From Brandon and Melissa, Denver - December 15th, 2016

1) What is your overall impression of this class?
Him: I really enjoyed becoming closer to Melissa through this process.  The practical skills that we learned in this class with the incorporation of Christ's teachings will only strengthen our marriage.  We look forward to our future together and are thankful for what we have taken away from these classes.
Her: I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the flexibility of these classes.  Because my schedule is constantly changing in my line of work this class allowed Brandon and I to complete our marriage prep classes at our own pace.  We particularly enjoyed the Green Sex lesson. It really helped us become firm believers in Natural Family Planning.

2) Did it meet your expectations?
Him: It met my expectations and refreshed my memory on some important teachings the Bible has to say about the beginnings of man and woman and how matrimony truly unites them.
Her: I far exceeded my expectations. I loved that the lessons were significant to the times we live in and it help me to relate all of these lessons to our relationship.

3) Did you take the time to read most of the links provided in the answer keys? We did read most of the links in the answer keys. We weren't able to read them all, but we were able to read most of them.  We really liked that we were referred to counselors in a few of the lessons.  I think that is incredible that we have access to something like that within this online course.  We fortunately have not had to use those services, but we like that we have the option even after the course concludes.

4) What did you appreciate most and why?
Him: I particularly liked the forgiveness card.  The forgiveness card allowed me to write down what and whom I wanted to forgive.  The prayer on the card helped to guide me in prayer to seek strength to forgive someone who I was struggling to forgive.
Her: My favorite part of this course was the love letters we wrote for each other.  These are moments that we shared with one another that we can always go back and reminisce on.  These are treasures that I will cherish for the rest of our lives together.  They truly deepened my love for him.

5) Did it ignite, revive, or renew your desire to get closer to God and his Church? Yes
How did it revive - or not - your faith?
 It revived my faith because it helped me to take charge in leading prayer with Melissa.  We would pray before we started our marriage prep sessions and before we would have meals together.  This is something that we lacked in our lives and this helped us to reconnect with prayer.
Her: It revived my faith in a way that made me more aware of what a precious vessel my body is.  It made me realize that we need to respect the act of abstinence prior to marriage so that when we are with each other on our marriage night we can truly give ourselves to one another as gifts.

6) In order to solidify your relationship with Christ, what are your plans for participating actively in parish life?
Him: We plan to volunteer in the near future.  We want to particularly become more actively involved in a specific parish.  Melissa's schedule makes it difficult for us to practice at one parish because she works every other weekend we tend to go to a few to make mass.
Her: I really want to become present in one parish and provide my professional skills in some way.  I want to be able to help the elderly organize there medications, and help them understand their purpose.  I feel that would be a useful way to contribute to a single or even multiple parishes.

7) Communication:
Did the process of the course allow you to communicate better and share in depth as a couple? Yes
How did it improve - or not - your communication?
This course tremendously improved our communication.  We were able to talk and work through some uncomfortable topics (Natural Family Planning), we discussed our answers we originally provided with Deacon Colin in our initial interview to begin our marriage folder (which were different from each other on quite a few questions).  We honestly communicate very well with one another this course only helped  point out certain topics for further discussion.

8) Let us know if you have any other comments. 
Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance in this course.  We wish you all the luck and we will keep your family in our prayers as well.


November 28th Adam and Kaitlin- Lansing,MI  "We were able to discuss our viewpoints and answers together in our home, where we could share our ideas openly and connect together even better.”
Him: It definitely revived my faith. Getting married in the Catholic Church is something that is very important to me and these classes just reaffirmed all my beliefs as to why getting married in the Catholic Church is the right decision for us.
Her: I appreciated that I was able to discuss things at my own pace with my fiancé.It revived my faith because it reminded me how important the values of the Church are in the sacrament of marriage and how important a role that faith plays in relationships and building a family.
Both: t definitely helped improve our communication skills and open up a whole new dialogue.Thank you for a wonderful experience.

