July 24th Mike and Meghan – Atlanta, GA“It was great to see the reasons behind the Church's teaching when it comes to Marriage, fidelity, etc.”

Him:It exceeded my expectations. I thought it was incredible helpful, convenient, and a great way for learn more about the sanctity of marriage and how to achieve a successful marriage.
Her: It was great to be able to complete the lessons whenever we had a chance. The flexibility was fantastic. The detailed information on real life issues our couple provided will certainly help us as we start this new chapter in our lives. It did renew my desire to get closer to God. Mike and I are hoping to start praying together, which we had not previously done.
Both: We started to face some of the difficult questions and concerns head on and come up with a plan that works best for us.

July 25th Tyler and Paige – Columbus, OH  “[It] Made me realize how much our faith can help to control our marriage and bring up issues in our lives to talk about as couples.”

Him: It made me realize how important it is in a marriage to communicate with one another and gave me resources to use in case we ever have any issues. I really enjoyed reading our mentors feedback after each assignment. It made realize how important it is to be able to talk to God together through prayer and how our faith appears in our everyday lives.
Her: This marriage prep made us  sit down as a couple and talk about our goals with our marriage and how we will overcome challenges and talk about our struggles in times to come.
Both: When something is bother[ing] us we are able to sit down and talk about it in the moment instead of letting things build up.

July 26th Bryan and Jennifer – Westlake, OH  “This course revived my faith because it really explained how God and marriage go hand in hand”

Him:Overall, this course was very professional and thorough. I am impressed with how detailed each answer key was and how personal it was. We had really nice and deep conversations about God that we really haven't discussed or considered before.
Her: I thought this course was great and provided Bryan and I with a lot of time for deep conversations about God and religion that we have never had (to this extent) before.
Both:We have always took pride in how well we communicate, but this course allowed up to go deeper into conversations on topics that we haven't necessarily had in the past about God and religion, even abortion, which isn't your typical everyday conversation.

July 27th Louie and Rocio – Fresno, CA “I really enjoyed learning about what it means to give yourself completely to your spouse.”

Him:It was very educational and learned a lot. We have now seen things in a whole new perspective and will now try and live our marriage in a different way.
Her:My impression of this was great! My husband and I actually connected on a different level. We both have the desire to be better to each other and work towards becoming a family of Christ. At the beginning, I think we all have our own versions of how things should be. But after going through this experience I believe my husband and I agree more and are on the same page when it comes to understanding what Christ wants for us as a couple and our relationship with him.
Both: Well it improved it by acknowledging that communication is not the main problem but how we handles things. These lessons have taught us how to show each other love without having to be intimate. What roles we should be having and that at the end we are equal.

July 28th John and Antonette – San Francisco, CA “Strengthened what I believed in and encouraged me to explore deepening my faith with my partner through marriage.”

Him:I thought the marriage prep course was very helpful - I learned a lot more about the meaning behind many of the Church traditions.  It also prompted some interesting and valuable conversations on our side. It sparked a lot of philosophical conversations - which made us more interested in the Church.  We made it to Church much more frequently, and overall think we were more accepting of our faith in our lives.
Her: My overall impressions were that this class really tailored to our needs as a couple and help strengthened our spirituality. The answer keys were personalized in a way that felt like our sponsors knew us and what we were experiencing.
Both:The lessons prompted many interesting conversations.  They also gave us a lot more context for the teachings of the Church, which helped us to better connect with their meaning.  Previously many traditions did not make sense or felt arbitrary.  But after learning more and hearing your feedback, we are much more clear on the origins and meaning behind the teachings.

July 10th John and Stephanie – Pittsburgh, PA“I really appreciated the depth of the answers you guys provided for us.”

Him: Very helpful in ensuring that all major topics of discussion and issue that could come up during a marriage are addressed before the wedding. Being reassured of his love for us reignited my faith and makes me want to spread that love to my future family.
Her: Insightful perspectives that allow for new ideas on problem-solving marital issues and also on enjoying marriage on a deeper level. This was really enjoyable and reminded me of the peace I used to feel when God was more centered in my life during my catholic high school days. Life gets so hectic, but this really made me want to start clearing out time for my faith.
Both: We can already see the benefit of focusing on adaptive listening and being able to choose battles instead of letting every mundane irritation cause a fight.

July 11th Isaac and Chloe – Winona, MN “It allowed us to discuss topics before our wedding that we might not have thought about discussing before.”

