February 20th Curtis and Tara- Winona, MN “When we came to a topic we did not completely agree on, it gave us an opportunity to discuss the topic openly.”
Him: It brought to my attention problems that could occur in the future and things we both will need to work on but as long as include God in our marriage he will guide us though any and all struggles.It showed me that we need God everyday in our lives and that I need to make an attempt to bring him closer.
Her: This taught me God has to be present in our marriage and it will be ongoing, and we are not alone. It has made me realize how important God is in a marriage.It revived my faith and it ensured me I mostly make the right choices and I seen some things I could improve on.
Both: During the course it allowed us to discuss topics we hadn't not talked about or at least not talked about in depth.

February 21st Edward and Ruth- Southwark, UK “It remind me of the importance of Marriage and family unity.”
Him: I found it quite enjoyable and very enlightening.  I think we can sometimes forget what's truly important in the planning and build up to a wedding, rather focusing on the guests list, food etc. than what marriage really means to us and that's our bond with each other and Christ.
Her: I found it really interesting and encouraged us to have conversations in depth rather then skirting around it. It has made me more serious about what marriage means to us.
Both: We think it did as it gave us some really good tools to articulate better with each other and also raised some questions that we hadn't broached before (e.g. could we forgive each anything).

February 22nd Timothy and Renee- Lansing, MI “The course reminded me to see the signs of God's existence in our everyday lives, especially in our marriage.”
Him: This prep was a good reminder of a lot of things I've learned over the course of grade school, high school and college at catholic institutions. It serves as a great preparation for what to expect in marriage and how to overcome potential challenges.I appreciated the reminder of God's expectations for marriage and understanding the church's guidelines for healthy marriages.
Her: Overall it was nice to be able to do it on our own time so we could fully discuss the questions and answers and no one was waiting on us or expecting us to finish quicker. It was also nice to receive specific feedback to our answers.
Both: We had to speak about things we hadn't thought about yet and speak of it openly.

February 23rd Jesus and Jessica- Denver, CO “This course did ignite my desire to learn more so that I can live my vocation to the fullest.
Him: I appreciated the part on the formation of conscience. It was not something that I had heard before and the idea of truth versus what I think was very enlightening and makes me want to learn more.
Her: It was very helpful especially working through it together as a couple and alongside of our priest. Your answers were much fuller than our own and along with our priest's comments gave us a much better understanding of Catholic marriage. As we were preparing, I would get very excited about this next step in my faith.
Both: Our communication has always been good, but in relation to what might come up naturally in a conversation. I think this course helped us to talk about subjects we might not have discussed and even in the practice of doing that I think we learned how to communicate better in the future. So I think it gave us valuable tools for communication that we can use for the rest of our lives. Thanks for all of your help and for journeying with us during the course of our marriage preparation.

February 24th Tyler and Catherine-Arlington, VA “It gave me a lot of insight that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten.”
Him: The class renewed my desire to get closer to God by reminding me how spiritual marriage is and how it is supposed to be a relationship with both God and your spouse. Delving more into God's word and his instructions for man and wife allowed me to have a deeper appreciation for marriage. It was also a refreshing reminder to me how divine and pure marriage is, and made me even more excited to marry Catherine.
Her: I enjoyed the prep class - I feel like it reminded Tyler and I about the fact that marriage is a holy sacrament and how having a relationship with God can strengthen the relationship between the two of us.
Both: The course facilitated some discussions that we had never had.

February 13th Spencer and Jenna- La Ronge, Saskatchewan It provided a lot of opportunities for discussion.”
Him: I appreciated how much it got Jenna and I talking about subjects that we haven't discussed and how it made us elaborate on things what have talking about in the past. I found the answer keys very helpful because it has reinforced a lot of what Jenna and I understand about marriage.
Her: My overall impression of this prep is that it provided a lot of opportunity for discussion - and I really feel like we took those opportunities. I've always felt that Spencer and I were strong communicators, but it provided us with opportunities to discuss several things that we hadn't discussed previously, and it also provided a good base on the Church's teachings when it comes to love, marriage, sexuality, etc.
Both: Jenna and I did have always had great communication between us as we were forced to do so when Jenna moved away for 6 months. I feel that this course allowed us to touch on subjects that might have not gotten brought up otherwise and we had some great discussions. Having some insight into your marriage has shown us that continuing to communicate is key. I don't know if the course improved our communication - but I loved the opportunities it provided for us to communicate about things that we hadn't talked about before. It also provided the opportunity for Spencer and I to pursue old topics on a deeper level than we had previously - which ultimately brought us closer together with a deeper understanding of each other.