November 29th Joshua and Sarah- Atlanta, GA “It has opened my eyes to new views of the Catholic Churches teachings.”
Him: Overall it was good. I feel as a couple we learned new things and opened a new line of communication on things we were already working on together. I do feel we have become closer as a couple due to subjects discussed throughout the courses.
Her: I appreciated the fact that it gave us a clear view of the work we had already done to prepare for marriage.It reminded me of how to fully trust in God and that we can put everything with him.
Both: It forced us to communicate in depth on subjects previously not thought of by her or myself and allowed us to talk more in depth on subjects that we have discussed before Marriage Prep.

November 30th Patrick and Monica- Denver, CO “it is so different being married civilly vs in the Catholic Church!”
Him: It has encouraged us to pray on an evening basis, and also when times are very tough. Communication is something we've struggled with before, and though we're much better now, we are always looking to improve.
Her: I loved it. Honestly, it is so different being married civilly vs in the Catholic Church, so we had a lot of learning to do. I thought the readings, links, resources were all really helpful. And questions were thought provoking!
Both: It is truly special to be married in the Catholic Church, and I realize how serious and reverent this next step is!

December 1st Dan and Kimi- Military Archdiocese “Because of this course, I made a commitment to attend Mass every Sunday”
Him: This preparation course far exceeded my expectation. I liked the course and its materials. I felt that it was relevant to our relationship.  It brought me closer to my faith and to Kimi. Because of this course, I made a commitment to attend mass every Sunday.
Her: I liked the course very much and I believed it brought me closer to understanding the sacrament of marriage and my role in my relationship.
Both: It allowed Dan and I to understand that marriage is not only about us. It is about God and his love through us. That communication with God and each other is important and central to marriage. Also that we are on the same team and with God we are "dealing" with the challenges together as they arise.

December 2nd Peter and Arielle- Portland, OR “Great tools for producing effective communication.”
Him: I thought it was very though provoking and sparked good dialogue between Arielle and myself. It provided me with a lot of information that I did not know much about.
Her: I appreciate the dialogue this prep created about God in our daily life and future together.  I appreciated this because although we had spoken about religion and God openly, we had not discussed in as much detail about how God would play a daily part in our relationship as a married couple.The course was refreshing to me because a lot of this material I learned in high school. This allowed me to learn more about the sacrament of marriage and it made me excited to share my faith with my spouse AND continue to be an active participant in the church. Being able to discuss our views together and really think hard about what is important and how we would like to raise our family.”
Both: We really enjoyed the active listening and "I" statements.


November 20th Joe and Moira- Youngstown, OH “The sacrament of marriage is a way to grow closer to Christ and God.”
Him: I was pleased with the prompt feedback provided by the instructors. They took time to provide answers to each of our questions and gave lengthy discussions that will help us grow closer to each other in the future.
Her: I think this course came at a very opportune time in my life, personally. I had been struggling with my life on campus and wishing to have a way to connect with others in my faith and have new resources to reflect on (and also to really spend time with Joe discussing these sort of things as we prepared for our marriage) and this course helped me all of those things. In a sense, it helped strengthen my faith because it provided resources and a means of doing so.
Both: It provided the opportunity to discuss things we had each expressed a wish to talk about at different times. The guided questions and structure of the course made these discussions more fruitful and productive. We were able to go more in-depth in areas we may not have otherwise, or thought about exploring further.

November 21st Benjamin and Aileen- Rockville Centre, NY  “I really enjoyed this prep. The instructors were fantastic, and the amount of information and feedback we were given was amazing.”
Him: I really enjoyed this prep. The instructors were fantastic, and the amount of information and feedback we were given was amazing. I would have to say the love letters. When I was away at boot camp I would write Aileen every night, and the love letters brought back a lot of emotions. It was in boot camp, through our letters, that I knew she was the woman I would marry. Being able to express myself in writing to her, and for her to do the same was amazing.
Her: It by far exceeded my expectations. The questions really made me think and spark deep conversations with Ben.I would have to say I appreciate the Love Letters most. Writing back and forth with Ben reminded me why I love him so much. We were able to open up and I can now have these memories forever.
Both: Our communication is already great, but this course did open up new conversations. We both know how important our faith is and this course let us discuss it more thoroughly.

