May 1st Kevin and Emilia- Paterson,NJ “I appreciated the broad scope of issues covered”

Him: I was glad to connect with Emilia on a lot of these issues now that we are engaged. It makes me realize that marriage is always a work in progress, and requires two committed individuals to be successful. I feel sure of the commitment we’re about to make.
Her: The course renewed my desire to get closer to God. When I don’t make my faith a priority, I become lonely. I forget how comforting it is to speak to God through prayers. This course reminded me of all the positive things that come with getting closer to God- it’s truly win-win!
Both: The process of this course improved our communication because it allowed us to think of certain issues through examples that didn’t necessarily pertain to us. It was helpful to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and think about the issue, and then think about how it could apply to our lives.

May 2nd Anthony and Corrine- Baton Rouge, LA “It also deepened my desire to put God at the center of our marriage!”

Him: This prep course was a great overview of many important aspects of marriage in accordance with the Catholic Church. It was very helpful for me as it guided me through many details that I have not yet been prepared, or even thought about in our relationship. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
Her: It was very informative and we had to be very involved, which was nice!! It covered what we needed in order to properly prepare for a marriage in the Catholic Church putting God first.
Both: It definitely improved our communication. It taught us work together, be patient, and work to help the other express what's in the other's he heart! Yes. This course brought up some questions, and answers, that really had us in deep conversation. We learned some new things about each other, we disagreed, and we talked through so many new and different things. At the end of the day, we were always on the same page with big topics and treatment of one another. We thank God for blessing us with each other!

May 3rd Dante and Nyssa – Denver, CO “It presented God's teachings as they applied to marriage in a cohesive way.”

Him: I thought it was great!  It generated some very good discussion and felt all the concepts were ideas I've heard in Church and CCD, but the course connected them in ways I hadn't really considered. The cohesion that I keep bringing up makes it clearer to me that He has a plan.  Everything just connects together.
Her: I enjoyed it.  We learned a bit about our strengths as a couple and where we need work as we went through the exercises. I found the feedback from the real-life examples in videos pretty eye opening.  I was aware of a lot of the scientific reasons behind NFP as a nurse, for instance, but not all the marriage benefits.
Both: We had to communicate about the most important topics to us.  We've done these conversations already, but with all of the planning swirl that goes into a wedding we hadn't really stepped back to talk about some of these things lately.  That was a big help.

May 4th John and Emily- Military Diocese “I appreciated the real life applications to issues that could come up in our marriage”

Him: I really enjoyed going through the course. It taught me a lot about marriage that I never knew and discovered that it is a much more important and deep sacrament in the Church. I always though marriage was incredibly important of course but I did not realize the whole importance of it in the Catholic faith.
Her: It did meet my expectations. I was not sure what to expect but the course taught me a great deal and showed me how John and I can make our marriage everything we want it to be.
Both: It made us open up with each other on topics that can be difficult to discuss at times, such as sex and conflict with each other. When you can completely open up to one another on these difficult topics it brings you closer together as a couple.

May 5th Giordan and Bianca- Sacramento, CA “This course definitely revived my desire to get closer to God and His Church.”

Him: I felt that it was very enlightening.  I learned a lot about my relationship with God, how to be a good husband and father, and how to raise my family. I appreciated the background information on NFP.  I felt that it was a really important thing to learn about and prepare us for building our family.
Her: This course was more than I thought it would be. I didn't realize how much I didn't know before taking this course.  I learned a lot about God, Christ and marriage.  It was very insightful and it really got me thinking in a way I don't typically do. I appreciated the feedback the most.  It was nice to know that someone was reading my answers and taking it to heart.  It made me feel very at ease and eager to get the answer keys back to see the instructor’s feedback.
Both: This course opened up different lines of communication for the both of us.  We became more understanding or each other, and the sacrament we are about to commit to.  It got us talking about things we didn’t think to talk about before.

April 24th John and Maryclaire- Norwich,CT “I really appreciated the flexibility of the online program and the detail that each answer key prxovided.”

Him: Overall I found the marriage prep to be very informational and fulfilling. I was not expecting so many subject areas to be covered. Most of the assignments triggered some really detailed conversation between Maryclaire and I, and we were able to really appreciate areas where we agreed and talk through areas where there may have been disagreement.
Her: This preparation was very thorough and comprehensive, and allowed us to grow together as a couple to prepare for our marriage. I thought that the majority of the assignments were applicable to many aspects of marriage and that the answer keys were helpful in providing clarification, further explanation, and reference material.
Both: The course improved our communication because it allowed us to speak about subjects that we don't normally discuss, however which are very important to talk about regularly. While we regularly agreed on many subjects covered in the course, when there were disagreements, we were able to talk through them effectively and respect each other's thoughts and opinions.