Him: I thought this prep was very thorough; especially considering it is in an online format.  I thought that there was a nice mix of relation and marriage specific questions and how that relates to our faith and the true sacrament of marriage.  Debbie and Joe were very sincere and had a lot of great input for us.
Her: I really enjoyed it.  It helped me learn things about marriage that I didn't think of before and helped me discuss important topics with Isaac more in depth.  Debbie and Joe gave us great feedback on all assignments and were very helpful in this important time in our lives.
Both: Thank you so much to Debbie and Joe for a wonderful experience!  We have grown as a couple and look forward to using the things we learned in our new journey together!

July 12th Samuel and Eleane – Sacramento, CA “It revived my faith because it reitirated the importance of the Lord and His teachings are in my life.”

Him: This course was amazing. I have learned so much in the progression of the course that I know I will hold dearly for the rest of my life. It really has prepared us to live as a married couple and feel closer to her as we found different meaning of our lives, love, and faith.
Her: I actually really enjoyed this program. At first I was a bit skeptical about completing the Marriage prep courses online, but now I am so glad we did! We learned so much as a couple since it made it very intimate, being able to discuss the questions in private.
Both: It improved our communication because we were able to have vulnerable and intimate conversations about our lives together and expectations.

July 13th David and Niamh – Ferns, Ireland “I appreciated the great content of the lessons.”

Him: I found it very useful. It really helped focus our minds and clarify our plans. We hadn't really thought too much about it before this course. I appreciated the feedback [given to] us on each of the answer sheets. It was constructive and helped us learn where we were right and steered us in the right direction when we were off.
Her: It was a great way to focus our minds and prepare for married life. It really clarified some questions I had about the church's teachings.
Both:It forced us to have some difficult conversations. It turned out that we had largely the same opinions on most of it but it was good to work out any differences. It has broken down a barrier a little bit and we both know it is important to fully break it down in married life.

July 14th Kenneth and Erica – Chicago, IL “I learned a lot and I plan to spread the information I learned to friends and family.”

Him: I think it was very informative and the topics were interesting and similar to the experiences we are going to be seeing shortly. I appreciated the lesson on communication. Being a man I feel like we do find it easier not to communicate certain things and at certain times when we should be.
Her: The prep was great. The lessons caught my attention because they were very informative and they were about daily things that we may hear about like contraceptives, abstinence, communicating better, and forgiving. I appreciated the forgiveness assignment. I felt like that one of my issues in our relationship was that I did not easily forgive even for small things and now I trained myself how to get over certain things and forgive.
Both: We learned new techniques to try and certain scenarios when we knew that we needed to communicate.

July 3rd Alex and Roxanne – Dubuque, IA“It made me appreciate God's love and how powerful it can be.”

Him: I enjoyed the sessions. I am happy I got to learn more about the true meaning of matrimony. I am very pleased with the instructors and they have already taught us so much already.
Her: I really enjoyed working with [our instructors]. They gave us points and tips that we really haven't yet thought about that could arise in marriage. It helped me to learn how to be more open and communicative with my significant other.
Both: It drew us closer together. It helped to really see what are true values are and gave us the opportunity to be more open with each other. I like that it had us talk about our life goals because it got him and I talking about family and how important it is for us to raise our kids with a religious background.

July 4th Chad and Christina – Colorado Springs, CO “I am encouraged to dig deeper into our faith together and continue to create an even stronger bond between the two of us and God.”

Him: I really enjoyed the deeper dive into the Sacrament of Marriage and the discussions that came from those lessons.  I was impressed with the level of personal connection through a few short internet sessions.  I felt supported and valued. The personal connection is what I appreciated most.  The reason I liked this most was because there were no 'canned' responses and I could relate to the majority of the discussions being had.
Her: Overall this prep was extremely helpful to opening up conversations that have been beneficial for our relationship. I appreciated the expanding of answers to the way we answered things. It sparked conversation and was in really good detail.
Both: It definitely improved our communication to discuss the topics in more detail and use the feedback we received to expand on our understandings of the sacrament of marriage.

July 5th Michael and Rebeca – Norwich, CT “It made me excited to get start going to church and learning more about my religion.”

Him:Overall I feel like I came into the course feeling that I had a good idea of what it would be about.  I was happily surprised to find that I learned a lot, and feel much closer to my soon to be wife, and closer to the Church.  I feel much better prepared, and in a much better place spiritually and mentally, to receive the Sacrament of Marriage.
Her:I appreciated the most the prayers we said together throughout the course at the beginning of each lesson and the free time we had together learning.  This has been fun.
Both: It improved communication by opening the first dialogue about God and Church before, during, and after our Marriage ceremony takes place.

July 6th Richard and Jessica – St. Petersburg, FL “I'm very happy we took this course and get to reference it later on in our marriage - thank you very much!”

