December 26th Daniel and Claudette- Bethlehem,PA “It gave me the truth of God's role in the marriage and opened my eyes to how important it is that He be in everything we do.”
Him: The class was a great experience. It gave me a lot of tools that can be used in our marriage. I was not sure what to expect from the class, especially because it was online. I was very happy with how the class was laid out and how much Claudette and I were able to dialogue on the chapters. This class was very informative and thorough, a must for those looking to get married.
Her: This class was an eye-opener. It taught me things that I had no clue about, things I should see and expect in a marriage, and allowed me to view things differently (once given the right information). It's also taught me more about God. The information provided was both helpful and useful.
Both: We feel it gave us a better understanding of how to look at certain situations and gave us ways to express ourselves with meaning. It helped us understand more of what marriage entails and how marriage should be with God at its center.

December 27ht Griffin and Molly- Los Angeles, CA “I enjoyed taking our time to complete this together and have honest conversations about various topics.”
Him: We were able to discuss questions and topics that we may not have been able to do as openly. We knew that this would help us grow in our understanding of each other and increase our knowledge of the faith and sacrament of matrimony.
Her: I truly enjoyed that were able to go at our own pace during this process. I have been involved with my faith and the Catholic Church, but loved learning more with Griffin and having important conversations as we begin this journey together.
Both: We were able to have discussions about important topics we may not have otherwise shared openly about.

December 28th Aaron and Abby- Omaha, NE   “It has let us both know where we both stand on some topics."
Him: I enjoyed this class.  It helped me to realize what she thinks and how she feels about many topics, some of which we have never really talked about.
Her: This class helped us to better prepare for and understand God’s purpose of marriage. It put me back into perspective of just how important Christ is in our daily lives, and how important he wil be in our marriage.  In addition it helped provide us tools and advice to help us throughout our marriage.
Both: It has encouraged us to talk about some topics that we have not yet discussed, and also let us both know about where we both stand on these topics. This course has sparked us to initiate conversations and discuss things further in order to compromise. In addition, we have been more inclined to take into consideration our partner’s point of view and how he/she may be affected in certain situations.

December 29th Krishna and Sandra- Cleveland, OH “a pretty elaborate crash course on the Catholic religion, what marriage is about, how it came to bem and what can we expect going forward.
Him: I loved it! Being from a different religion, this course was a pretty elaborate crash course on the Catholic religion, what marriage is about, how it came to be, and what can we expect going forward. I also loved the links and videos that were abundant in the assignments. The assignment nature of the course made it very easy and kind of fun to understand the different aspects of marriage. The course renewed my desire to get closer to God and His Church.
Her: The classes were very informative, not exclusively because of the religious aspect of marriage and the rite, but because it touches on everyday problems and situations that marriages face.
Both: It helped us see both of our religions and what their teachings are. But more than that, it brought us together to do the assignments, and we loved that we could communicate online and fill out the answers together.

December 30th David and Gia- Philadelphia, PA “I appreciated getting the time to sit down with my fiance and understood her perspectives on these subjects as well as my own.”
Him: This prep was beneficial in guiding me and my future wife on the right path to make the right choices along with involving Christ in our marriage for the rest of our lives.
Her: This course successfully prepared us for the journey of marriage. It taught us how to incorporate God into our lives as a couple as well as how to handle hardships during our marriage.
Both: This course improved our communication because we were able to complete the course together as a couple and speak with each other about answers and gaining more perspective.