September 24th Adam and Rebecca- Scottsdale, AZ “Very in depth and informative.”
Him: It got me thinking about what it really means to be Catholic and go through this holy sacrament. [It’s] much more than just the traditional view of marriage.
Her: It revived my faith and really gave me insight into what I will be doing when I make my marriage promises.
Both: [It] gave dedicated time to discuss things and just talk everything through while sharing our opinions with each other.

September 26th Kyle and Christina-Wading River, NY “Sometimes you lose sight of that in this world and it was nice to have a reminder.”
Him: I think this was very helpful and insightful. It gave good advice. It encouraged open discussion between us about topics we normally wouldn't disclose.
Her: It reconnected me with God in the union we are about to create with marriage. The meaning behind marriage opened up another doorway to God for me.
Both: The course created some challenging questions that encouraged us to open up about our views and connect on another level.

September 27th Justin and Ilse-Southfield, MI “We both have learned so much, it has opened up our faith even more.”
Him: This prep allowed me to think about marriage not only from my perspective but also from the Church's view. It's giving me a better understanding of what is expected from me as a husband and I have learned so much from the feedback.
Her: I really appreciated all the exercises because I learned so much from all of them. The answer keys are very well explained. I also appreciated how this class went beyond religion and went into learning about marriage problems and raising children.
Both: It allowed us to talk about things more in detail and it has given us a better understanding on our views. Our views are very similar but it helped us learn where our ideas were coming from.

September 28th Ben and Lauren-Chico, CA “It definitely renewed my desire to get closer to God and his Church”
Him: I appreciated most the teachings of what marriage means as a whole. This will give me more perspective and ownership of my role as a husband to the woman I love. I also appreciated recounting the times in our lives when we felt God’s presence because they meant a lot to me and it was a great reflection.
Her: I thought the class was great overall. It covered a broad range of topics and really sparked some conversation that we may have not had otherwise.
Both: It sparked a lot of conversations between us about topics that we may not have thought to discuss otherwise. It also encouraged us to look at topics from different angles than we had previously.

September 29th Mark and Ashley-Sacramento, CA “It helped me get back in touch with God which is something I haven't been able to do since changing employers and not having easy access to a church.”
Him: I appreciated that the classes made us sit down together and chat about our upcoming marriage. It was nice to not have to plan details for the actual day, but rather discuss how to think about marriage for the long run.
Her: The course was a firm reminder that marriage is a sacrament and we are celebrating this union in front of God. With that, it reaffirms my decision to get married in the church. As for the course itself, the teachings were presented very different than how I was brought up as a Catholic. They were very focused on the bible and specific teachings and interpretations of readings, whereas I was raised for the readings to be lessons and applicable to modern day life.
Both: It made us take turns which seems simple but isn't often how we communicate. We both would like to continue that practice.

September 17th Sean and Kylie- Washington, LA “It made me realize that prayer would be the glue of our relationship”
Him: I really liked hearing feedback. Having the [mentor couple] elaborate more on our answers and the questions really would make you think a little harder and learn more. In return, you are getting more out of the experience.
Her: We definitely started to appreciate attending mass together more, and I began praying more as a result of this marriage prep. It made me realize that prayer would be the glue of our relationship.
Both: It definitely made us closer and appreciate the mass more. Prayer is the glue, receiving the sacraments is the glue. It revived my faith a bit I would have to say.

September 18th Anthony and Claudia-Allentown, PA It forced us to think ahead and plan as well as discuss topics we hadn’t talked about yet. ”
Him: I found it to be a valuable resource in preparing us for marriage. It forced us to think ahead and plan, as well as discuss topics that we hadn't talked about yet. In the process we learned more about each other and were given useful, practical strategies that we can use to treat each other love, kindness and respect.
Her: It reinforced some of the tools we knew of to build a strong marriage (communication, forgiveness, etc.), and it provided additional tools to help us build a strong marriage (marriage first-aid kit for example) centered in Christ.
Both: It got us to discuss topics openly that hadn't previously come to our attention. We found that the questions directed toward each other personally. For example, when we shared our pasts with each other and how they might impact our marriage.