April 25th Ian and Katherine- Military Diocese “It brought Ian and I closer because it gave us set times to sit down and talk about our faith and our marriage.”

Him: It helped spark a bigger desire for our union to follow God's will. We already both wanted to follow His will individually but didn't think of how to do it as a newly formed single soul.
Her: Overall, I am glad that the church requires this. I wish all marriages were prefaced with preparation like this. I think the class prepares couples as well as reminds them that marriage is a serious long term commitment.It just made me re-think why I was confirmed and consider the hard topics again in the scope of actually encountering those obstacles with my partner. I think that made my faith stronger and feel better about going to mass knowing I was still asking myself the hard questions.
Both: The course had us specifically confront issues we rarely discuss with the quizzes. Additionally because of physical separation it helped make us plan and manage time to talk about the marriage and finishing the class.

April 26th Ryan and Alaina – Alexandria, LA “It made me want to dig deeper into certain aspects of the Church.”

Him: I appreciated the NFP the most because it showed that we don't need birth control to be able to plan when we want to have more children.
Her: I think this prep was very helpful in identifying my strengths and weaknesses in this relationship. It will help me grow in the right areas. I appreciated that some questions had a his/her answer because we don't think the same, so it was nice to get to have both of our views/opinions expressed.
Both: Communication is a constant work in progress.

April 27th Mark and Megan- Denver, CO “It provided some useful topics for conversation.”

Him: Overall I thought that this prep course asked some good questions that allowed Megan and I to engage in some important conversations in preparation for our marriage.It was a good opportunity to remove ourselves from the stress of normal life, and focus on each other and our relationship in a deliberate and focused way.
Her: I appreciated having focused conversations about our upcoming marriage in conjunction with Church teachings, especially since Mark did not grow up in the Catholic Church and provided an opportunity for me to explain aspects of the Church and its teachings to him.
Both: It helped demonstrate the role that God's love can and should play in a marriage.

April 28th Robert and Christine- Atlanta, GA “I liked hearing a Catholic perspective especially on the sacramental side of marriage as a covenant.”

Him: For an online distance, I thought it very well organized and I found our instructors to give us excellent perspective on Catholic marriage.
Her: It was well organized. I wish the questions dove into marriage complications more and made the assignments a little more fun to complete. I understand not all content will be exciting but it was a little difficult to get through at times and unapproachable (i.e. NFP. I think as well as preparing for the trials ahead, it is equally important to bask in the good of God's glory and the excitement of the times to come.
Both: It allowed us to talk about very specific yet a narrow range of topics many applicable to the church.

April 17th Shannon and Alexandra- Tulsa, OK ” I appreciated the amount of time & thought our instructors put into this prep with us”

Him: I thought it covered all great subjects, even many subjects that most aren't comfortable bringing up. I thought this was an amazing prep and our instructors were incredible and took their time to express their opinions and help guide us in the right way when needed.  I was very happy with this.
Her: Great! The instructors were very helpful and awesome. We really learned a lot and grew from this experience.

Both:  It helped us to understand each other and how to approach one another with the problem at hand or to understand where the other one is coming from & what their intentions may or may not have been. By giving us the tools to problem solve we can work together to reach a common goal. It helps us to improve and individuals to become stronger as one.  Communication is key to everything in life.

April 18th Vincent and Lisa- Denver, CO “It revived my faith by giving us special time to pause and have a conversation about God.”
Him: Great review and insights into some of the key challenges and opportunities that we have to look forward to. Good balance of both scripture and other interesting sources.

Her: It was very thorough and informative, and also provided lots of practical tools. It helped me to delve into elements of Catholic spirituality that I had not considered, and gave me impetus to deepen my spiritual practices.
Both: We were glad that we were able to complete the course at a self-pace, because it gave us lots of time to discuss all of the issues that came up during the lessons. I think our communication will be better because of this course.

April 19th Ryan and Alaina – Seattle, WA “I would definitely recommend this course to other engaged couples who are planning for the sacrament of marriage.”
Him: The course definitely met my expectation and, like I said previously I think it not only strengthened my relationship with Alaina, but with God as well. I expected to have very difficult conversations with Alaina and we did. I expected to learn a lot about the Catholic faith and I did. What I did not expect was to learn so much about myself. This course exceeded expectations I think, and thank you.