November 22nd Jack and Angelica- St. Louis, MO  “We really had to take the time to sit down and communicate through all these worksheets…”
Him: Very helpful in teaching us and allowing us to delve deeper into and communicate about certain aspects of marriage that we had not discussed previously.
Her: It was incredibly informative and helpful. I am so happy Jack and I did this together. We learned so much about each other and I truly feel that this course has educated us to have a wonderful marriage together.
Both: This marriage prep course allowed us to get together every week and discuss the assignments, we learned things about each other we never knew, and we grew deeper in love and connection with our spirituality and God. We greatly improved our communication!

November 23rd Chuck and Chioma- Owerri, Nigeria  “The class opened my eyes about a lot of things.”
Him: It renewed my desire to get closer to God and His Church. The teachings in this course, starting from the lessons at the Garden of Eden allowed me to better understand God’s love and patience for humanity. This revived my faith.
Her: The marriage course is very amazing, and I learned a lot from it. I learned the importance of sacrament, the importance of abstinence before marriage, and what marriage is all about which is inviting God to your union. The danger of contraceptives and the benefits of NFP. It taught me how important it is to forgive my spouse. And above all, the tools of marriage and the things that can endanger our marriage.
Both: The process of this course positively re-shaped our relationship. It gave us insight on how to live together and provided us with tools to have a happy marriage. Taking this course together allowed us to engage in deep conversations and made us think about how to handle real-life situations.

November 25th Bukky and Oghenetega- Atlanta, GA “It highlighted important points about the Catholic faith especially pertaining to marriage and helped us both to thirst to have God as the foundation of our marriage.”
Him: Beyond what I expected. The feedback which helps us see from a different perspective about various topics.
Her: It highlighted important points about the Catholic faith especially pertaining to marriage and helped us both to thirst to have God as the foundation of our marriage.
Both: We both accept to discuss more on what each of us does not like and allowed for us to understand that we disagree to agree to accept each other flaws.

November 12th Jarvis and Roxanne- Honolulu, HI I've learned a lot from this class and I have a better understanding about the Church.”
Him: The class to me was very informational. Help me to get a better understand the journey I’m about to take and really help me and my fiancée to me more verbal with each other by talking to each other about situation we did in the class.
Her: It has revived my faith by teaching me the ways of the Church and God's ways. It has made me to have a fuller understanding of God's teachings.
Both: It helped by having to sit down 2 hours or more to talk about what we both are looking for in our marriage, and what problems might happen within our marriage and how to prepare for the worse and the good in it.

November 13th Kevin and Chelsea- Hopewell, NY  “The course helped me to reaffirm my connection with God and know that the church will be there for me and my husband in the future.”
Him: I'm glad that we did this prep, as it led to conversations that we may not have had otherwise. It got us to look at things from another point of view than we originally thought.
Her: I found this prep to be helpful in making us discuss our ideas about faith, religion and how we want to continue to have a strong relationship with God and one another.
Both: It made us recognize the importance of staying close with God and incorporating God into our marriage and family.

November 14th Ryan and Ryan- Phoenix, AZ “Enjoyable, easy and insightful.”
Him: It made me want to strive better to pray, attend church and keep faith all that can in the best way I can, as a couple and family.  I appreciated getting to know Gods teachings of marriage and life in marriage. Also the tools and support provided for a healthy plan and future with my wife.
Her: It was beautiful, insightful and full of learning tools. It was easy to follow, do and understand. The teachers were so friendly and full of great advice.
Both: It helped remind me of my love for the church in a different way, it helped me to continue to strive more and more to pray together and forward with faith and trust in God.

November 15th Michal and Margaret-Philadelphia,  PA  “It made us think about the different ways to communicate with God, and it strengthened the bond that we have.”
Him: It was a good experience that made me think about Christ and His love for me outside of the box, and how that love can be transferred onto others. I liked that fact that the questions made you think. They were not a read and answer type of questions, the person had to really sit back and reflect on what was being asked.
Her: It is a positive preparation for marriage in the Catholic Church, and it makes you discuss many things that you wouldn't have otherwise.  It made us think more about God's teachings, and pray together more as well.
Both: It made us discuss different aspects of our relationship with a renewed focus on God's teachings.