September 19th Michael and Amanda-New York, NY “I appreciated the value of marriage in God’s eyes in a world that tries so hard to challenge your morals.”
Him: It made me focus more on God and want to learn more.
Her: I appreciated the explanation of how man and woman were perfectly designed for each other in so many ways and the value of a marriage in God's eyes in a world that tries so hard to challenge your morals.
Both: We were able to discuss things in black and white when questions were asked. Things weren't asked in a round-about way so we were forced to address topics that we may not have gone so in depth about before. Most of the things reviewed we had already discussed but it required us to go more in depth about our feelings.

September 20th Michael and Melissa-Colorado Springs, CO “It revived my faith because this course clarified where I need to put emphasis”
Him: This course has helped me want to renew my relationship with God and hopefully, through that I will gain a greater understanding of what the church teaches.
Her: I enjoyed the interactive nature of this prep course. It really helped that we were able to do this on our own schedule and that it was an incredibly user-friendly website. I felt like we really got to "meet" our instructors.
Both: The course provided a structured platform for us to discuss concerning topics about both our marriage and our relationship with God.

September 22nd Sean and Jocelyn-Crookston, MN “I most appreciated to view the Church’s teachings from a different perspective from that in which I was raised.”
Him: I most appreciated the ability to view the church's teachings from a different perspective from that in which I was raised. I think it is very important to understand things at the deepest level possible and I truly believe this course goes deep.
Her: I appreciated the deeper philosophical lessons such as forming a conscience. I thought we received great feedback that tried to deepen our understanding of the catholic lessons and strict interpretations presented by the catholic [church] I took more practical tools away from the lessons that broke down how to communicate better and fuller and in different styles.
Both: We did enjoy the course, it did a really good job in explaining the background to our codes and rules. It did a great job in offering more in depth learning about the teachings, and utilized a variety of media to do so. And there a definitely parts of it that I will carry forward into my marriage and feel we will be stronger together, and in our faiths, because of it.


September 10th Kyle and Keara- Tulsa, OK “I found it intriguing and educational”
Him: It [the course] just gave me a renewed purpose on my journey in life.
Her: I love how it was interactive (i.e. here is the lesson, review it, and now here is your task going forward)
Both: The quality and depth of the content was very rewarding.

September 11th Darren and Paola-St. Augustine, FL  "It explained to us the importance of the Sacrament of Matrimony and what the Church can do to cultivate our love for each other.”
Him: Having this Pre-Cana really helped us a lot to become closer to God and to each other. We received a lot of helpful tips to better our relationship.
Her: I really enjoyed this activity. I truly believe that this will help nourish our relationship and understanding of the importance of the sacrament of Matrimony.
BothWe were able to understand each other more and we were able to open our hearts with one another. We realized that even if we are different, our differences are the things that make us good together as we are able to compensate for each other's weaknesses.

September 12th Joshua and Mariana-San Antonio, TX  It made me consider aspects of my religion that I had not considered before.”
Him:I lluminating. I learned a lot of things that I didn't necessarily know or just had never given them too much thought.
Her: It made me want to pursue a greater relationship with God and the church, not only in my personal life, but in my relationship and future marriage as well.
Both: We loved the discussions that some of the questions brought. It was things that maybe we hadn’t thought about before, or just hadn't discussed at length before.

September 13th Jared and Amanda-Detroit, MI “I enjoyed that fact that it helped me pursue deeper thoughts into my faith and challenged me as Catholic to open my mind and really look into the questions.”
Him: I thought this course has helped us come together and learn new things about each other. We have enjoyed being able to discuss new topics and learn more about our prayer life together.
Her: I appreciated getting the time to sit down with my fiancé and discuss things that we have never really sat down and talked about. It challenges both of us and makes both of us more comfortable and wanting to pursue our faith together.
Both: We believe it improved our communication by making us discuss hard topics and what we each think as well as putting our thoughts together. Communication is such an important factor in a relationship. During tough times communication on each other’s feelings is key.