Her: I appreciated this preparation course! It allowed us to gain insight into the sacrament of marriage, helped us to facilitate conversations to grow closer to God and each other, and offered us the flexibility to communicate with our instructors at our own pace. I would definitely recommend this course to other engaged couples who are planning for the sacrament of marriage.
Both: We were able to have more open lines of communication, discussing some hard topics. This course allowed us to become much closer and learn to communicate more effectively.

April 20th Richard and Elizabeth- New Orleans, LA “This course and our instructors were great and we couldn't be more pleased with how the process played out!”
Him: I found this course to be very beneficial to Liz and I opening up to discussions we had not approached before and it presented a new view on things for us both.  It also helped change some behaviors, yet reinforce others, which was a good feeling!  Overall, I feel closer to Liz and our relationship together with God is much better!
Her: It was an extensive experience but one that was much appreciated. I feel overall better about our marriage in God's eyes now. With all of the planning that is involved with a wedding you can lose focus on what's most important and the true outcome of everything. This helped me refocus and remember what our end goal is and what marriage and our wedding day is truly about. 

Both: This greatly improved our communication and allowed us to look into different areas of our relationship that we hadn't talked about before. It improved how we communicate but also what we communicate about and it has been an enlightening experience.

April 21st Alexander and Lisa- Denver, CO “The course revived and renewed my desire to get closer to God and The Church.”

Him: I though this course was a good reminder of our Catholic Faith and really got us talking about some issues that might come up for us as a married couple. Some of the issues, even though we have been together for a very long time, we have not discussed this directly before.

Her: I found this prep very beneficial. It gave Alex and I the opportunity to discuss topics that we haven't talked about and learn more about the Sacrament of Marriage. It did meet my expectations. Not only was I able to learn more about Alex, I also learned more about what we can expect in Marriage and how to handle situations.

Both: The course allowed us to talk about topics that might be a little awkward to discuss as a dating couple but need to be discussed before marriage. We were able to talk about forgiveness, God's plan for us, our conscience, natural family planning, and relationship tools. We also found it very beneficial to discuss road blocks that we might face once married.

April 10th Tommy and Vicki- Sacramento, CA“…It has made us closer to each other and to God.”

Him:I really enjoyed this prep. It has made me more involved and reminded me of the importance of prayers and has strengthened my beliefs.It exceeded my expectations. When I started taking this prep, it made me realize that I have strayed away from the Church. I'm glad I took this class to reign me back in. God has His way of presenting opportunities and I think this prep was a blessing.
Her: This prep was really good. I learned a lot in this prep outside of what I've been learning in my RCIA program. I know the importance of God in our future marriage and lives.
Both:  We have learned to communicate with each other better by listening to each other and respecting each other.

April 11th Anthony and Caroline- Detroit, MI ”It brought up many things that I haven't thought about in a while and helped me realize again why faith is important in life.

Him: Overall I am glad we did it. I really liked some of the questions that we're challenging for us to answer. I enjoyed the questions on topics that we would not have discussed on our own.
Her: With Anthony and I both in different states, this course was very convenient and easy for us to do. Having as much time as we needed to complete an assignment was extremely helpful. I didn't expect so many assignments diving deep into the Bible and early teachings. I see why they were important and the marital message they send, but I would have enjoyed more modern questions and situations for us to discuss.
Both: It definitely improved our communication because of our current situation being long distance. We were able to continually talk about important topics and issues that we are facing and will face in our life together. We were also able to talk about things currently happening in our lives and tie them into this course and find unique understandings to both. We have always had strong communication, but being a part from one another and completing this course made it even stronger.

April 12th Carlos and Marua- San Diego, CA “It helped and taught me the importance of forgiveness in marriage life.”

Him: It was very educational. I learned things that I never learned before and it was wonderful.
Her: This course was very educational and helped me appreciate and learn the importance of marriage as a whole. It took our relationship to a new level and all lessons were very essential in helping our relationship grow as a couple. It also renewed our faith as Catholics and it allowed us to appreciate the true meaning and foundation of the sacrament of matrimony.
Both: This course gave us the chance to have a more in depth understanding and bonding as a couple. It allowed us to discuss our different points and views, our desires, and understand our feelings towards each other. It made us become more open about our thoughts towards our relationship.  It helped us appreciate the importance of communication as a whole.