Him: My overall impression is that this preparation will prove to be very useful for further developing the foundation of our marriage. I was impressed by the level of detail and the ability to complete the course online. The course opened my eyes to a lot of the details and fundamentals about God and His Church that I didn't know about before. This foundation will greatly help us during our marriage and help me during my RCIA process.
Her: I thought it was wonderful. I like how the NFP lesson started off with the lecture by Jason Evert, and then asked questions relating to the topic. That way we had a background of the topic and of what the church teaches, and we could answer instead of shooting answers from the hip, later to be corrected.
Both: It made us think deeply about certain topics we wouldn't have talked about normally. It shed some insight into how the Church sees marriage and focused our efforts on becoming more of a support system for our future spouse.

July 7th Joshua and Frances – Rockville Center, NY “I appreciate our bonding while doing the assignment”

Him: The prep was very convenient especially for someone like me who is always working, even on weekends. It really helped us with our situation. We learn to understand the deeper meaning/explanation about Genesis, thus we get to understand the history as well as the purpose of being a husband and a wife.
Her: Very informative. We learned a lot about God, his teachings on marriage, about ourselves and one another. It made us understand the purpose of marriage. Understanding the many teachings of God about marriage made us want to maintain/improve our relationship with God and the Church, it made us want to know and learn more.
Both: We get to understand each other’s role. 

 June 19th Jimmy and Lauren – San Jose, CA “It was very-in depth and the feedback we received on a weekly basis was clearly thoughtful and took a lot of time.” 

Him: It was very in-depth and covered much more than what we were initially expecting. We thought it would just cover compatibility matters and the lead up to marriage. But little did we know, it made us search ourselves and think about post-marriage in a light we did not expect. Furthermore, we got to explore parts of our relationship that we had not spent a lot of time thinking about before (e.g. family planning).
Her: It laid out an interesting foundation for first who we are as human being, what God expects out of us, and then various facets of our relationship with each other. The reflection time was helpful to think deeply about the aspects of marriage that tend to cause issues between couples. And at the same, this class provided us tools to help us with the journey of marriage.
Both: Gave us tools to better express our concerns (instead of bottling them up) and then address them in a manner that let us talk about our feelings and problems without harping too much on the other person. Marriages are not easy but this helped us improve our communication, which we both think is so vital to any relationship.

June 20th Gregory and Denisse – Paterson, NJ “I appreciated the deeper understanding of marriage.”

Him: I did enjoy some of the more thought-provoking questions. They allowed me not only to better understand my own feelings, but also those of Denisse. I appreciated all of the feedback that we received.
Her: I am impressed with the prep because we were able to connect with God. I was able to connect with my future husband in a Godly way and prepare for a marriage in such a way by making God the center of the sacrament. We learned more about how Christ would like us to live our marriage for the rest of our days.
Both: It improved our communication by allowing us to be more apologetic and respectful. It allowed us to always have God in mind during disagreements. It allowed our love to be the central focus of disagreements and to use the "I" rule.

June 21st Daniel and Megan – Philadelphia, PA “It helped me to start my journey back into the church.”

Him: It made me see that we don't have to go through this alone. We have God watching over us.
Her: It was good! It was nice to see some of the insight that we may not have seen for ourselves. It was nice to have a refresher on the teachings. We definitely want God in our relationship and in the lives of our future children.
Both: That you [our instructors] so much for guiding us through this course and taking the time to work with us. We know we aren't perfect, but who actually is? We will use the advice you both gave us to strengthen our relationship with each other and with God.

June 22nd Frank and Bethany - Ottawa, Ontario “It was a well-rounded course.”

Him: I believe it was a well-composed course that touched nicely on various aspects of God's plan for marriage that are not normally considered. Some of the material in the course makes me thankful that God has kept me so close to the church because it is pretty apparent that the material is geared towards people with a very limited comprehension of God's plan for marriage. The course presented a great thumb-nail sketch of the beauty and glory of the sacrament.
Her: I think it covered many important topics that Catholic couples should learn about and discuss prior to getting married.
Both: It gave us confidence in our level of communication in our relationship.

June 23rd Michael and Cristie - Allentown, PA “It revived my faith and love in Cristie.”

Him: This preparation helped Cristie and I focus on our relationship and the things that we truly important. I appreciate the act of completing the course together. It felt like something we were joining on to better our relationship, understanding of each other, and our future family.
Her: Most of the things we "should" be doing for one another are easily forgotten. I think that this course and prep has enlightened us both on how we can better communicate, how we can pray together, how we can practice NFP and that it can bring us closer together. I appreciated the insight into some of the challenges Michael and I might face as married. I think it's first important to understand your relationship areas of opportunity so that together as a couple we can work on building and keeping our relationship strong.
Both: The course helped us talk openly about many areas of our relationship. This course and the time with our Priest has encouraged us to pray together as a family nightly. Something that we started yesterday and plan to choose to do moving forward.