September 14th Ryan and Mallory-Milwaukee, WI I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful!”
Him: It really helped me to understand how to continue to have Jesus in my life and how to integrate my faith into my own family as we begin the journey of creating it with the sacrament of marriage.
Her: I appreciated the conversations that it started. Some of them were things that we had talked about, and some things we didn't. It was very informative, and helped us to discuss our feelings and thoughts on some touchy subjects without being confrontational or emotional.
Both: [The] knowledge of the Bible and the teachings of the Church really helped add value and understanding to our relationship, and it was refreshing to hear some insight from a former military couple as well!

September 3rd Seabastian and Jessica- Whittier, CA “100% satisfaction. It was such an eye opener to life, God, our relationship and our faith.”
Him: I was amazed how much I learned, it brought me closer to my religion. It also opened my eyes to many different topics. I am so glad I was able to share this experience with Jess.
Her: It was more than what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be more basic but each chapter took the right and specific time to explain its purpose.
Both: It made us prouder to be a Catholic and continue being part of this community.

September 4th Jaron and Andrea-Spokane, WA  “I appreciated the conversations on relationships, and how to handle conflicts.
Him: I was actually surprised at what was discussed, and it definitely gave us cause to discuss things as a couple that we hadn't before. This is surprising given that we have been together 8 years!
Her: I thought that the prep was pretty comprehensive in its discussion topics. I liked that a few social justice issues were discussed, especially as they related to religious marriage. This also gave me an opportunity to consider some aspects of the Catholic faith that I hadn't put thought into before, even after attending a Catholic university.
BothWe thought it greatly improved our communication! We found ourselves talking about things we hadn't before, and even about subjects we normally avoid. It was really good to be forced to discuss these things, and we feel stronger as a couple because of it.

September 5th Brent and Marie-Sioux City, IA  It really brought up issues that made us think deeper about our own religion and that inevitably helped to bring us closer to God.
Him: It really brought up issues that made us think deeper about our own religion and that inevitably helped to bring us closer to God.
Her: My overall impression is that I'm very happy that this course could bring up topics that Brent and I haven't talked about yet or explore deeper and I believe it is very beneficial to us to talk more about the religious side of our relationship.
Both: A lot of the questions brought up through this course "forced" (in a good way) us to talk about issues never-before spoken about. Our thoughts are now, that we can talk about anything with each other.

September 6st Jared and Amanda-Detroit, MI “I appreciated the personal experiences and advice that was given to us…”
Him: I like the straightforward approach and the feedback between each session.
Her: Each section brought a new perspective in regard to marriage; it was very easy to relate to [the mentor couple] as they shared personal experiences that we could relate to which was appreciated.
Both: It really helped us to have conversations that we may not have had without prompting. We got to know a better understanding of our personal relationships with God as well as our past experiences within Catholic school and catechism.

September 7th Michael and Sully-Denver, CO  “These lessons were amazing and insightful!”
Him: I felt that the course really went above and beyond my expectations and we felt it was great to get closer to God and ignite an old flame I used to have when I was a teenager.
Her: This really opened my eyes and it made me feel that what we are about to embark on what is going to be a fulfilling journey.
Both: We really talked about that we need to consult one another before a decision is made. We really learned how to actively listen to one another.

September 1st Trevor and Eunice-Vancouver, Canada “Great for helping understand the roots of marriage from the Bible and God's teachings”
Him: Great for helping understand the roots of marriage from the Bible and God's teachings. Explanations of responses in the answer key were really thorough and there were a lot of great resources.
Her: It was very helpful to go from the beginning (Genesis) and examine how this has led us to marriage today. The prep was a lot of work, but stimulated great discussion and made us think of and talk about things we hadn't thought of before. There were a lot of great useful suggestions and resources provided.
Both: Thank you so much for putting in the time and thoughtful replies to help us during our marriage prep. We are very appreciative and found this course to be very enlightening and helpful.