November 16th David and Elizabeth- Sioux City, IA “the opportunity to discuss the "difficult topics"
Him: My overall impressions of this prep were very eye opening. There were many topics in this prep that brought up conversations that we would not have had otherwise. Also to bring us closer to each other and to God by going through questions and our thought process. We will always be able to look back on this course and your feedback when we ever go through the topics that came up.
Her:I was very impressed with this course overall. I really liked the questions that we discussed. I felt like they were topics that David and I may not have discussed otherwise. By going through these topics designed for marriage, it helped me immensely to look deep inside myself to want to learn more about God and his relationship for us and my relationship.”
Both:We believe the questions that were asked on each of these assignments allowed us the opportunity to discuss the "difficult topics". Talking about money, infidelity, and so on, are not easy discussions to have. But, because we have a relationship that allows us to be open with one another, we feel that talking about these topics was very beneficial!

November 7th Brandon and Tara- Denver, CO “I think that spiritually we have grown together.”
Him: It was helpful because it made us consider things/situations that we hadn't before. If we had considered them before, then the prep lessons encouraged us to think and talk about them in a different manner.
Her: I think this course reminded me of how deep and rich the Catholic teachings are. I like that the lessons had explanations and reasons for the way we do and see things regarding marriage.
Both: It gave us the topics to talk about and we worked to communicate them to each other. Because we had to complete the assignments together, we got to dedicate time to sit down and share our thoughts and ideas.

November 8th Bert and Laura- Dallas, TX  “I love that it gave us a chance to dive into the tough questions and talk about our intimate feelings about everything that will come with marriage.”
Him: I thoroughly enjoyed it and am very glad that this is an option for us. [The mentor couple] were very involved and thorough, we very much enjoyed how personal they were sharing their experiences.
Her: I thought this was a wonderful way to bond with Cam as we prepare for our upcoming wedding. It gave us an opportunity to discuss very intimate details fully that we will reflect back on for the rest of our lives.
Both: It forced us to talk about things that are not easy to discuss, but it solidified that we are on the same page and we have talked openly about the most critical major moments to come in our marriage.

November 9st  Andrew and Jillian-St. Louis, MS “It made me interested to learn more about the church and its teachings.”
Him: I thought it was good. It helped us think about a lot of things we don't normally talk about.
Her: I liked a lot of it. I am usually very uncomfortable when talking about religion, so I am very vulnerable when I do. It created several intimate moments with my future spouse as we had difficult conversations. I expected uncomfortable conversations to arise, and they did. This made both me and my future spouse have to pause and think before discussing the ideas in the prep.
Both: We get to talk about faith for the first time! This has never been a huge conversation in our relationship, but it opened up the gates, and we hope to continue it.

November 10th Glenn and Christina-Scottsdale, AZ “I feel we grew closer through our learned assignments”
Him: Very informative, faith filled information, I feel we grew closer through our learned assignments, with a deeper knowledge, this will continue on our faith path, along with the Sacrament of Matrimony and the blessings we receive in Love for one another and for God.
Her: I loved it! So much truth and depth as is our Catholic faith! It was nice to sit next to each other through these assignments and really work together even more as a couple. A deeper sense of commitment to each other. I plan on reviewing our assignments; there is so much fantastic information!
Both: This is unlike anything we have worked on together as a couple, a moment to help each other connect deeper in our faith and our commitment to each other, to have and to hold, in sickness and health, We are so very grateful and happy we made this very important decision in our lives and for our family. Thank you for being our wings on this journey.

November 11th Michael and Alysha- Westminster, UK “It was good to learn and to be ensured what and which exactly are the values to the Catholic Church.”
Him: What I appreciated the most it was teaching couples that they should be humble and try always to overcome their problems as a team, not trying to blame each other or try to find something/someone to put the blame on.
Her: It was really good! I didn't expect to be so clarifying, so soul liberating. It had many things that I didn't know and I wasn't aware of it. This has also renewed my strength and commitment with God and His wills. This has been a such nice guidance which made me reflected on God's love and grace, allowing us to have created at the end of this preparation a strong foundation which is full of Christian's values to our marriage.
Both: It improved us to communicate better, to think about future problems that could possibly come along and how to solve them, to look our life how it is now and what are we trying to achieve with marriage, to make Jimmy understand more what are the teachings of God and why He wants it like that and understanding that God wants the best for us and He is and He will always be in our marriage because marriage IS living in God's sacrament and grace. We now know what we are, were we come from and what we want to achieve together, and to avoid future surprises.