April 13th Michael and Ava- Arlington, VA “It made me reflect more on the importance of prayer and having a strong faith both as an individual and as a family”

Him: It was very insightful. We've learned a lot and we are very grateful for our instructors for us sharing their knowledge and practical experiences on the different topics.
Her: It was very informative. Our instructors provided us with lots of resources, lots of suggestions based on their own experiences and lots of wisdom on different topics/issues related to starting a family life.  We had a great experience going over the exercises and we've learned a lot about ourselves and our relationships as well as about the things we still need to work on.
Both: We started bringing up and talking about awkward topics that we would normally avoid such as the idea of opening a joint account and budgeting together, the idea of praying together at night, assigning household chores for a particular day, talking about rules in the house, etc.

April 14th Dennis and Pam- Santa Rosa, CA “We've learned some new things we have begun and plan to continue to be more helpful to each other and our marriage.”

Him: I learned a lot in this course! Even as a cradle Catholic, I have matured and learned more about my Catholic faith. I feel these things we learned will help us in our marriage.
Her: I feel that it was very helpful in opening our eyes to the beliefs of the church, and to how we as a couple can have a lasting marriage and help each other to go to heaven. I enjoyed our time together as a couple preparing for our upcoming marriage, we have started the habit of praying together as a couple! Very good content!
Both: It taught us some ways to communicate even better than we thought we were. It opened our eyes to our habits and how we can improve upon the things we may not have been doing correctly. It gave us a place to start our marriage, open to praying together, and help each other get to heaven!



April 3rd Dan and Brittany- Denver,CO“It further solidified the importance of having our faith be part of our everyday routine…”

Him: Fantastic. It guided us through extremely important conversations that are needed before embarking on this next level in our relationship.  We learned more about each other, we grew together, and we are better for it!
Her: It was great! It started conversations between us that we wouldn't have had until after we were married, and I think many of these points were important to discuss prior to that.
Both: Opened up conversation to issues we hadn't addressed before. Made us talk more deeply about our expectations and our values, how we want to raise our children.

April 4th Timothy and Cindy- Lafayette, LA “It was nice to see a different point of view from another couple.”

Him: I felt the class helped me grow spiritually and helped improve my relationship with not only God but with my significant other. I learned so much about what makes a marriage last. The course was educational and I enjoyed being able to watch videos. The videos helped make the course better. I know as a teacher, nobody wants to get lectured the entire time. The course provided multiple ways to get its message across.
Her: It was truly a wonderful way to have a more in depth conversation about our relationship with God and what his intentions are of man and spouse when they become one. It helped us grow close by practicing abstinence and what that would mean in our marriage. Lastly, it helped us realize that our foundation of what we want our lives to look like in 20 years are the same.
Both: It shed light on what we need to improve on. We learned the strengths and weaknesses of not only ourselves but our relationship with each other and God. It was like a rubric. It helped show us what we are good and poor at. It was a great tool to help clear up any miscommunication we had.

April 5th Niel and April- San Antonio, TX “I appreciated that not only did it present us with information, but it asked us to grapple with it as a couple and figure out how it applied to our relationship.”

Him :Far better than what I would have expected being online. The material was excellent and the interaction with our instructor couple was excellent, especially considering it was through written feedback
Her: I enjoyed the marriage preparation class. I appreciated the wide range of topics covered and the feedback we received from our instructors was very helpful and helped facilitate important conversation
Both: The more you practice with the intent of getting better, the more it will improve.

April 6th Dan and Lauren- Colorado Springs, CO “This course revived my desire to get closer to God in that it reminded me of why I want to get married in the Catholic Church and the sacrament of marriage.”

Him: I thought the class was an excellent option for couple to complete online. It made our marriage preparation much easier as I am in the military. Course material covered definitely sparked necessary conversation between us.
Her: This prep helped me reconnect to my Catholic faith in a way I did not expect. I really enjoyed the participating in the marriage lessons and connecting with Dan on a deeper level.
Both: It helped us to actually discuss topics in regards to our faith. Before the course we would touch on a topic, come to a conclusion that we both agreed, but we never really discussed why. This course really helped us to dig further into topics, understand each other's perspective in relation to what the Catholic Church teaches. I think we are really going to benefit from the discussions we have had from the course, and it will help us to communicate more in depth about things in the future.

April 7th Matthew and Casey- New Orleans, LA “It was the most eye opening and informative to me.”