August 31st Blane and Caitlin-Kansas City, KS “This prep taught us a lot about how to understand our Catholic religion
Him: This prep taught us a lot about how to understand our Catholic religion on a different level as we start our new life together as husband and wife.
Her: I think it helped us view our upcoming marriage in a different way by teaching us how to incorporate our faith into our daily lives together.
BothTalking about our future and goals we both want to achieve made us feel so much closer. We always knew what each other wanted for our future but combining our individual goals into our goals together is a great feeling.

September 1st Matthew and Diane-Chicago, IL We learned about each other and our goals and dreams.
Him: This was a good way to learn more about marriage and ways to keep it healthy. We look forward to starting a family and using NFP. It allowed us to understand what the Church teaches and why it is important for a lasting marriage.
Her: I feel like it went above my expectations. I thought this would only cover some marriage topics like finances, communication, and family, but it covered so much more.
Both: It gave us active listening techniques, and had us discuss topics that we may not have thought about discussing before marriage. It made us talk about what each wants and looks forward to about marriage.

September 1st William and Tiffany-Mastic, NY “I appreciated all the different tools this course used to prepare us for our marriage
Him: This prep was very informative and gave me a deeper understanding of my faith as a catholic, what it means to be a husband and tools for a successful marriage.
Her: I think this prep course was a good bonding experience for us as a couple as we prepare for our upcoming marriage.
Both: It got us to communicate our feeling, hopes, dreams and desires for the future as a married couple, who wishes to serve God.

September 30th Carl and Ana-Denver, CO  “This teaching was a gift in my life.”
Him: This was and is wonderful, full of insight and information which opened dialog between my wife and I that will be very helpful to build a long lasting marriage.
Her: This was an amazing journey, I learned so many things. I enjoyed reading your answer key and all your teachings I save in my heart and put in practice in my daily life.
Both: We both think that our instructors have done an excellent job in opening our eyes. God and Jesus Christ bless your wonderful ministry.  Thanks so much.

August 22nd Nicholas and Alex-Hessmer, LA “ It provided us with lots of supplemental material and websites to further our discussions.”
Him: I felt like it was a good thorough course. It helped me open up about my faith and get closer to God. It shined light on material and concepts I never really understood or thought about.
Her: This prep was awesome. Our instructors were fantastic. This course is real and raw. It doesn't beat around the bush and it provided us with lots of supplemental material and websites to further our discussion or to go to for more guidance. 
Both: It allowed us to be open and honest about tough conversations. It provided a safe and comfortable environment and it helped us talk about topics that we did not know how to initiate with one another. 

August 23rd Brad and Maria-Arlington, VA I strongly believe this is a meaningful course that improved our relationship.”
 It was a very cool experience. We talked a lot about topics that we normally do not and we learned a lot more about ourselves, our relationship with God, and the Church.
Her: I strongly believe this is a meaningful course that improved our relationship as a couple and our faith.
BothWe learned more what it means to be married in the Church and we want to live our lives that way and raise a family in the word of God.

August 24th Huynh and Thi-Eunice, LA “The prep was informative and required some deep thought”
Him: The prep was informative and required some deep thought. I appreciated the convenience of being able to do this prep from home!
Her: This prep made us think about different situations and also learn more about the Catholic faith. It helped us better understand our faith and showed us the importance of praying together.
Both: The prep made us talk to each other more intimately about our feelings about faith, religion, and family planning.

August 25th Kenneth and Helen-Marie-Marbella, Spain “We talk more about our relationship and feel closer to each other.
Him: Really good course! It makes you remember why God and the Church are so important in life!
Her: A very valuable course! We are so grateful we took this course before the sacrament of marriage. I really appreciated our instructors advice, guidance, and being there for us!
Both: It gave us time to think and reflect on our relationship and love. We talk more about our relationship and feel closer to each other.