October 30th Glen and Luz Del Carmen- Phoenix, AZ “The course was developed so perfectly, we had the chance to know more about our faith and share our point of view with each other.”
Him: I liked WS God's Plan for Humanity because it gave Lucy and I deep conversation of Man's role as husband, protector and leader of love. I liked the WS on forgiveness, which is essential for peaceful harmonious marriage. The Rite of Marriage was also a wonderful one, preparing for the sacred mysteries, our love to each other and responsibilities.
Her: Excellent! I really enjoyed this prep, all the subjects were so interesting and important to strengthen our faith, but overall comprehend the importance of the Sacrament of Matrimony.
Both: It brought forward between us how to relate in unknown situations, bear patience, respond to forgiveness, and acquire the gift of understanding and mutual love for each other.

October 31st Coleton and Rebecca- Kansas City, KS “I was surprised at how practical this marriage prep was.”
Him: It revived my faith because it opened my eyes to how important and necessary God is to having a successful marriage. We will need His support and presence on a daily basis and through prayer, attending Mass, etc. this will bring us closer to Him and each other.
Her: My overall impression of this prep is that it did a fantastic job of covering religious and daily encounters that need to be discussed prior to marriage. It got Coleton and me to open up and talk about things we either hadn't discussed yet or hadn't elaborated on.
Both: It improved our communication by showing us ways to actively listen and opening our line of communication about an array of topics.

November 1st Christopher and Elissa-Denver, CO “It helped us to focus in on some areas which we hadn't talked about, and really helped us dig deeper into our faith.”
Him: I enjoyed the nature of the questions and recourses.  The feedback was, and will continue to be very helpful as a reference later on.  There is so much material that we will be able to come back to it time and again.
Her: I appreciated that it got us talking about things that probably would not have come up right away. It was nice to hear what he had to say.
Both: It has helped us gain a better understanding of being open to one another and how to more clearly communicate with openness.

November 2nd Donald and Ipanema-Harrisburg, PA “I (we) especially appreciated all of the detailed, personal feedback, tailored to us, on all of the lessons.”
Him: It was very informative (and interesting, and, at times, humorous, as in the Nail-in-the-Head video) about our Catholic marriage, and I hadn't realized how much good, general "couple's counseling" we'd get out of it too!  It was all very appropriate, I felt, to our plans and our future lives together in the faith and as a couple.
Her: Reminder of the true meaning of what life, love, and marriage are about, especially through the videos and stories about Jesus (the forgiveness video) and the wisdom from God about how to live our lives together, like him.
Both: It really spurred us on to talk about some of the important issues that we need to talk about anyway.  It served as a confirmation that these issues *need* discussion and daily attention.

November 3rd Michael and Alysha- Norwich, CT  “Very informative and made you think.”
Him: It made us sit down and talk more about our faith and our relationship with each other and God. It got us out of the everyday world to stop and think about life
Her: The fact that this course gave us a chance to actually sit down with each other and focus on the questions and how they might affect us. It started conversations that might otherwise not have happened.
Both: This course gave us the opportunity to stop our daily lives and sit down to talk about us and our future and our Faith!

October 22nd Benjamin and Nicole- Swanton, OH “I thought it was insightful and that I learned more than I expected to.”
Him: I felt it was very beneficial. It forced us to learn more about our faith and we talked about topics we never thought we would have to cover. I appreciated that it allowed us to work together toward a common goal. This is because it boosted our communication and our team skills, both things that I feel are highly important for marriage.
Her: I appreciated that they required so much discussion, I feel like I learned a lot about Ben and about my faith. I liked that the instructors went so in depth with the answer keys as well.
Both: It has inspired me to work harder to keep up a strong relationship with God, and to continuously invite Him into my life and my relationships.