 June 12th Todd and Anna – Fairbanks, AK“I am more encouraged to use the resources provided throughout the course to have better understanding of the Church teachings.” 

Him: I thought it brought about good topics to help start a conversation about things that we may not have gotten around to until we were already married.
Her: I enjoyed this course.  I learned a lot about the church and bible teachings as they are applied to marriage.  This course also encouraged discussions about topics we had not considered. I was reluctant to do an online course at first, but the more I realized this content encouraged healthy discussion, the more I appreciated it.  I also thought our instructors]provided us with timely and detailed feedback.  I am interested to keep the feedback forms for future reference.
Both: We likely would not have considered discussing many of these difficult topics prior to getting married.  While we do not have the exact answers for everything, we have an open line of communication moving forward and many resources we can use for assistance.

June 13th Michael and Jacquelyn – Savannah, GA “This course definitely gave me the religious background of the sacrament of marriage and I feel that I have a better understanding of what the sacrament really entails.”

Him: The prep did a great job at helping us develop a more deliberate spiritual relationship as we get married. I also think the lessons were well organized and the feedback was very constructive.
Her: I liked how there were lessons specifically about the religious aspects of marriage but also some of the everyday stuff that marriage will be like. It was nice to see how even those everyday things could have religious context. It was nice that some of the lessons were reviews of previous ones to make sure we understood the material.
Both: We really appreciated having this course available online. It was hard to fit in to our crazy schedules, and some of the lessons were really long, but overall we are so glad we had the opportunity to take this course and make our dream of getting married in the Church a reality.

June 14th Matt and Sara – Sioux City, IA “Definitely learned a lot about God, marriage, life and love.”

Him: Overall, I really enjoyed this online experience. By her and I working together to discuss answers and reading feedback provided, we learned that there is more to this marriage than what we thought and we realized how important church and God are in our marriage.
Her: Very impressed with what we learned as a couple through this online experience. It helped us see things from a different perspective and the feedback about each class helped us realize what marriage is all about.
Both: Communication and marriage go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. No yelling at one another, listen to each other, try to see issues from their point of view.

June 15th Jacob and Kelsea - Orange, CA “I think this course allowed me to explore God and his intentions for us in deeper ways and challenged me to think critically about His will.”

Him: This course impacted me a lot more than I expected. I learned a lot about God, marriage, and myself. It was very refreshing to go through the process. This course exceeded my expectations with its depth, feedback, and critical thinking.
Her: It was a great way to really step back and think about not just our wedding, but our marriage holistically. I really think we have more resources and tools available now to turn to throughout our marriage. The amount of feedback was really great info and I felt like I learned much more than expected.
Both: It helped us improve our communication by talking about things we might not have otherwise. It was really helpful to talk about our two different perspectives and viewpoints on the lessons. We're both really proud of each other for committing to this course and a catholic marriage.

June 16th Christopher and Katherine - Joliet, IL “I really feel that my faith was enhanced. It truly made my faith grow.”

Him: I found the prep to be quit enjoyable.  It was very nice to have a chance to reflect on the joys of marriage. Looking into the micro parts of marriage. I firmly believe with the reflection, and deep conversations, it brought me closer with Katherine and my faith in God. I believe that this process exceeded my expectations.  I was very unsure of what to expect. It was very personable. It made me go into a deep cognitive reflection. I sincerely enjoyed it.
Her: I really enjoyed this prep. I liked that it gave us extended time to reflect on the importance of marriage. I really feel that it brought us closer together in our faith.
Both: This course made us sit down and discuss many challenging topics. We feel that it helped us discuss the many possible challenges that we could face within marriage. It helped us communicate together with the Lord.


June 5th Seth and Monika – Washington D.C. ”I was able to voice my opinion on several topics and receive thoughtful yet non-judgmental responses”

Him: I was very happy with the flexibility of this course. We thoroughly enjoyed the time and effort that was put into the responses for each worksheet. I felt I was able to voice my opinion on several topics and receive a thoughtful yet non-judgmental responses.
Her: We really loved the lessons and suggestions on effective communication and preparation for a couple to succeed through real-life examples. Secondly, I appreciated that modern, real time examples of living as a Catholic were put into thought-provoking questions. It has definitely renewed my desire to get closer to God and become more involved in the Church.
Both: We appreciated the communication and conflict resolution section a lot. It is very easy to easily get upset and stay upset with your partner rather than spending the time to understand what went wrong.

