning more about what it means to be Catholic as an adult. I have gone to Catholic school all my life and been an active part of my parish but there was still so much I didn't know.
Both: What used to be arguments about our differences in faith has not turned into healthy discussions. Neither of us knew much about the others faith and now we have been able to discuss and share our spiritual thoughts and feels.

August 4th Michael and Andrea – San Francisco, CA “We were also able to talk about the plans for the future, with a new perspective.”

Him: The prep was helpful and it helped me to grow closer to Andrea and my faith. I was able to understand Andrea's relationship with God in a different way then before. I appreciated the video links as well.
Her: I thought the prep was very insightful and it really helped Michael and I to talk about our religion in a new way, in a way we never have before. It also was helpful to bring up topics that may be an issue during our future. This class definitely met our expectations. It helped us to communicate more effectively, and we were able to grow together during the process. Since we are currently in a long distance relationship, we were able to make a skype date to work on our prep every week. I always looked forward to our assignments.
Both: Our communication has greatly improved, which I did not think would be possible since we have very effective communication now. I think expressing our needs when they arise is a big change for us.

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