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Tara Brooke
19 April 2021

“Why are you troubled?”  These are the direct words Jesus spoke to His apostles during one of His appearances following the Resurrection.  The living God stood in front of His apostles and asked them, “Why are you troubled?”  That same living God stands in front of us today, asking us that same question.  As I spent time in prayer pondering that question, I realized there was much on my mind and my heart that seemed to be consumed with trouble.  God does not want our heart to be troubled…He desires for us to give Him those troubles and allow Him to work within our lives. 

Tara Brooke
14 April 2021

“Let those who are friendly to you be many, but one in a thousand your confidant.” (Sirach 6:6 NAB) This has been my life motto since I was about 18.  I got burned many times by many people I considered “friends” while I was in high school.  I shared my heart with people I considered “friends” only for it to be trampled on by those same people.  I made a conscience decision to be kind to others, but to share my heart with very few.  This has made for a bit of a lonely journey, but God has always given me at least one person during the different seasons of my life that I was able to call that one in a thousand confidant!

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Linde Declercq
10 October 2019
Family Life
It is striking that non-Western – and often non-Christian – people seem to be able to teach us essential lessons about life. Lately, two encounters with non-European women have made me question our individualistic lifestyles in a particular way.


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