Him: This course was well organized and thought provoking. A lot of the material was familiar to me but I enjoyed the questions and the way it caused me to think in ways I hadn't before. It also continued to open the doors to Casey and mine's conversations around church, God and family.
Her: This marriage prep was really great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was nice for my fiancé and I to use this as time to spend together and taking the time to strengthen our relationship with Christ before we receive the sacrament.
Both: Although I thought my fiancé and I had good communication before, this class just showcased that we both do have great communication and even found ways throughout the course to improve our communication within each other. I think it helped improve our communication because we really took the time to listen to each other's answers and opinions for each question and were able to have open discussions about our thoughts and feelings.

March 27th David and Holly- Providence,RI “We got to know each other better throughout this course”
Him: I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I think it is beneficial to all couples that are engaged to be married. I appreciated the teachings from the Bible, as well as the tools provided that allowed us to look at our relationship in a different way.
Her: It was a meaningful experience to share with Dave. We are both very busy with our jobs and tend to get wrapped up in that and so it was nice to be able to set aside time to do this together. I appreciated Dave's honesty in answering the questions and all the different topics that this course covered.
Both: It gave us the opportunity to use this time spent on the course as a kind of safe space to share with each other our real feelings and thoughts on a variety of real life issues/topics. It also allowed us to feel more comfortable talking about things that can sometimes be tough to discuss.

March 28th David and Simone- Grand Rapids, MI “the course was both rich with doctrine and theology and also seemed accessible to couples who don't come from the same background as I do.”
Him: I found this prep course was very helpful and fun to complete, especially in improving our communication and increasing my understanding of the sacramental nature of expectations.
Her: I was very impressed with this course! Almost all of the lessons were very helpful and fostered really healthy and fruitful conversation between David and myself! The lessons were practical enough that I could see their immediate ramifications on our (future) marriage and at the same time they were full of the theology and beauty found in the sacrament of marriage!
Both: The course has given us a good basis for talking about sexual intimacy, money, and other difficult topics that we didn't discuss too deeply while dating. It's helped better us understand the importance of communicating intentionally as well.

March 29th Andrew and Rebekah- Philadelphia, PA “It helped put a more God centered focus on marriage and what it means to us and our faith going forward.”
Him: The feedback went in depth and was more personalized than I expected. That was great. We were able to go through the answer keys together and have some good conversations. We were able to talk about various topics in more depth than we had previously.
Her: We got a lot more feedback and faster response times than I expected.  I feel like we also were able to personalize a lot of it on our own time since we were not in a large classroom setting. This course confirmed we are on the right path in our marriage and helped serve as a reminder to have a God centered marriage.
Both: Served as prompts for us to discuss. We had talked about a lot of these topics in the past but it was good to talk through them again with some added resources.

March 30th James and Amanda- Chicago, IL “We were able to bond and connect over our answers, as well as see and embrace each other's differences”
Him: It enlightened me about the importance of prayer and how having a strong spiritual bond with my soon to be wife is just as important as any other part of our relationship.
Her: It opened up our relationship to take on a more spiritual side.  We were able to bond and connect over our answers, as well as see and embrace each other's differences.  It also gave us ideas in how to keep our faith as a priority in our current and future lives.
Both: We really enjoyed the active listening assignment.  It gave us a new approach when having any type of confrontation. This has been a wonderful experience for us.

March 31st David and Natalia- Fort Worth, TX “It's good to know how the Church feels and why.”
Him: I like how the Church had a stance on everything and backed it up. It's good to know how the church feels and why!
Her: Really great, I liked the flexibility and the personal answers from [our instructors] . I also liked talking to my future husband about faith and marriage expectations. We were excited to read our answer keys and start the next lesson.
Both:It gave us a place to start some serious conversations and from there we were able to open up more about faith and marriage. Also the I-Messages component was super helpful to understanding how we currently communicate and how we can improve.

March 20th Luis and Allina- Omaha, NE “It allowed me to see that we both have different views as we came from different backgrounds. But it helped us solve the problems better and look at it from different perspectives.”

Him: It was a good tool for us to prepare for our wedding even though we are currently geographically separated. It allowed me to see the Church's teachings and align it with my current moral standing. Kind of where I am right now and where I should be heading and compare it to where the Church wants me to go.
Her: The Catholic Marriage prep helped us prepare mentally and spiritually for our future ahead and the online course helped us bridge the gap. The course allowed me to look back and revisit what I've learned before in Catholic school and add on more to that knowledge.
Both: It allowed us to discuss issues and listen to each other and try to understand the different perspectives on issues.