February 14th Wilberto and Gloria- New York, NY  “I highly recommend it for future couples in preparation for marriage.”
Him: It has opened my eyes and heart to better understand the sacredness of marriage and has given me a strong core base to start off in a positive and grand manner with the blessing of our Lord.It most certainly has shown me the true beauty and sacredness of the marital process.
Her: Everything was appreciated including the instructors’s incredible knowledge and sharing of their own stories. I appreciated all the extras provided to advance our knowledge and future planning.It has allowed me to maintain a positive attitude and mental state regarding the marital process.
Both: It provoked conversation regarding subjects we had not previously discussed in depth and opened up conversations we hadn't thought of discussing yet. As a result of this, we were able to discuss a lot of things and plan better for the expected & unexpected. We are more comfortable discussing realistic & important areas that are necessary as a succeeding couple.

February 15th Derek and Dara- Denver, CO  “It gave me a new perspective of how God plays such an integral part in our relationship and in our future marriage.”
Him: My overall impression was that this was a good tool for us to reflect on our relationship and to help set expectations that we will have going into marriage.
Her: My overall impression is that the course covered a lot of ground and led to a lot of good conversations between me and my future spouse. Even though we are both Christians, I don't think we talked a lot about our faith to each other before and this has been a good start to doing it more. I like too that it will be in accordance with our beginning our marriage together.
Both: It carved out space and designated time for us to thoughtfully discuss serious areas of our future and marriage. It helped us to slow down and listen to each other so we could grow in understanding what each of us thought and why.

February 16th Cleofas and Mary- Sacramento, CA  “Absolutely an eye opener!
Him: This class is perfectly designed for professionals like us. It is very informative, a good refresher of my early school catechism course. Kudos to [our instructors] in helping professional couples to get them into a right direction to a marriage life. It gets us both a lot closer to the church and to our God.
Her: I am very impressed and well planned course for couple in preparing to enter the married world.
Both: The course proved it to us that communication is one of the factors of successful marriage.

February 17th Christian and Carmel- Sacramento, CA  “It revives my faith because I know I'll be sure to celebrate the Sacrament fully.”
Him: It was a great experience and a well-made preparatory course. It gave me a lot of things to really think about and how best to handle situations. It also gave me the ideas on what questions need to be asked, how they can be answered, and what could be done.
Her: It's a very welcoming and encouraging course. Our instructors were absolutely great - very helpful and accommodating throughout the whole process. I went into this course wanting to feel prepared for marriage, and this course ensured it.
Both: Just the consistent reminder in each lesson on simply talking to each other and being open without any reservation has made it very easy to communicate with each other. Knowing that we both love each other, there's no issue too unforgivable if we're willing to talk with open minds, patience, and respect. We now make sure to remind us of this whenever we want to communicate, and it has worked greatly.

February 6th Miguel and Serena- San Angelo,TX “It revived and strengthened my faith in God and His Church.”
Him: It helped me to truly understand just how to keep God at the center of our marriage.It helped me by reinforcing what Christ and his church have shown us through scripture.
Her: It was convenient for me to take the class online instead of committing to a weekend in San Angelo due to my work schedule. I thought the course was informative and allowed us to talk about and share our thoughts and opinions about marriage.
Both: Helped us to communicate our beliefs in ways we had yet to do.

February 7th Stewart and Brittany- Oakland, CA“This exceeded my expectations for what an online pre-marital class would be.”
Him: I thought it posed some questions that we wouldn't normally discuss with each other and helped us understand each other on a deeper level.
Her: I really appreciated the feedback - if there was something we misunderstood, it was clarified and links were given to further understand the question/answer and reasoning behind it. I really enjoyed the lesson about forgiveness as it's a core foundation of any relationship.
Both: We were just asked to address some tough questions and others that we have never brought up/talked about before. There were a lot of lessons that just provided a foundation for the marriage to begin and continue. These were helpful in getting us to discuss what we expected out of marriage and how we would make it work in the most difficult times.