June 6th Ariam and Sarah – San Diego, CA“I appreciated how this course really helped me understand what the husband's and wife's roles are in a marriage.”

Him: I think that this course was very informative in a multitude of ways. This course contained so much information that aimed to strengthen our religious commitments, but I could also see this course helping couples who are not Catholic.
Her: Though we have only begun planning for the wedding and have not been overwhelmed by the planning process, we could tell immediately that the church takes marriage very seriously and does its best to prepare couples for the sacrament. This course really informed us a lot about the church's teachings, God's calling, and the deeper meaning of marriage. A marriage is so much more than a single wedding day.
Both: Yes. This course provided us with a goal and a safe space to talk about some of our beliefs, issues, and thoughts.

June 7th Daniel and Megan – Philadelphia, PA “This course has helped me learn a lot and in a personalized way”

Him:I thought it was helpful to us as a couple to explain the serious and permanent nature of marriage.  I was impressed at by how the classes got me to think, reflect, pray and work on my relationship with Megan and God in those days between classes. I particularly liked the structure of how the classes were taught.  That is to say that each class seemed to build upon the prior classes.
Her:I liked it. I feel like it is a great tool to get a couple talking about issues that they might not talk about before getting married. I think it also gives a couple good tools and insight on how to handle disagreements or issues that may come up. I really like the personalized answer keys. Mostly I appreciated the deep discussions that a lot of the topics invoked.
Both: I think we are now more sensitive to each other’s feelings.

June 8th Cesar and Ariana - Oakland, CA“We appreciate the answers, advice, and time commitment to this course.”

Him: I thought the course was informative and helped me think about various items I had not thought about. I enjoyed the fact that doing this course at home allowed for thinking, reactions, and conversation. Doing it online worked better for us than if we had gone on a weekend encounter.
Her: The course clarified some things for me that I had trouble understanding. For example, using the comparison of the love of marriage and Jesus' love within the Church. I never understood that before until this course. This worked well with our schedules. It was very informative and allowed for more reflection than it we had gone to the other classes offered within our diocese.
Both: he questions posed helped us talk about things that could have been potential problems. It also covered things that we had not talked about before like money, children, and contraception.

June 9th Russel and Bernice- Sacramento, CA“The course revived my faith as many of the topics were ones my husband and I never really delved into”

Him: This prep did a great job of covering everything a Catholic couple will need currently and in the future. I felt better connected with God and the church with the assignments given. I especially liked having our counselors help us along the way; they both had great insight in our responses and also helped the both of us feel connected.
Her: I thought it was very helpful. At first I was nervous that it would be a very shaming experience as we have been married civilly and not religiously and have already had a child. But surprisingly it seemed to have deepened our bond as a couple in a way that we feel closer not only with each other but to God.
Both: Whenever topics came up we talked each one of them allowed so that we can come to a shared answer. It brought up many questions about our faith in terms of where we would like to move forward and how we were introduced to our faith in the beginning. Although we have been practicing Catholics from the start, this course has strengthened our bond and allowed us to further communicate with each other and God.

May 29th John and Clarice - Lansing,MI “It gave grounding to why the Catholic religion believes what it does about marriage and how that belief leads to a stronger marriage.”

Him: It was very informative for myself since I have not been introduced to the Catholic religion. The sessions were well paced out and not overwhelming and helped us reflect on what is needed and expected in marriage. I appreciated the practical aspects of the courses and how the Catholic religion fits into and guides marriage. These courses were not just in your face read this passage and you're done.
Her: I appreciated the various elements of the class. I feel it took into account that everyone has a different learning style. There were videos to watch, passages to read and audio to listen to. You were not just doing one of the three. I also appreciated the instructor feedback to let us know we were on the right track and show areas of further reflection.
Both: It improved our communication, because it brought upon further discussion of our beliefs. We got to ask each other why our opinions were what they were on certain topics. We also had to practice patience with each other because at times we were working on this after work and were "tired" from busy days.

May 30th Austin and Ashly - Sacramento, CA “Makes me want to be the best wife I can be and to view marriage as Gods vocation for me.”

Him: It definitely helped me with wanting to become more knowledgeable and to push me harder to become a Catholic. 
Her: I thought the prep was extremely beneficial and sparked great conversation between us. Definitely brought up some good discussion and lessons we both weren't aware should be discussed. I really enjoyed the course. While not being Catholic I thought that the structure of it started at the beginning and progressed accurately. It brought me a lot of insight on things that I did not know. I would highly recommend this course to every couple that is getting married.
Both: It allowed us to discuss topics we had not already and to hear each other out on their ideas and then discuss differences.