March 21st Joseph and Kayla- New York, NY “It made me realize how important marriage is and that we should honor God each week by going to church and praising him.”

Him: I thought it was very focused on bringing couples together, as it brought Kayla and I closer together. The quizzes were fairly distributed for responses by each person helped to give our own viewpoint. The videos gave me more intellect by using certain scenarios. I loved the videos and enjoyed watching them!! Overall, the work was manageable and adequate.
Her: I really enjoyed doing this course. I felt it increased my self-awareness, as well as learn about Joe's viewpoints. I looked forward to doing it each week, as it was time for Joe and I to reflect and learn. I mostly enjoyed the videos (I am a visual learner). I am so glad we chose this course!
Both: It made us aware of the other person's ideas and expectations for marriage.  When we disagreed on something, we would discuss it.

March 22nd Anthony and Nhien- Denver, CO “I think everyone should take this class even if you're not religious in any way.”

Him: It really opened my eyes and I'm thankful for taking this course. There were good tips which I enjoyed reading that I'll use towards our marriage.  I want to be a loving a present to my wife and I think this guide really helps you do that!
Her: This Catholic marriage prep was very advantageous to us to do before our wedding because I learned a lot about myself and about my relationship with Tony. It has helped open my eyes about how to keep my relationship with God incorporated into our lives and how we will raise our children.
Both: The course has improved our communication because it has called out the flaws in the way we have communicated in the past. Since taking the course, we have been better listeners, more understanding of each other, and we both have been better communicators. The quizzes and love letters helped us to hear the other's point of view in a way other than what we are used to. We didn't do the forgiveness cards because we were able to better communicate and talk about our problems in person. The course was the last step to solidifying that we are ready to be married because now we know for sure that whatever happens, we will have God to guide us through the rest of our lives together.

March 23rd Ryan and Kimberly- Omaha, NE “My faith is revived to get closer to God and his church.

Him: The course really gave me a better understanding of God's role in our marriage. The classes were completed at our time. The classes provided us an environment that enhanced our critical thinking while giving us time to reflect on past, present, and future life together.
Her: The class exceeded my expectation! I feel that have gained a considerable amount of knowledge in preparation of receiving the Sacrament of Marriage. I am very happy with this course. The class enhanced our communication while deepening our spiritual connection.
Both: Improved more as we learn to cultivate our intimacy beyond sexual intimacy, through sharing more of emotions, feelings, and thoughts.

March 24th George and Merrin- Joliet, IL “It's amazing how most subject matter was backed up with scripture and it wants me to learn more about my faith.”

Him: Excellent! Really hit on the important topics. It made me realize how complicated getting married really is and it's not just about saying "I do." It is divine and you must depend on God to make it successful.
Her: We talked about issues and details about our relationship that we previously just glossed over. I think I got more out of this, going at my own pace, rather than doing a crash course over a single weekend. I liked the "his and her" response sections because it forced us to write down what we were thinking and then talk about it.
Both: It forced us to talk about important subjects. 


March 13th Rumaldo and Adriana- Santa Fe NM “It gave me a better meaning of what marriage really is.”
Him: I thought that the preparation course was very helpful! It brought me and Angie closer to each other. We got to discuss things together that we hadn't talked about before. The prep course gave us a better understanding of marriage and gave us very useful tools to help us resolve problems and work through issues that may arise. I really enjoyed how Debbie and Joe would give us in-depth feedback on our answers. It helped both of us get a much better understanding of many of the topics discussed in the prep course.
Her: I appreciated everything but my most favorites were the feedback provided and the videos. I feel that this course gave me the necessary tools to be prepared for my married life. Thank you so much!
Both: We talked about different topics more and listened to each other more.

March 14th Nicholas and Flora- Military Diocese “This course gave me a better understanding of God's role in a marriage.”
Him: I believe it was a very thorough marriage prep class. It provided an environment for critical thinking and reflection time regarding our upcoming life as a married couple and our relationship with God.
Her: I feel that we are better prepared for marriage. This course has given us the tools we need for a successful marriage. I learned more about God's role in a marriage, what is expected from me as a wife, and it answered some questions I had regarding Catholicism and contraceptives.
Both: We will practice more active listening as well as work on having more patience with not only each other, but ourselves.