February 8th Kyle and Tricia- Lansing, MI “The lessons provided a necessary refresher of the Church's teachings and how they impact our daily lives, especially in a marriage.”
Him: I thought it was worthwhile and made me take a deeper look into my faith life and how to put it into practice for my upcoming marriage.  I thought it was useful to consider some of the meanings behind the Church's teachings that will help to strengthen my marriage.
Her: There were a lot of in depth questions that generated good discussion and helped us to learn more about one another.I appreciated the one on one time we took to grow together in our faith in an otherwise busy time of wedding planning. The wedding is one day, and the marriage is much more important!
Both: The course gave us an opportunity to look at scripture more in depth and have discussions about meaning.

February 9th Estil and Karena- Jamaica, NY “It re-educated and nourished my faith, a lot of the concepts I remember learning when I was in Sunday school and also singing about in hymns.
Him: I enjoyed it was something we had to make time to do and it would force to sit down and work on together. I enjoyed it, It helped to talk about the topics that came up in the assignments.
Her: I appreciated that it made us take the time out of our day to have these discussions with one another and work on our responses to the questions. It's easy to talk about everyday mundane things but when you have to dig deep down to your core and your soul and get back to the basics, it changes up the routine and also increases the communication and level of understanding between you and your partner. I also appreciated that it also helped us to remember why we're entering into marriage and what it spiritually symbolizes.
Both: The Pre-Cana assignments were something we had to schedule time for, especially since we are living apart right now and busy either with work, training, personal life, and wedding planning. We would work on these assignments at night after most of our day was done and it was nice to unwind with spiritual nourishment and discussions about our own beliefs and our future in married life.

February 10th Robert and Jamie- Nortwich, CT “I appreciated having a chance to talk through (and past) the assignments with Matt.
Him: I enjoyed it. It asked some questions we hadn't really discussed in depth, which was enjoyable.I appreciated some of the detailed questions that lead to more in depth conversations. I also liked the questions where we had to answer together. I liked the Forgiveness lesson the most.
Her: I appreciated having a chance to talk through (and past) the assignments with Matt. I think what I appreciated most, however, was the feedback on the answer keys. I learned more from those than I expected to. I also appreciated how open [our instructors] were about things in their marriage that made it feel like this course is realistic and down to earth. I also learned more about the Catholic faith that I hadn't learned yet.”
Both: We consider ourselves to be pretty good at communicating. We struggle at times, but for the most part we communicate clearly and often. We do feel that this course really helped open up the aperture on some topics (NFP, forgiveness, Marriage as an Institution, etc.)

January 30th Joseph and Andria- Scranton,PA“The insight was priceless and we will take it with us throughout our lives.”
Him: I appreciate the convenience of doing this from home. I have a very busy schedule and this was a tremendous help for me. Being able to go at our own pace was also very great.
Her: I am so happy we decided to get married within the Church. This course has helped us in so many ways. We have a better understanding and appreciation for the sacrament of marriage as well as becoming better Catholics. I was not expecting to get so much insight for this step we are about to take. I appreciate decision we have made to get married so much more. I am thankful and grateful for all the tools we have taken from this course in order to better our relationship and success with our marriage. I can't say thank you enough.
Both: We have noticed a great change in our communication skills and understanding one another. We are more conscious of the decisions we make and the words we say to each other. We feel as though we are better prepared for the life we have ahead of us.

January 31st  James and Nicolina- New York, NY “It gave me a better understanding of the importance of marriage.”
Him: It made me really think about my relationship with God. I say I'm religious but this made me think about why.
Her: It gave me a better understanding of the importance of marriage. That it is an important sacrament, not just about the wedding but the value of committing yourself to one person.
Both: Made us reflect on why we want to marry each other. We've been together so long that it was nice to relive some of the things that made us fall in love.

February 1st Ryan and Stephanie- San Diego, CA  “I feel it opened the discussion on some topics we had not discussed yet and provided tools and resources that we can refer to in the future.”
Him:I t was very insightful and opened dialogue on many topics. I enjoyed the feedback we received from [the instructors].
Her: It was very informative.  I really enjoyed the combination of his/her answers as well as creating an answer together, thus encouraging dialog, communication and active listening.
Both: The course allowed us to speak about many of the aspects of marriage that we have talked about in the past, however, the course gave us structure and allowed for more in depth discussions. Also, the importance of active listening and "I" statements.

