September 1st Trevor and Eunice-Vancouver, Canada “Great for helping understand the roots of marriage from the Bible and God's teachings”
Him: Great for helping understand the roots of marriage from the Bible and God's teachings. Explanations of responses in the answer key were really thorough and there were a lot of great resources.
Her: It was very helpful to go from the beginning (Genesis) and examine how this has led us to marriage today. The prep was a lot of work, but stimulated great discussion and made us think of and talk about things we hadn't thought of before. There were a lot of great useful suggestions and resources provided.
Both: Thank you so much for putting in the time and thoughtful replies to help us during our marriage prep. We are very appreciative and found this course to be very enlightening and helpful.

August 31st Blane and Caitlin-Kansas City, KS “This prep taught us a lot about how to understand our Catholic religion
Him: This prep taught us a lot about how to understand our Catholic religion on a different level as we start our new life together as husband and wife.
Her: I think it helped us view our upcoming marriage in a different way by teaching us how to incorporate our faith into our daily lives together.
BothTalking about our future and goals we both want to achieve made us feel so much closer. We always knew what each other wanted for our future but combining our individual goals into our goals together is a great feeling.

September 1st Matthew and Diane-Chicago, IL We learned about each other and our goals and dreams.
Him: This was a good way to learn more about marriage and ways to keep it healthy. We look forward to starting a family and using NFP. It allowed us to understand what the Church teaches and why it is important for a lasting marriage.
Her: I feel like it went above my expectations. I thought this would only cover some marriage topics like finances, communication, and family, but it covered so much more.
Both: It gave us active listening techniques, and had us discuss topics that we may not have thought about discussing before marriage. It made us talk about what each wants and looks forward to about marriage.

September 1st William and Tiffany-Mastic, NY “I appreciated all the different tools this course used to prepare us for our marriage
Him: This prep was very informative and gave me a deeper understanding of my faith as a catholic, what it means to be a husband and tools for a successful marriage.
Her: I think this prep course was a good bonding experience for us as a couple as we prepare for our upcoming marriage.
Both: It got us to communicate our feeling, hopes, dreams and desires for the future as a married couple, who wishes to serve God.

September 30th Carl and Ana-Denver, CO  “This teaching was a gift in my life.”
Him: This was and is wonderful, full of insight and information which opened dialog between my wife and I that will be very helpful to build a long lasting marriage.
Her: This was an amazing journey, I learned so many things. I enjoyed reading your answer key and all your teachings I save in my heart and put in practice in my daily life.
Both: We both think that our instructors have done an excellent job in opening our eyes. God and Jesus Christ bless your wonderful ministry.  Thanks so much.