March  15th Joshua and Mallory- Gaylord, MI “It helped me refresh the true meaning of marriage…”
Him: Enjoyed it very much, really helped clear up some misconceptions as well as gave great explanations. It gave us a strong foundation and a way to clearly state our expectations/priorities.  It provided us with a toolbox of marriage techniques.
Her: It was helpful in that it provided very detailed answer keys to help us reflect on our own answers. I appreciated the detailed answer key as well as all of the helpful links that we could use for our marriage process and in our relationship. It helped me refresh the true meaning of marriage and what it takes to make a marriage successful through praying together and practicing the faith.
Both: It helped us to realize and remember the importance of being open with one another in order to be on the same page and to fully understand one another.

March 16th Kevin and Ann - Kansas City, KS  "I feel more motivated to incorporate the Lord into my everyday life, knowing that it will strengthen my relationship with Him and my wife."
Him: This was a great experience for us to do together, really got us thinking about the sacrament of marriage and everything that it entails in order to have a happy and holy married life.
Her: This online marriage prep was amazing! It really gave us the opportunity to think and focus on important topics that need to be brought to our attention as we enter marriage. We learned a lot and are now able to take our learnings and incorporate them into our everyday lives as soon to be husband and wife!
Both: We have always been very open with one another in life, but this allowed us to go down to a deeper layer of communication, talking about our faith and our future family.

March 17th Alex and Renata - Stockton, CA  "I definitely want to learn more about the Catholic faith now that I have really learned about this sacrament."
Him:I think it was really important that we took this. It gave us a more clear understanding of the commitment we are making to the church and to each other. My favorite of the activities were the love letters because we are so used to writing to each other as an expression of our love. This just put them all on a new level with us and God.
Her: It was great and felt really healthy for us to start our marriage about learning the way God wanted man and woman to become one and how important this covenant and sacrament is. It has encouraged me to really go to church more often than we do. And it has encouraged me to teach Alex more about the Catholic faith and hopefully get him baptized.
Both:The last worksheet about communication and the "I" rule I think has helped us a lot in just the last few days. It is so easy to blame and almost a habit for most people. Now we are thinking about what we are saying before we jump to hurt each other and it is also giving us a chance to really think about each other and how our actions can affect us.

March 6th Alexander and Stephanie- Greensburg,PA “It showed me that marriage is not just a piece of paper.”
Him: There is so much more to preparing for a marriage than I had ever expected. But now that I have reviewed and studied God's Word about what marriage is supposed to be, I understand why there is so much work involved.
Her: These lessons have been amazing! I am so happy to have been able to participate in this course. I was hesitant to participate in an online model, but now I am so happy we did. It allowed Alex and myself to take our time and really talk out different perspectives on things.
Both: It made us talk about some topics that we had never discussed before due to them being out of our comfort zones or just never realizing the need to discuss.

March 7th Paul and Aryel- Denver, CO “It went to detail around spiritual communication that we might not have spoken about had we not had the prep class.”
Him: I thought it was good! They had a lot of good questions that made us think and talk about a lot of different issues, and not things that usually come up in a day-to-day setting so they really were deep thinking questions.
Her: I thought it brought up a lot of topics that we might not have otherwise thought much about, until they came up as issues. We had many conversations about what we were asked and about our answers. We looked at things we already thought we had decided on in a different light with this course.
Both: It helped remind us of how we need to speak to each other and that we need to talk about anything that is bothering us right away before it becomes a problem. We were also reminded that we can ask God and Jesus for help and that the Bible is a great place to turn for help.

March  8th Herman and Donna- Sacramento, CA “It reinforced values that are very important.”
Him: Very informative and helpful. Makes us answer tough questions and thinking deeply of the value and responsibilities of marriage.
Her: The prep brought me a lot of insight. There were a lot of things I didn't realize that should be part of a Catholic Marriage. I found it helpful to know tips on how to build our relationship with God, communication and ways to help a marriage last.
Both: It enhanced our communication from what we've learned already. We took a communication course several years ago through our medical provider. I still found it helpful to learn the tools you've provided.

March 9th Peter and Amanda- Santa Fe, NM “Every lesson was so informative and we were able to relate and use in our own relationship.
Him: My overall impression is that it was very satisfying and knowledgeable. I learned a lot. I would recommend this class to anyone seeking to get married through the Catholic Church. It made me want to take more time out and talk to God in more ways than before. It also helped me to understand the meaning of family and communication.
Her:  I believe this class took our relationship to a new level. I made sure to save all of our answer keys for future reference. I'm now more excited than ever to officially start our lives together! Thank you [our instructors] for being our mentors. Your love and knowledge helped us through this path.
Both:This class opened many doors for us. In fact, we are already using the "I messages". It was a great lesson.