February 2nd Brad and Courtney- Sante Fe, NM “It taught me how to understand and read the Bible as well as the Catechism of the Church.
Him: It's very good, it brings new ideas, thought processes and skills to light while helping each one of us to understand ways of incorporating these into our daily life in order to help us build a strong healthy relationship between us and the Lord.  And faith and love between us and our relationship.
Her: It was a great course!!  I learned so much about what the Bible and Church teaches on marriage that I had never thought about!!  I used to take the idea of marriage for granted, but after this course I never will.
Both: It allowed us to both learn together the broad depth of the church and her teachings along with the depth of the sacrament of matrimony.  We were able to talk and discuss things that we never would have before.

February 3rd Robert and Jamie- Nortwich, CT  “It brought me better clarity to what is really important in a marriage.”
Him: I thought it was very interesting and gave me a new (and insider) perspective on the catholic faith. The questions were very insightful and responses very thoughtful - you could tell a lot of care and attention went into planning it.
Her: I appreciated the lesson on forgiveness and reconciliation. I think this is an area I can improve on and I know that if I can learn to forgive, I will allow God more into my life, as well as strengthen my relationship with Rob and those I love
Both: It helped us talk about difficult issues we hadn’t addressed yet. It also allowed us to be completely open with each other and spend more quality time together. It made us excited to start our life together knowing that we have the right tools and guidance to get our marriage off on the right foot!


January 21st Adam and Sandra- San Diego,CA “I feel like it brought us closer together and I enjoyed the time we spent learning more about God and the Church.”
Him: I found that it brought us closer together spiritually and challenged us to do more spiritually as a family. I believe it brought us closer together and made us feel comfortable that we are making the right decision being married into the church. It also engaged our minds to think about stuff we may not have otherwise thought about.
Her: I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge from it that I will continue to take with me in my years to come.It revived it and gained my interest in attending mass every Sunday and doing more for the Church and its people. I want to be more active in helping others and our family and being closer to God will help that.
Both: We talk about our relationship with Christ more and our goals in the faith. Our number one goal is for all of us to enter into Heaven together and also help the rest of God's people.

January 22nd  Liam and Amelia- San Jose, CA “By doing the course, we were able to take some quiet time together and reflect on God's words.”
Him: I appreciated the time spent with Amelia going over the Scriptures and discussing how we plan to raise our family in a loving Catholic household. It made us say out loud and fully understand God's words and intentions. It made me further understand how important the Sacrament of Marriage and my love for Amelia are.
Her: It got us to talk about our relationship from a new perspective, which I feel was ultimately a meaningful experience and time well spent. I really appreciated the thoughtful responses from our instructors.
Both: It helped us discuss in greater depth how we want to raise our family, and solidified our commitment to practice our faith.

January 23rd Dakota and Arianna- Sioux City, IA “I appreciated being able to feel more spiritually in-tune with myself and with my fiancé.”
Him: I appreciated being able to feel a deeper connection to the woman I asked to marry me and realized it isn't all just about her and I but about God first and foremost.
Her: I really enjoyed this course. It was great being able to take time away from the craziness of the day and spend time completing these assignments with my fiancé. It was a good refresher as a Catholic on thoughts sometimes we don't think about on a daily basis (but should) and was also nice to have self-reflection of what marriage really is, why we do it, and how we keep it.
Both: Our communication became more in-depth and reflective. Sometimes the days are so busy we are only able to touch on the surface of what has been happening in each others' lives. This course enabled us to set aside time from our busy schedules and to really discuss hard topics that we may not have had the opportunity to do prior to this course.

January 24th Medhat and Mary- Helena, MT “We loved it and it generated a lot of discussion, and it definitely fed our existing desire to grow close to God.
Him: It gave us a good chance to have conversations on many different topics.  Some of them we wouldn’t have thought of on our own.
Her: This course was much more in depth and informative than we expected.  So many of my married friends tell me how they wish they had known more before they married, for various reasons.  They would all have benefited from this course!
Both: This course generated a lot of discussions between us, which helped to communicate even more clearly with each other. We have also learned how very lucky we are to share our faith as deeply as we do, and this course reinforced our love for our faith and marriage's role in God's plan for us.