October 23rd Joseph and Rebecca- Portland, OR “I really enjoyed praying before the courses and after as well”
Him: I learned a lot about in this Catholic marriage prep. I am glad that I was able to participate and understand more about the sacrament of marriage. It made me want to be closer to God and thank Him for the companion in my life.
Her: The prep was very thorough and very educational. I am glad that I got to review with my fiancée the Catholic teachings of God and we were able to discuss important facts and potential conflicts that arise in a marriage. I really enjoyed praying before the courses and after as well. I feel like it made Joe and I closer to God and our faith. We will continue to pray together throughout our marriage.
Both: We were able to discuss topics that were uncomfortable to talk about before. These courses gave us the opportunity to open up about our future children and in laws. This course definitely helped our communication.

October 24th Eduardo and Natalie-San Francisco, CA “This course really challenged me to focus on how God is a part of all aspects of my life, and will be a part of my marriage.”
Him: This course has reminded me of a lot of the teachings I received as a child about Jesus. It has definitely reactivated my faith and I'm excited to share it with my future wife.
Her: I think it was extremely valuable to take some time to consider many issues that are important to our lives and our marriage. We were able to delve deeply into some difficult issues, while also learning a lot about our expectations for marriage.
Both: It forced us to talk about issues that were difficult for us. Keeping lines of communication open about all things (not just the easy stuff) is important.

October 25th Aidan and Amber-Westminster, UK “This is a great, flexible course that deepens your faith and understanding and I hope many more couples complete it!”
Him: I really enjoyed this wedding preparation course and the ability to complete it over a period time where we were able to thoroughly discuss very important issues. I found the feedback to be very quick, personalized and comprehensive further; I really enjoyed reading it and discussing it with Amber. I also really liked the links that the answer key provides allowing us to further understand the reasons behind the answer keys.
Her: I appreciated the answer key and the detailed responses of our tutors. The quizzes were very useful and helped us to discuss our priorities, hopes and expectations from marriage; we might not have explicitly discussed these issues otherwise.
Both: It provided an opportunity to discuss issues that we hadn't discussed as a couple. These included things like what my faith means to me, children, finances, what marriage really is and the expectations we have of each other. It has provided us with a renewed and improved channel of communication and brought us together as a couple and a team.

October 26th Felipe and Brittany- Lubbock, TX “It went above and beyond. We have grown as a couple in so short of time and learned so much about our faith.”
Him: It was great super exciting. It helped out in so many ways and has been our topic in conversations for the past few days. The courses were GREAT!!! And our instructors were outstanding.
Her:IT WAS AMAZING!! Felt like we grew in our relationship not only with each other but also with God.

October 15th Jesse and Bianca- Sacramento, CA “It helped me understand that back story to marriage and brings me closer through this Sacrament.”
Him: I appreciated the fact that the feedback was all written to our responses and not standardized answers. It was very informative and nice. It is enlightening and gets you to think about your relationship from different perspectives.
Her: It was nice to explore the meaning behind being married in a Catholic church and getting to know ourselves even better.
Both: We were able to bring up subjects that are uncomfortable and talk through our issues well and it showed us that this can be used in other disagreements.

October 16th Scott and Brittany- Atlanta, GA “It brought up a lot of topics that haven't been explored in a while.”
Him: This class has allowed us to work together to improve our knowledge and our Faith in preparing for our wedding. I appreciated all of the education and how it made us discuss several topics that we have not approached prior.
Her: The class was very informative and allowed us to deepen our Faith together. I appreciated the conversation that the classes sparked between us.
Both: We feel that our communication is excellent but it did bring up new topics for us to discuss more in depth.

October 17th Dennis and Rosa-Brooklyn, NY “It almost didn't feel like it was online, it was more like you guys were present with us”
Him: I felt it was very encouraging and engaging between me and Rose. It forced us to think theologically and practically about ourselves and the future of our marriage. I thought I understood what purpose was but this really gave a blueprint of what real purpose in Christ is all about. We gained so much in such a short period of time. It almost didn't feel like it was online, it was more like you guys were present with us, and took your time to read and comment on our answers.
Her: I really enjoyed this preparation, it made me think about things in such a different way. Being part of the Catholic Church my whole life I never knew some of the thing I learned in this marriage preparation about the approach the church has on different topics. It really sparked up many good conversations between Dennis and I on every topic addressed. We are especially are grateful for your deep and profound feedback full of so much wisdom.
Both: We understand in a much deeper level now how important it is for us to pray together first about everything. It also opened us up to think about God together instead of just individually. We will surely be continuing to benefit from all the resources we were provided through this course and your profound wisdom.