August 26th Don and Amie-Tustin, CA We found out how patience and forgiveness can go a long way in a relationship
Him: I started to miss church. These courses actually made me want to retain my faith and continue attending Mass on a regular basis. 
Her: It taught me how God wants us to view marriage and his expectations for us. To me that is very powerful and it revived my faith in the Lord.
Both: We found out how patience and forgiveness can go a long way in a relationship. This can help us diminish arguments. We have enjoyed this course very much. We will recommend it to everybody.

August 15th Jared and Alyssa-Carroll, IA  “This was one of the best experiences we've had since becoming an engaged couple”
Him: I thought the prep was absolutely outstanding. We were able to work through each question and challenge each other. Getting the feedback forms was a great opportunity for us to understand and talk further through how they can help us today and in our future. Overall, the prep was a great experience and we thank our instructors for doing such a great job!
Her: I was nervous about doing some of our prep online, but I honestly think this was one of the best experiences we've had since becoming an engaged couple. Everything was simple and easy to use and we really learned a great deal from the lessons. We really appreciated the feedback and honesty that our instructors shared with us - thank you
Both: We have had conversations that we never even imagined and we think this has provided a great base for us to further build our relationship and our faith together. Additionally, the resources that were provided are going to be invaluable to us over time and will serve as reminders of how to keep a constant line of communication open between us. This has been a truly wonderful experience and we are very thankful to have gone through it. Please keep up the great work!

August 16th John and Kathryn- Lansing, MI I feel much more prepared to enter married life because of this prep course!”
I feel much more prepared to enter married life because of this prep course! I feel not only more solid in my religious foundations regarding marriage, but also more comfortable in my communication skills. This will lead to a more satisfying, happy marriage with my soon to be wife.
Her: I was glad that we were directed to take this prep because it answered some important questions about both marriage and my Catholic faith. I thought that the feedback was very personal and was enjoyable and informative to read.
BothWe really appreciated our instructors and we’re glad that they took the time to get to know us and share personal information with us.

August 17th Martin and Cynthia-Nogales, AZ  “Outside of church, we didn’t talk much about our faith- this prep changed that!”
Eye opening! It made me realize that marriage is a lot more complex and spiritual. Outside of church, we didn’t talk much about our faith- this prep changed that!
Her: I really enjoyed this prep. It gave us time together to spend on topics that are vital for our marriage to be built on
Both: Thank you very much for this excellent program. We are truly blessed!

August 18th Isaiah and Marisa- San Rafael, CA  This revived my faith and the passion I have for God
This course really taught me a lot about the Catholic faith and really made me think. This revived my faith and the passion I have for God.
Her: Just learning more about my faith and building my relationship with God while building my relationship with my fiancé was such an inspiring experience. It definitely renewed and revived my faith.
Both: We are able to talk through difficult conversations and love and respect each other more. Thank you so much for the opportunity to take this course. We thoroughly enjoyed it and are so appreciative to have done this prep! God bless!

August 19th Robert and Ellen-Pawcatuck,CT  It encouraged us to have a lot of conversation which was eye opening
Him: This was a very enlightening experience. It was a good refresher course reviewing some topics I haven't touched upon since high school!
Her: I very much enjoyed this form of marriage prep, because it allowed us to do it at a time that was convenient for our busy schedules. It encouraged us to have a lot of conversation which was eye opening.
Both: We truly enjoy going to mass every Sunday together and will continue to do so. We also plan some day bringing our children up in the Catholic faith.




August 8th Daniel and Cheryl- San Francisco, CA  “It taught us how to work together”
Him: It taught us how to work together, with a give and take that will be needed throughout our marriage. 
Her: We can always strive to be better - better as individuals, better in our marriage, better in our faith - and this course shows you the path and goal you should be striving for in all of those. 
Both: We now want to be more actively involved with the parish or other community organizations, and look forward to exploring more waysto be involved in our church.

August 9th Anthony and Ashley-Denver, CO  Being able to share our insights and pray together through this experience has been incredible”
It's been educational and insightful. It's gratifying to know that I share so many common beliefs with my fiancée.
Her: I think it was very helpful in helping us to connect even more. Being able to share our insights and pray together through this experience has been incredible!
BothIt definitely improved our communication in that we were able to discuss deeper topics that we wouldn't normally have the ability to discuss. It also opened the doors for communication in the future. We very much enjoyed the course and are so grateful for all of the time you have spent with us!