January 25th Sean and Kathryn- Military diocese  “It reaffirmed many of the churches beliefs for me, and allowed me to enter into good discussions on a lot of these topics with my partner.”
Him: It was a good course, which gave us many, many discussion points on things that we had not talked about together as a couple. I believe that in touching upon all these things, we will be a stronger couple going into our marriage.
Her: The course sparked good discussions on various marriage themes and issues. We gained a good base of knowledge on the church's teachings on marriage. Our instructors personalized their responses and translated church teachings into their own words and experiences which made it more accessible.
Both: This program was a God send for us, given that we are posted in different locations up until the month that we get married. We truly appreciate all the work and feedback we got back from our instructors. Thank you all so much!

January 16th Mark and Katherine- New Orleans,LA “This course reminded me of the importance to have a strong spiritual foundation in your family and relationship”
Him: This was very beneficial and I felt like it was great for us both to be able and sit down and talk through. I appreciated all of the scripture verses that we read. I loved being able to highlight some of those in my bible as we went through the course and they will be great to go back to.
Her: I really enjoyed this course. I think it definitely helped prepare us for marriage and I am happy that we were able to talk through everything and actually look at some real life scenarios.
Both: We are big talkers and like to comment with each other, but this course was great to discuss some issues intently (like NFP) that we had never talked about before.

January 17th  Thien and Thoaichau- Fort Worth, TX  "Made me realize how much life and work have gotten in the way of my closeness to God”
Him: It has made me realize how much life and work has gotten in the way of my closeness to God. Relearning a lot of his teachings has made me yearn for the steadfast faith I had as a child. I hope to rekindle that relationship with Him.
Her: The course went into the topics a lot deeper than what I had expected. The variety of topics makes the course very helpful and brought us closer together as a couple now that we understand our mission in the Sacrament of Matrimony.
Both: It has allowed us to really clear the air on what our expectations are and where we are on our individual faith journey. It's good to be on the same page about certain things. However, we have found out that we don't share the same opinion on everything, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means we will have to work harder to communicate better.

January 18th Jimmy and Jonilee- San Francisco, CA “This course was very informative and gave great advice and guidance.”
Him:This preparation was a great way to spend time together in a very different way.  We were able to learn new things, discuss and problem solve. It revived my faith.  Doing this course, I learned many new things I never thought of or knew about marriage.  A good way to look forward into our future becoming one.
Her: What I appreciated most is the closeness I feel with Jimmy and God because I already thought we were close, but this brought us even closer.
Both: We've always been practicing and finding ways to improve our communication, but talking about the teachings of the Church helped us involve God in our communication and decisions in life.

January 19th Adrian and Juanamaria- Sacramento, CA “It taught me a lot of things that I hadn't considered before.
Him: This was awesome. I like that we both had to work together to formulate answers. Most importantly, [our instructors] had the best feedback. The detail they put in every question and every response. You can tell they love what they do, plus they’re really good at it.
Her: I loved it! I can't believe they responded with so much depth to each answer. I think that they have a lot of experience and faith in God.
Both: We can be open about our concerns and can rely and trust in God's plan.We will always look back to your advice when we are lost.

January 20th Cody and Kristina- Sioux City, IA “It brought me back to many of the truths of the Catholic Church and made me more aware of how to live my life as God wants.”
Him: It had a lot of good information and gives a couple a good grasp on what it takes to have a lasting relationship. I appreciated the in-depth answers that were given on the answer key and the real-life situations you two talked about to relate to the questions that were asked.
Her: It was well-rounded in its teachings about the Catholic Church and how the Catholic Church wants you to live your marriage.
Both: We talked about certain things more in depth that we hadn't before. We learned tools on how to better communicate. We will hopefully use these tools throughout the rest of our marriage (lives).

January 9th Patrick and Jaclyn- Toronto,CA “It provided us with a sense of focus and synchrony with regard to our love with one another and the valuable role that God and the Church can play in our marriage.”
Him: This prep course was fantastic. It helped us develop a greater appreciation of our love for each other but also the importance of Christ in our relationship and with our family and friends.
Her: It has revived our love and reasons why are excited to continue supporting and loving each other through marriage. It has also helped us with ways in which we can immerse ourselves and our families in God's love.
Both: We continue to be open, honest, and truthful in our communications with each other. We have strengthened our understanding of each other's desires and goals in life and in marriage.