October 18th Steven and Shireen-Topeka, KS “It went above and beyond any expectations I had for a marriage prep course!”
Him: I appreciated the large amount of resources that were provided throughout the course and also the use of videos throughout. This really helped to bring perspective and more depth into the course.
Her: The course definitely renewed my desire to get closer to God and His Church and it has ignited the desire to want to serve Him more!
Both: It gave us many important things to discuss and also made us talk again about things that we have previously discussed. It also gave us new insight on different ways to communicate.

October 19th Gabriel and Kristen- Providence, RI “I always felt like we could be honest and open and that you had our best interests at heart.”
Him: It has made me more aware of ways in which I could be living my faith more fully, and how being closer to God can help me serve my future spouse and my community better. It has pushed me to grow in my faith and as a person in preparation for our marriage and for the rest of our lives.
Her: I thought this prep was very thorough and informative. I enjoyed spreading the prep out over multiple weeks because it gave us something to think and talk about each week. The course kept the focus on God in our relationship and provided many helpful words of wisdom and tools for the future.
Both: The course allowed us to concretely expand our thoughts on topics we had discussed in the past, and created greater depth in our communication. The joint responses were particularly helpful in improving our communication and understanding of one another's thoughts on a topic.

October 8th Paul and Kimberly- Blauvelt, NY “We had great advice, there are so many tools that we can avail ourselves of, and we have a plan now for the future.”
Him: I appreciated how it really worked for both of us. We were able to spend the time working together and learning more about ourselves.
Her: I really liked it. I think we had a really good relationship with our instructors and we learned a lot. We also learned that we need to learn more and continue with lessons for our faith.
Both: We are really impressed. We definitely want to share this program with others because not everyone can go to an in person class.

October 9th Scott and Brittany- Atlanta, GA “It reminded me the importance of the sacraments and how I should incorporate those in my everyday life.”
Him: I thought it was very useful. It's good to have an outline of topics to cover prior to marriage. [It] brings up many topics that we didn't think of or can be uncomfortable to discuss.
Her: It was a good course. I liked that we were able to finish the worksheets on our own time. It allowed us to really talk about each topic together in detail.
Both: The course is a good format to talk intentionally and in detail about things you normally may only discuss in passing or wait until you have to talk about them.

October 10th Mauricio and Kaley-Toledo, OH“It really reminded me of the importance of my faith”
Him: I really enjoyed it! Learned a lot and I feel excited we get to be married in the Catholic Church.
Her: I feel like this was a great tool to really learn more about our faith and each other before our wedding. I really enjoyed how personal this was and how [the instructors] really took the time to address our answers and push us to grow more!
Both: We both found the active listening part so helpful! Really reminded us to take a step back and put the relationship before our individual selves.

October 11th Patrick and Halsey-Burlingame, CA “I think it definitely helped revive my faith and will allow us to be more open to it during this next chapter.”
Him: It was very helpful and awakening. As a student of a Catholic high school, it has been so long since I’ve revisited the definitions and meanings of the sacraments and Catholic life that it was a great refresher course before this journey we're about to embark on together. It definitely has already made me more cognizant of living a more holy life as a Catholic, and how helpful and important it will be during this next chapter. Very revealing and challenging course (in a good way!).
Her: I thought it was a great prep before marriage and started some conversations on topics that we had not discussed before. I did not know about NFP prior to this class and am very interested in it. We also made the "class nights" special by planning out our evenings together that we would make dinner and work on them together, and talk about Christ in our lives.
Both: It made us talk more about our faith and goals as a married couple then we had prior to taking this course. We feel that communication (in all forms - with God, ourselves, our family) was always a central theme to this course, and that it is something that needs to be constantly cultivated during this next chapter of life.