March 10th Casey and Catherine- Sioux City, IA “Our instructors were willing to answer any questions and went above and beyond to do so.”
Him: This allowed me to do this on my own time and in my own thoughts. This way I could let her know how I felt about something and how we can go forward together. Helped me on my communication. Just further strengthened my thoughts of how God's view is on marriage.
Her: I agree with on our own time was fun. Writing letters is something we always did before being in a long distance relationship. It was fun to re live that and remember how special we are together. This was very informative and helped me see a different way to view marriage. The true test of what marriage is. [Our instructors] were willing to answer any questions and went above and beyond to do so.
Both: We communicate often, this helped us communicate without saying I in everything or You in a sentence. Helps us actively think how we can say what we are wanting to talk about or express, without it sounding demeaning or provoking an argument. We learned to listen first. Listen and talk with each other not at each other, and the power to forgive.

February 27th Joshua and Jovannah- Atlanta,GA “It made me want to become closer to God in order to become a holier husband to my fiancée.”
Him: I thought it was very solid and educational.  It is hard to find good/faithful marriage prep programs these days, so having this online program was a nice little blessing.
Her: I enjoyed it and thought it was very informational. I enjoyed all of the additional videos and excerpts from writers and saints. It brought lot of questions to my mind that I wouldn't have otherwise thought about and it has made me ponder more in depth. I appreciated how broad the program was as a whole because we covered so many different topics.
Both: It made us discuss topics we may not have covered before.

February 29th Cody and Sarah- Atlanta, GA  “I did not know that I would enjoy the work and get so much from it, but I really did.”
Him: I liked this prep. I think it started some conversations that were necessary prior to engaging in marriage and gave us some great tips for communications and incorporating God into our marriage. I appreciated first the convenience of the online course. With Sarah and I living in 2 different states, committing to a weekend is difficult with our jobs. However, this relieved some stress because we could complete the work in our own homes and it really helped us begin some conversations.
Her: I appreciated how fun this work was. It was more enjoyable too because Cody enjoyed it. I thought the feedback was honest and helpful. Sometimes my answers were a little off and the feedback was great.
Both: Incorporating God into our weekly conversations because we were doing this course made the conversations and the idea of God being a part of our normal life just that-normal.

March  1st Rodrick and Catherine- Oakland, CA  “What I received from this course was a closer connection with my husband with God and a better understanding of marriage.”
Him:I am overall impressed with this course.  I believe that it gave easy to understand methods and teachings of God. I appreciate the time and effort put in by our instructors.  Their responses were very easy to follow and connect with.
Her:I appreciate the answer keys the most.  My husband and I would discuss the question and provide our own answers before collaborating and creating it into one.  The instructor couple would expand on the answers we gave and provide personal experiences.  This helped my husband and I learn more about what we thought we had learned.
Both: I believe it improved our communication because some of the things we learned during this course.  Some of the activities involved us discussing our opinions and answers to include topics we've haven't particularly discussed before.  We were able to discuss and communicate our own points of view.

March 2nf Sung-Min and Dalrae- New York, NY  “It gave a need to think about how much I know about Catholic faith and encouraged me to find out more about it
Him: It was very thorough and detailed.  When I first started I thought that I would be briefly educated, but I was surprised by the huge amount of material and well written feedback from our instructors. I should say it exceed my expectation and provided me with good amount of knowledge in preparation for my wedding and in having an idea about how to overcome difficulties I may face.
Her: Questions asked us to think deeply about our future as a married couple and feedbacks were also helpful in reviewing the teachings. I appreciate that I was given an opportunity to explore Catholic faith and understand how Sung-min practices his religion.
Both: We were able to discuss things like contraception and abstinence, things that we otherwise would have had difficulties in bringing up the subject.   Further, we recognized the importance in being honest and hearing each other constantly.

March 3rd Cody and Paige- Sioux City, IA  “I have realized that marriage is more about you as a couple, working together, and letting God into your marriage though mind, body, and soul to let him guide you.”
Him: I thought it was useful and made us think about somethings we may not have before this marriage prep, and that keeping God at the center of our lives is the most important thing.
Her: It made me closer to God because it made me realize that no matter what my future husband and I go through God is always there to listen and help us work through the good times and the bad.
Both: It improved our communication because it caused us to talk about how we both think differently, and through Good Communication we figured out a compromise.

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