January 10th  Joshua and Amanda- Denver, CO “Learning how Christ will play a role in our marriage was so uplifting.”
Him: The closeness that it brought to our marriage, not that we were necessarily struggling but it brought us closer together to go through all of the lessons and learn how include God as a part of our marriage.
Her: Loved that it could be done on our time and schedule! The flexibility of the class is so great! Loved the content and the conversations that it invoked as well as learning the role that Christ and the church will play in our marriage. The resources and lessons were so informational for me as well, I am currently working through RCIA to become Catholic so a lot of teachings were new to me and I loved learning more about how the Church views marriage.
Both: Many of the questions allowed us to have very constructive conversation regarding the issues and questions, we never argued about a difference of opinion. Because of the openness going into it we were both very willing to hear each other's opinions.

January 11th Arie and Kristen- Venice, FL  “I appreciated most about the information given on contraception and Natural Family Planning.”
Him: Learning more in depth about the Sacrament of Marriage and NFP. It allowed me to learn more about what God really wants for a couple joined together in the Sacrament of Marriage. Also, in regards to NFP, it showed me a way that I can be involved planning our family a safe and effective way without bringing harm to my wife.
Her: It has shown me to trust God more - that He will provide. It has also shown me ways on how to place Christ at the core of our marriage and to really appreciate the Sacrament of Matrimony.
Both: It brought about topics that we haven't discussed before and allowed us to learn how we each felt about these topics.

January 12th Juan and Ashley- Austin, TX  “It allowed me and allows me to continue to explore my faith.
Him: The feedback. It was honest and real. It made you feel like the couple was there with you, talking.It inspired me to make a bigger commitment to my faith and following God's way.
Her: Yes, I didn't know what to expect at first. I thought at one end that maybe it would just be readings and answers, and then on the other end, a lot of face to face time. I liked the in between that the course offered.
Both: It allowed us to set aside time to talk about faith, important issues, and where we stand on certain topics. Sometimes, time just needs to be reserved for such things.

January 13th Daniel and Andrea- Sacramento, CA “It forced us to communicate to each other about topics that we might not have talked about before, very positive and beneficial.”
Him: A very eye opening experience and helped me get a better understanding for my partner and it felt like it was a good first stage to bettering our relationship and communication towards each other.It went from me not really being involved whatsoever to me being more open and trying more faithful things.
Her: I appreciated this experience because it forced us to communicate to each other about topics that we might not have talked about before, very positive and beneficial.
Both: It made us communicate with each other and forced me (Andrea) to say the hard things or things I had been bottling up inside.

January 1st Derrick and Amanda- San Francisco,CA   "I loved it. It really got into the most important issues and still had that personal touch.”
Him: This prep was great. Amanda and I have had the openness to discuss our issues and concerns while joining in our agreements. I really liked the references to scripture and how it affects many relationships. I also loved how open Amanda and I were, I felt it brought us closer as a couple.
Her: I loved that it got the conversation going between us on important issues. I really feel that it brought us closer to each other and closer to God.
Both: It absolutely improved our communication. We were able to talk more deeply and intimately with one another about important issues, like our family life and past relationships. It truly allowed us to open up our hearts to each other and trust that God was leading our conversations and guiding us toward a closer relationship.

January 2nd  David and Juliana- Colorado Springs, CO  “I found that this class brought not only David and I together but it also brought us closer in our relationship to God.”
Him:  think this prep was very insightful and informative and has definitely opened my eyes to things I never knew about the Catholic Church. What I appreciated the most was learning about Jesus Christ and how he sacrificed himself for our sins; also that Jesus loves us for who we are regardless what we've done in our past. Furthermore, I also appreciated learning about NFP and the bad side effects of contraception. I think moving forward with NFP will lead to a healthier marriage and lifestyle for the both of us.
Her: I thoroughly enjoyed this prep as it forced us to think of new subjects within the Catholic Church and how we would better our marriage. It also strengthened our communication and helped us to start gathering tools to help us within our marriage during troubling times.
Both: We believe that the process of the course helped improved our communication because we are now able to communicate on a spiritual level and in turn has strengthen our bond as a couple. Moreover, we are laying a firm foundation for our future when we have kids and to teach them the Catholic faith.

January 3rd Donald and Amber- Sioux City, IA  “I learned a lot more than what I thought I would.”
Him: It revived my faith. I have been raised Catholic but have never really looked at the marriage aspect of the Catholic religion. So it helped me to learn more about what God has really intended marriage to be.
Her: I liked it, I think it brought up important topics to talk about that most couples normally don't talk about. Very good tool for learning more about your partner.
Both: It has definitely improved our communication by giving us some of the tools to communicate effectively and become better listeners to each other. It also brought up topics that we have never really gone into to much depth about before and this allowed us to talk about it openly. It has also helped Donnie to open up more in knowing that your relationship is a lot healthier when you have effective communication.