October 12th Jose and Giovanna-San Mateo, CA “I feel blessed and extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to take this class.”
Him: I thought the prep course was very insightful and taught me things about my faith that I never fully understood. I always felt marriage was an important commitment but now I feel I have a better understanding of what it means and why a faith based marriage is richer than the secular practice of bonding a couple.
Her: I truly enjoyed the opportunity to explore the topics presented, and work together with Jose on identifying "our joint answers". I feel I will be able to apply what I learned in our marriage. I'm also very grateful for our instructors' non-judgmental and supportive approach.
Both: Although Jose and I have been pretty good at communicating with each other, this class allowed us to reflect together and discuss how we both feel about our faith, societal issues, marriage, etc.; which opened up a whole new level of sharing.

October 1st Ryan and Maura- Philadelphia, PA “I appreciated the diversity in the topics covered and that there were real issues that should be discussed”
Him: I felt like it was a good opportunity to reconnect with God, the church and set the foundation for our marriage.
Her: I liked the opportunity to sit down and focus on the real purpose of marriage, our commitment to each other and our commitment to God. Being in the thrones of wedding planning, it gets so easy to forget what the day is really about and it becomes more of an event-planning thing and less about the reason for the event. It gets too easy to get tangled up in the busyness of planning. This was a nice distraction from it and helped set the foundation like Ryan said.
Both: We had to discuss our feelings out right with each other, discuss things that we probably normally wouldn't discuss, and for some of the answers, when we disagreed, we talked about why we felt that way and we better understood where we were individually coming from on the topic.

October 2nd Johnathan and Valbona- Detroit, MI “It challenged us to have in-depth discussions about many topics and scenarios that we had not thoroughly discussed yet.”
Him:I t gave me a newfound excitement to be able to practice my faith with my future wife, and raise my future family in a household of strong faith. The course put the importance of faith within a household/family into even clearer perspective for me as mandatory and a priority.
Her: The prep made us confront and communicate about many significant issues and circumstances not only regarding our faith, but our marriage and future family/life.
Both: It challenged us to address topics and issues within our faith and future marriage. It brought us closer as a couple by having us communicate on a deeper, more thorough level. Furthermore, it taught the importance of practicing our faith as a couple, in our household and family life. Our instructors were amazing, and we would just like to say thank you for making it such a pleasant learning and growing experience.

October 3rd Steven and Mary-Sacramento, CA “This course was very thought provoking and eye opening at the same time.”
Him: I appreciated the conversations and discussions the course brought between MJ and I. They [the conversations] were very healthy and led to very deep thinking.
Her: My overall impression is that I feel it perfectly suited us- I feel the pace and content of course was something we could keep up on rather easily.
Both: It opened the doors to having some very good discussions in ways we can improve upon our communication methods, as well as strengthening upon ones we are already currently using. Thanks so much for everything!

October 4th Robert and Kelsey-Tulsa, OK “It gave us an opportunity to say things we might not say out loud.”
Him: I thought these assignments were very thought provoking for both of us. On multiple occasions I found myself approached with questions I had not previously thought about.
Her: This preparation I feel is very worthwhile as it helps us know where each other stands on multiple topics that are important to know about before a couple is married.
Both: It definitely allowed us to say things that we might not otherwise bring into conversation, not because we aren't comfortable about talking about them but because we just have not thought about these topics yet.

October 6th Troy and Haley-Denver, CO  “It really made me see things differently”
Him: I really enjoyed the class. It was definitely a good experience, and I am very glad that Haley and I chose to take this seriously as we actually applied what we learned to our daily lives.
Her: I was very pleasantly surprised about this marriage prep class! I thought that we had some excellent instructors who really took the time to give us positive and reinforcing feedback on our answers. Both Troy and I have actually agreed that this marriage prep class has helped us a lot in many ways. I felt that it was a form of bible study, and I loved how it incorporated scriptures and real life situations into the class. I feel that I learned a lot from it.
Both: We always have had wonderful communication with each other; however, this class strengthened our communication by making us realize the importance of communication due to the differences in how males and females were created. We now know that both males and females need some form of communication in different ways, so we try to respect that and communicate with each other accordingly. We always talk about our future together as well!

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