May 31st Joseph and Angela – Pittsburgh, PA “It went beyond my expectations; it has made the wedding plans even more special and romantic.”

Him: My impression is that this was a super marriage prep class for us, not only because it accommodated the fact that we live 6 hrs apart, but even if we did it together, it was a well put together, informative, Spirit-led on target uplifting program including the great mentoring by our instructors. It opened my /our eyes to the beauty and Sacredness and seriousness of this Sacrament.
Her: I appreciated the opportunity to discover so many intimate details about my feelings both personal and Spiritual and having a chance to learn so much more about the man I love and want to share the rest of my life with.
Both: It opened our eyes to where we are Spiritually, and were we want to go Spiritually, challenged us on all aspects of Matrimony, so that we were able to nicely dialogue about each topic of the lessons, and have learned new ways to talk to each other, based upon our calling to be a loving Catholic-Christian couple.

June 1st Emmanuel and Lauren - Sacramento, CA  “I appreciated the conversation because for us, while we invite God into our relationship, the discussion of our roles and God's intentions brought us closer together.”

Him: I really enjoyed the conversations that these assignments promoted us to have.
Her: In the end we have a stronger foundation and know what we need to work on moving forward.  We love each other very much and we look forward to our upcoming nuptials, especially now as we have some more tools in our tool belt.  We especially grew more as a couple with God and our appreciation for Him.
Both: There were things we had questions about and those things we received more answers about and allowed us to talk and work through those questions.

June 2nd Gregory and Stacy- Columbus, OH “It really opened our eyes that this is more than just a dedication to each other.”

Him: I enjoyed learning about our goals as a Holy family together and what we plan on doing moving forward in our relationship with God and each other. I also enjoyed learning more about effective communication. It brought us closer in unity as a couple with God. To pray together as a family and create strong, spiritual habits as a family.
Her: I enjoyed the communication aspect. I think if a relationship maintains strong communication and puts forth effort to the communication (including family prayer etc.) it will create an unbreakable bond.
Both: It is great to have a reminder of what marriage is while planning all the other details that goes into planning a wedding. The true meaning why we are getting married and not all the bells, bows, and cake. It is about building a strong partnership with each other and God.


May 22nd Lewis and Jalissa- Harrisburg,PA “It helped us to delve deeper into our relationship.”

Him: I felt that this prep was very insightful for our future marriage. We have been dating for almost 7 years and thought we knew pretty much everything about each other but this prep helped us to delve deeper into our relationship especially in regards to our faith.
Her: I had a feeling that this prep would test our relationship with God as a couple. As we continued through the course I realized that Lewis and I had different perspectives on how we read things. This course helped us tackle the most important issues and understandings of marriage through our faith.
Both: This course helped us open up about tough discussions that needed to be surfaced, where we have different mindsets. We learned how to be proper, active listeners so that we understand how to compromise through our relationship. We appreciated the questions that made us actively discuss our individual answers but then come to a solidified response that entwined both of our opinions.

May 23rd Rodney and Krystle- San Francisco, CA  "The instructors were gracious and generous with their feedback.”

Him: This class opened up lines of communication between me and my partner that we’ve never explored before. It also really educated us on how God, Jesus Christ, and the Church are intertwined into our marriage. The course was extremely informative and the instructors were gracious and generous with their feedback. The course met my expectations.
Her: This class was an incredible journey. I feel more connected with my partner and with God than I did before. I am grateful to this class for opening up discussions between Rodney and I in which we might’ve not had. It exceeded my expectations. I was sitting in church yesterday reflecting on all the perspective this class has personally given to me and I was filled with so much gratitude for the opportunity to experience this with Rodney before we marry.
Both: It helped us explore ideas that we’d never thought about concerning our roles as man and wife both to each other and in the church. It also presented us with avenues of information that allowed us to see what we both believed and what we also may have a difference of opinion on.

May 24th Clint and Alexa – Lansing, MI “I felt like it was a great way for us to grow closer with each other but more importantly with God.”

Him: I really didn’t know what to expect but I think it went beyond what I would have imagined I would take away from this class. I think so because we have begun making more of an effort to pray and go to church together.
Her: We thought it would just be another class of telling us how to “survive” marriage but it was a lot more than that. It dove us deeper into our faith and that is very important as we prepare to enter marriage in the upcoming weeks.
Both: It got us communicating when our lives seemed to be getting too busy. It brought us back together and allowed us to grow deeper in faith and as a couple.