January 4th Mark and Mary- Baton Rouge, LA  “We both really opened up in ways we never have before and we learned new things about each other.
Him: I liked that it inspired the conversations we grew to have and expanded on conversations that had been ongoing. It prompted us to discuss at length some pretty important things.
Her: I most appreciated learning about marriage as a sacrament. I never knew a lot of the background to it and it made me even more excited to get married. It made me reflect much more on how God needs to be, and will be, an integral part of our marriage. Wedding planning is a lot of work filled with unimportant details and it was wonderful to get a reality check and refocus myself on what is most important. I am paying attention now and can see how God is working in our lives.
Both: It put difficult subjects out into the open. Some subjects were previously difficult for us to talk about but in the context of the course, it made it easier to discuss and to come to an agreement.

January 5th Josh and Marisol- Tucson, AZ  “It revived my faith by making me feel like God's intentions for our love is truly to make us stronger and build us as one whole in life although we are two beings.”
Him: This course was more than I expected, I only expected this to be a plan for our marriage but It also showed me ways that we can build our future as well, how we can avoid having problems with each other and always cherish our love.
Her: My overall impression is that it has very good information that every Catholic couple who is getting married should know. This prep fully prepares couples getting married by Church by teaching essential things for a marriage such as what is NFP and how to include God into your marriage.
Both: We talked more on things we did not discuss before, we learned more of our purpose with marriage and it only made us feel stronger for each other knowing that we felt the same and agreed with each other in all aspects of marriage.

December 26th Daniel and Claudette- Bethlehem,PA “It gave me the truth of God's role in the marriage and opened my eyes to how important it is that He be in everything we do.”
Him: The class was a great experience. It gave me a lot of tools that can be used in our marriage. I was not sure what to expect from the class, especially because it was online. I was very happy with how the class was laid out and how much Claudette and I were able to dialogue on the chapters. This class was very informative and thorough, a must for those looking to get married.
Her: This class was an eye-opener. It taught me things that I had no clue about, things I should see and expect in a marriage, and allowed me to view things differently (once given the right information). It's also taught me more about God. The information provided was both helpful and useful.
Both: We feel it gave us a better understanding of how to look at certain situations and gave us ways to express ourselves with meaning. It helped us understand more of what marriage entails and how marriage should be with God at its center.

December 27ht Griffin and Molly- Los Angeles, CA “I enjoyed taking our time to complete this together and have honest conversations about various topics.”
Him: We were able to discuss questions and topics that we may not have been able to do as openly. We knew that this would help us grow in our understanding of each other and increase our knowledge of the faith and sacrament of matrimony.
Her: I truly enjoyed that were able to go at our own pace during this process. I have been involved with my faith and the Catholic Church, but loved learning more with Griffin and having important conversations as we begin this journey together.
Both: We were able to have discussions about important topics we may not have otherwise shared openly about.

December 28th Aaron and Abby- Omaha, NE   “It has let us both know where we both stand on some topics."
Him: I enjoyed this class.  It helped me to realize what she thinks and how she feels about many topics, some of which we have never really talked about.
Her: This class helped us to better prepare for and understand God’s purpose of marriage. It put me back into perspective of just how important Christ is in our daily lives, and how important he wil be in our marriage.  In addition it helped provide us tools and advice to help us throughout our marriage.
Both: It has encouraged us to talk about some topics that we have not yet discussed, and also let us both know about where we both stand on these topics. This course has sparked us to initiate conversations and discuss things further in order to compromise. In addition, we have been more inclined to take into consideration our partner’s point of view and how he/she may be affected in certain situations.

December 29th Krishna and Sandra- Cleveland, OH “a pretty elaborate crash course on the Catholic religion, what marriage is about, how it came to bem and what can we expect going forward.
Him: I loved it! Being from a different religion, this course was a pretty elaborate crash course on the Catholic religion, what marriage is about, how it came to be, and what can we expect going forward. I also loved the links and videos that were abundant in the assignments. The assignment nature of the course made it very easy and kind of fun to understand the different aspects of marriage. The course renewed my desire to get closer to God and His Church.
Her: The classes were very informative, not exclusively because of the religious aspect of marriage and the rite, but because it touches on everyday problems and situations that marriages face.
Both: It helped us see both of our religions and what their teachings are. But more than that, it brought us together to do the assignments, and we loved that we could communicate online and fill out the answers together.