August 10th Joshua and Melanie-Savannah, GA  “It gave me a great understanding of what marriage truly is and how it should be
I very much enjoyed diving further into the meanings behind my Catholic faith. It was nice studying the sacrament of marriage and the meanings behind everything God intended.
Her: I had the pleasure of briefly covering the sacrament of marriage in my RCIA class, but I had no idea how much I could learn from this prep. It gave me a great understanding of what marriage truly is and how it should be. It also gave me clear guidance on what God expects from holy matrimony. 
Both: We believe that this has been a great way to start our marriage- with open communication.  Something that we will work on for the rest of our life. 

August 11th Benjamin and Samantha-Tulsa, OK  “It was a wealth of information on the Catholic Church, marriage, and relationships”
It was a wealth of information on the Catholic Church, marriage, and relationships. I loved it! It encouraged me to read the Bible more with my fiancée and continue to pursue and strengthen my relationship with Jesus. 
Her: I loved doing this study with my fiancé. It definitely opened up a lot of discussions that we needed to have and probably wouldn’t have had without this course. It definitely reminded us that we need to pray more as a couple and make Jesus the center of our relationship.
Both: We are now able to speak more openly to each other about concerns we have and have much needed discussions on issues that are important to us. 

August 12th Sean and Ashley- Valley Stream,NY  The experience is absolutely one of-a-kind and something that will help us build the framework of our future together”
Him: I absolutely loved this prep experience. It left me feeling wonderful after every session, and truly helped me learn!
Her: This course has taught me to have a deeper love and appreciation with/for God in addition to preparing me for the sacrament of marriage.
Both: The two of us were absolutely thrilled to have enjoyed working with our instructors. The experience is absolutely one of-a-kind and something that will help us build the framework of our future together. We are so happy to have learned so much, and will remember what we learned for a long time!


August 1st Don and Chelsea- West Rutland, VT  I feel like I have become closer to God with all of these new teachings we have learned”
Him: I really enjoyed the entire process. I learned a great deal about the true meaning of getting married. I hope to learn even more as time goes on. This course opened my eyes and taught me a great deal about Christ. I feel like I have become closer to God with all of these new teachings we have learned. 
Her: I was very impressed by the online Pre-Cana classes. I thought they were very interactive and very informative.  I was raised as a Catholic and I feel like as I got older my relationship with Christ had slipped away. These classes and being married in the Catholic Church have renewed and deepened my relationship with Christ. 
Both: We are still working on our communication toward one another. I believe this course has helped us along in this process. We will still continue to work on and improve our communication toward each other to make our marriage as strong as it can be.

August 2nd Patience and Rachal- Kalamazoo, MI  “After this course we have been able to value things that we used to take for granted ”
It was an incredible experience and we definitely needed this course before the wedding. After this course, we have been able to value things that we used to take for granted for the last couple of years. In fact, this experience has taught us that God and his blessings are key to the success of any marriage and daily happiness.
Her: We loved every single chapter of this training. I wish we took training like this when we started to date. It would have been key to our relationship. 
BothAfter the wedding, we will become coaches and mentors for youths at the parish. We have decided to restart the reading bible program at home and be more involved at church. 

August 3rd Luis and Larissa- Seattle, WAEven though Luis and I are long distance, we were still able to have and partake in meaningful marriage prep”
This fit our situation perfectly. We were in a bind since we are long distance, so scheduling out a lot of marriage preparations has been difficult. It was wonderful to have our marriage prep be so well organized and flexible. 
Her: Very user friendly! I have enjoyed learning from the articles, videos and scripture passages. I have loved that it is easy to schedule into a busy life. Even though Luis and I are long distance, we were still able to have and partake in meaningful marriage prep.
Both: It improved our communication because we were able to discuss things that are both sensitive and new to us. We successfully navigated through new territory that is not always comfortable or easy.This was great! We will recommend this program to future couples! 