May 25th Samuel and Kelsey- Denver, CO “it was fulfilling to spend time discussing this mighty commitment to one another.”

Him: Marriage prep provided a unique opportunity for us to discuss the very diverse facets of our relationships and plans for the future. The questions provoked meaningful conversations for us that we will carry on beyond marriage prep.
Her: It was wonderful to have our instructors] guide us through our prep for our marriage. It took many of the conversations we have had to a deeper level and taught us not only the why of the ceremony itself but the history of marriage as a whole. We have put into practice many of the lessons we have learned here.
Both:The questions during each of the sessions required answers to move on. Beyond the session, the questions stuck with us and have led to deeper conversations about our relationships, plans for the future, communication, and more.

May 26th Emmanuel and Sophia- Sacramento, CA “It assured me that I have chosen the right person to share my life with.”

Him: I thought it was fantastic.  It really challenged us to think hard about our faith, our relationship, and our future.  Through the lessons and instructor feedback, we also gained new and deep insights into Church teachings that I previously never gave much thought to. The course gave me a better understanding and appreciation for the Church's teachings and how they are applicable to my everyday life and way of thinking. 
Her: This course was great. It helped us focus and discuss on important topics that are critical to building a good foundation for our marriage. The feedback was tailored making it feel truly personal. This course helped me to see how my faith permeates through my everyday life. Each day is an opportunity to practice my faith.
Both: It improved our communication in that it forced us to confront and answer a lot of difficult, personal questions together that we may have only talked about superficially in the past.

May 15th Angel and Ariadne - Rockford,IL “It made me want to get closer to God”

Him: I am very happy with this prep. It provided a lot of information and answered questions I had before starting.
Her:  Overall I am very impressed and grateful for this course. It is allowing us to get married through the Church even though he is not in the same location as I am. I think this is a great course for any couple thinking about getting married, it opens your eyes more and makes you see how you can avoid confrontation or make your confrontations go more smoothly by being aware of each other's needs.
Both: It made us communicate more because we needed to review our answers and it made sure that we made time to do so. We both had open minds in what we said and talked about. The active listening assignment helped us better understand how we should hear the other person out and support them.

May 16th Sanil and Susan - Atlanta, GA  “I liked reading our instructors recommendations and point of views.”

Him: This course was great, it provided us a no pressure environment for us to discuss difficult subjects related to God and our relationship. It made me think a lot about the church's teachings that I was more exposed to growing up. It has been great to revisit these topics from an older perspective.
Her: This prep was definitely eye opening, it allowed us to discuss topics that may not of ordinarily come up at this point of our relationship. I think everyone will benefit from this course and I'm glad we had the opportunity to be part of it.
Both: It improved our communication because these were topics we both thought about individually but never talked about together.

May 17th Nicholas and Danielle – Lafayette, IN “It helped show me how important our faith really is to us”

Him: I enjoyed the topics of the Pre-Cana course.  Very comprehensive and it covered all of the topics we would want it to. I also appreciated the conversations it prompted between Dani and I. Our instructors made the whole process relatable and we liked reading their responses!
Her: I think this prep brings to light great topics of discussion amongst soon to be married couples. I felt that it helped Nick and I discuss topics that we had not discussed thoroughly. It taught us a lot about the catholic faith as well. I greatly appreciated our sponsor couple and all of their insight.  It reminded me of why I have made some decisions I have. It also .
Both: We now communicate on a deeper level.  We understand expectations for our marriage and are excited to start on this journey.

May 18th Brian and Sarah – Arlington, VA “It informed us and related our real life experiences and expectations to the written word from the Bible.”

Him: I really liked the personalized responses we got from our instructors. The answers were always prompt and detailed. I enjoyed it more than I expected and I think the most value that we got out of it was that we talked with each other about many of the issues.
Her: I like the depth of information that we received, and on so many different topics. It was nice to receive feedback from an actual couple who probably had to go through the same things we have. I definitely learned things I did not know, or had forgotten. And I am still committed to growing my faith.
Both: It brought up many issues that we either had not talked about or not thought about before and helped give us a start to begin the discussion.

May 19th Patrick and Claudia – Santa Fe, NM “It was a nice way of saying things that you haven't thought of saying”

Him: I would honestly say it exceeded my expectations.  It gave Claudia and I a chance to really reflect with one another and talk deeply about things we normally might not have time to talk about. It revived my faith in the sense of reading direct text from the Bible on how God has designed everything for a reason, and the importance of a relationship in our lives, and how this relationship echoes our relationship to Christ.
Her: This course was very helpful in getting Sheridan and I talking about certain things that we hadn’t thought of before. It also helped us think more deeply about the holy commitment we are making with each other and God. It was a great reminder of the love God has for us and how special it is that we are taking this step together with God.
Both: We gave each other the chance to listen to deep feelings and understand each other while learning about each other along the way.