December 30th David and Gia- Philadelphia, PA “I appreciated getting the time to sit down with my fiance and understood her perspectives on these subjects as well as my own.”
Him: This prep was beneficial in guiding me and my future wife on the right path to make the right choices along with involving Christ in our marriage for the rest of our lives.
Her: This course successfully prepared us for the journey of marriage. It taught us how to incorporate God into our lives as a couple as well as how to handle hardships during our marriage.
Both: This course improved our communication because we were able to complete the course together as a couple and speak with each other about answers and gaining more perspective.

December 18th Thomas and Gabriela- San Antonio,TX “This course reminded me just how important my faith is to me and how much I want it to be a part of my future.”
Him: I enjoyed the course because it was interesting, informative, and I learned a lot more than I expected.  It was an easy to use system and the courses were really interesting.I really appreciated that the course was very easy to use and worked well for Cristina and my time differences.
Her: I greatly appreciated that we were able to complete this course at our convenience. With the distance and 6 hour time difference, I was very thankful that we could do the course as it fit in our schedule and didn't have to worry about managing his, mine, AND the sponsor couple's schedules.
Both: Neither one of us were hesitant about sharing our innermost thoughts with one another, but this course definitely made us feel more comfortable doing so.

December 19ht Andrew and Lauren- Baton Rouge, LA “I feel much more prepared for our future as man and wife and look forward to see what the future holds.”
Him: t put a light into our eyes as to how much we are not practicing our religion as well as being active in the church. I appreciated that we dealt with the same couple the entire course. We were able to connect with them because of it.
Her: It revived my desire to get closer to God and His Church. I have been active in the Church before, and this course reminded me of all the things I loved about having a close relationship with God. I appreciate the conversations this course encouraged Andrew and I to have. They may not have been the most comfortable, but they were real and necessary before our marriage.
Both: It most definitely improved our communication. We have discussed a lot of things as a couple, but communication is always something that can be worked on and improved. The topics discussed most definitely encouraged a deeper level of communication between us.

December 20th Federico and Silvia- London, UK “We are very happy with the outcome and will revisit the learnings on a regular basis, as they are useful for a lifetime.”
Him: I found this preparation course very useful. It made us reflect a lot and it made us discussing more deeply than what we had done before, on important matters related to marriage and love life. I found the teachings useful in our everyday life. It was hard work...but very it was very worth!
Her: Very well organized and full of both theoretical and practical insights that enriched our knowledge about Christianity, love, marriage and life. We also found that our relationship strengthened due to this course, as we learned very practical tools to work on the important issues that form a successful and happy marriage.
Both: We really appreciated a lot the exercise about communication and the text with practical tools to communicate better. We found that they are extremely helpful not only to communicate to each other, but also to apply in other situations in life, e.g. at the work environment. We will be revisiting the text very often and continue applying the learnings throughout our entire life and circumstances, as we believe the more we practice, the more natural it becomes.

December 21st Jonathan and Elizabeth- Estes Park, CO “I got more out of it than I was expecting.
Him: I like that it had a vast variety of things it covered. I like how it brought in the foundations of the religion.It made me remember things about my faith that I have forgotten in the past.
Her: It covered a lot of different areas and our instructors took time to respond to us individually.It focused on aspects of the teachings that will apply to us as a married couple.
Both: We have talked more in depth about some of the topics that we had only briefly talked about. We learned more about active listening and conflict resolution. Those tools have helped our communication!

December 22nd David and Emily- Pensacola, FL “This course reminded us to keep God at the center of our lives”
Him: I am impressed with this prep. It has done a great job for us. It showed us that we need to continue to keep God number one in our relationship and that we need to always look to Him.
Her: I was surprised how much David and I talked during and after each lesson. We really took this seriously and had so many great in depth discussions about God and our marriage expectations. I loved doing this. I constantly think about how important David is to me, but I don't actively think about how important God and Christ are to me like I should. This course reminded me of what is the most important center of our individual cores as well as the core of our relationship.
Both: It lead us to answer questions and discuss topics together that we have not encountered yet. We know that we cannot hide anything from each other and that is important that we always remain open with each other and with God.

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