August 4th Derek and Judith- Chatham, MAThis is setting up a great foundation for us to communicate in our marriage
Very comprehensive. A lot of engaging material which brought upon important discussion for us. 
Her: This prep was very helpful for us; a great overview of many topics. I really liked the feedback and detailed answer keys. 
Both: We have always had pretty good communication, but we now have a better understanding of each other’s values and faith backgrounds. This is setting up a great foundation for us to communicate in our marriage! Thank you so much for this meaningful course! We also greatly appreciated the support of our instructors! Their feedback for us was incredibly helpful as we start this journey. 

August 5th David and Claudette Laure-Tucson, AZ  I learned beyond what I could have imagined
Him: It was deep, interesting, and nourishing. I learned beyond what I could have imagined. The instructors' comments were very enlightening to us.
Her: Some questions made me cry because I could not understand why I didn't think about them earlier. This training opened my eyes to the wondrous benefits God has prepared for me and my future husband.
Both: The last course gave us strategies to express ourselves without hurting or blaming eachother. It was one of the most important things we learned. Communicating adequately and respectfully solve issues peacefully.

July 25th Logan and Whitney- Edmonton, Canada It brought us closer together both spiritually and emotionally”
Him: It was a lot of work, but worth it. It helped remind me of how important God and the church are to my life and to my future marriage and family.
Her: It brought us closer together both spiritually and emotionally. I appreciated the quick feedback from our instructors!  It gave Logan and I a chance to work on something together that benefits our relationship and our soon to be marriage. 
Both: Thank you for all your help. The course was very eye opening and we definitely learned a lot!

July 26th Brian and Ashley- Denver, CO  “We learned how to navigate difficult conversations and respect each other's opinion.”
I thought it was great. It really allowed me to see Ashley's perspective on topics relating to our marriage and religion. It taught me about why Ashley really wanted to get married in the Catholic Church. Now, I wouldn't have it any other way!
Her: I loved it! I loved that it allowed us to have conversations that we might not thought to have. It really revived my relationship with God and the church. I want to make more an effort to go to church each and every week now.
BothWe learned how to navigate difficult conversations and respect each other's opinion.

July 27th Christopher and Sarah- Arlington, VA  “I feel like our relationship is stronger”
This course was useful in learning about marriage, communication, and the Catholic church. It revived my faith by reminding me of the blessings that God gives us and to take these blessings more seriously and graciously. 
Her: I am very happy with the communication that was done throughout this whole process. It had us talk about things that we hadn't discussed before.  I feel like our relationship is stronger because of it.
Both: Thank you for everything! We truly appreciated this entire process.

July 28th Ryan and Kaitlyn- Lenexa, KS We now believe that we're beginning our marriage with a strong foundation”
Him: I thought the preparation was really helpful. It made me think of what to expect in marriage and how to address it. I also learned about why the Catholic Church holds its views on particular subjects, such as marriage, divorce, contraception, and more. I gained a lot of insight into why the Catholic Church teaches a certain way and gained a lot of respect and understanding for those teachings.
Her: It was a great option for us! I really appreciated that there was a way for us to complete the preparation, while juggling our busy travel schedules. Our instructors were great to work with and provided a lot of feedback.
Both: Thank you so much for allowing us to participate in this marriage preparation. We now believe that we're beginning our marriage with a strong foundation and have really enjoyed the process.

July 29th Thai and Huong-Denver, CO   Having new perspective on how to communicate will be a powerful tool for us”
Him: I thought it was amazing getting so much of an experienced perspective on all these various topics. It's easy to fall into a singular-thought process but our instructor’s views and suggestions helped to take that step back and look at the larger picture again.
Her: Very informative! I enjoyed the course and getting our instructor’s point of view. All the exercises helped us talk things through again and this time in a new light.
Both: What this course has shown is that communication can and will benefit when including God in it. We're open and are able to talk about our pasts, mistakes, needs, wants, and everything in between. Having new perspective on how to communicate will be a powerful tool for us.

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