May 8th Thomas and Patricia- Denver,CO “It addressed many important topics for a couple preparing to enter into the sacrament.”

Him:Thinking about our future marriage and raising children to know, love, and serve God certainly encouraged and fueled my desire to be a man of God within the Vocation of marriage.
Her: I am grateful that it exists. For us, it has allowed us to attend a marriage prep that is compatible with our time-frame. It's helpful to get feedback from [our instructors] and to know that they are real people. The topics that we discussed were helpful in calling to mind what we are about to do as we enter into this beautiful sacrament.  I am looking forward to starting a lifelong covenant with Thomas and being open to whatever the Lord gives us.
Both: It brought up topics for intentional discussion. 

May 9th Matthew and Marie- Buffalo, NY “I have delved deeper into my faith over the timeframe of this course than I had in a number of years.”

Him: The prep was excellent! Between the questions, my conversations with Marie, and the feedback we received from [our instructors], I am better prepared for marriage to Marie and in the Church. The questions and feedback made me reconsider notions I had regarding various issues, but I feel stronger and wiser for having gone through the course.
Her: I was very impressed and grateful to have been prompted to do this course.  While I knew it would be informative, I had not anticipated it to be so comprehensive.  The course encouraged Matthew and I to look deeper into ourselves as individuals, as well as with our relationship to each other.  All in all, it has been a wonderful experience, and I consider Matthew and I blessed to have Debbie and Joe as our counselors for the course.
Both: I was very impressed and grateful to have been prompted to do this course.  While I knew it would be informative, I had not anticipated it to be so comprehensive.  The course encouraged Matthew and I to look deeper into ourselves as individuals, as well as with our relationship to each other.  All in all, it has been a wonderful experience, and I consider Matthew and I blessed to have Debbie and Joe as our counselors for the course.

May 10th Adam and Jieun – San Francisco, CA “This course helped me to approach Church teachings in a way I never did before”

Him: It was great to gain a deeper understanding of the sacrament - honestly, we are kind of in a time crunch so we approached this course with a sort of "let's get it done" attitude. Regardless, it was very enlightening to learn more about just why the Catholic Church teaches the things it does about marriage and about how those teachings can enrich our married life together.
Her: I think this prep was really great. It was good to feel close to Jesus together. It's great to talk about how we can include Christ in our marriage and I'm looking forward to receiving the sacrament of marriage!
Both: Although we are both faithful Catholics and we attend Mass together regularly, we never really opened up to each other about our faith. This course and other marriage preparation we have done have really increased our ability and comfortability in communicating about our faith.

May 11th Aidan and Sarah- New York, NY “I was pleasantly surprised at how in depth the lessons went”

Him: I feel like it was thorough and thought provoking. It was great to sit and talk with Sarah about each lesson, and I definitely feel even closer to her. It was also a great reference for married life in the future. I greatly appreciate the way it allowed Sarah and I to sit down and discuss all the different aspects of marriage, and our future together. We've done a great deal of this, but the lessons were more focused and provided more depth on each topic. It's the part I most appreciate because it's given me a kind of peace going forward and we're now closer than ever.
Her: I was surprised to have learned so much! Being a cradle Catholic, I expected this to be somewhat of a review but there were many learning moments for us both. Like Aidan said, we had a lot of great conversations about the lessons and how we're going to implement them in our marriage.
Both:Aidan and I have talked broadly about the topics brought up in the course throughout our engagement, but have only recently made concrete plans about how to keep Christ at the center of our marriage. These conversations may have remained abstract and without clear direction without this course.

May 12th Geoffrey and Sarah- Boston, MA “I think this had helped us to start our marriage and grow together as one within the Catholic Church.”

Him: A lot of it was very reminiscent of any Sunday school or Church teaching, but I was happy that a majority of it focused on how to keep a Christian relationship strong, and the tools to both foster that environment, or to get it back on track if it strays. It definitely led to good conversations between Sarah and I as well. I loved having personalized feedback as well.
Her: I enjoyed this prep experience.  It started many discussions between Geoff and I that were important and helpful topics for us to talk about.
Both: Communication has always been a huge focus for us, but this course gave us additional tools to ensure we continue to be successful with that. We appreciated the engaging conversations sparked by the course, as well as examples of how that communication can break down over time, and how to correct it.

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