May 15th Angel and Ariadne - Rockford,IL “It made me want to get closer to God”

Him: I am very happy with this prep. It provided a lot of information and answered questions I had before starting.
Her:  Overall I am very impressed and grateful for this course. It is allowing us to get married through the Church even though he is not in the same location as I am. I think this is a great course for any couple thinking about getting married, it opens your eyes more and makes you see how you can avoid confrontation or make your confrontations go more smoothly by being aware of each other's needs.
Both: It made us communicate more because we needed to review our answers and it made sure that we made time to do so. We both had open minds in what we said and talked about. The active listening assignment helped us better understand how we should hear the other person out and support them.

May 16th Sanil and Susan - Atlanta, GA  “I liked reading our instructors recommendations and point of views.”

Him: This course was great, it provided us a no pressure environment for us to discuss difficult subjects related to God and our relationship. It made me think a lot about the church's teachings that I was more exposed to growing up. It has been great to revisit these topics from an older perspective.
Her: This prep was definitely eye opening, it allowed us to discuss topics that may not of ordinarily come up at this point of our relationship. I think everyone will benefit from this course and I'm glad we had the opportunity to be part of it.
Both: It improved our communication because these were topics we both thought about individually but never talked about together.

May 17th Nicholas and Danielle – Lafayette, IN “It helped show me how important our faith really is to us”

Him: I enjoyed the topics of the Pre-Cana course.  Very comprehensive and it covered all of the topics we would want it to. I also appreciated the conversations it prompted between Dani and I. Our instructors made the whole process relatable and we liked reading their responses!
Her: I think this prep brings to light great topics of discussion amongst soon to be married couples. I felt that it helped Nick and I discuss topics that we had not discussed thoroughly. It taught us a lot about the catholic faith as well. I greatly appreciated our sponsor couple and all of their insight.  It reminded me of why I have made some decisions I have. It also .
Both: We now communicate on a deeper level.  We understand expectations for our marriage and are excited to start on this journey.

May 18th Brian and Sarah – Arlington, VA “It informed us and related our real life experiences and expectations to the written word from the Bible.”

Him: I really liked the personalized responses we got from our instructors. The answers were always prompt and detailed. I enjoyed it more than I expected and I think the most value that we got out of it was that we talked with each other about many of the issues.
Her: I like the depth of information that we received, and on so many different topics. It was nice to receive feedback from an actual couple who probably had to go through the same things we have. I definitely learned things I did not know, or had forgotten. And I am still committed to growing my faith.
Both: It brought up many issues that we either had not talked about or not thought about before and helped give us a start to begin the discussion.

May 19th Patrick and Claudia – Santa Fe, NM “It was a nice way of saying things that you haven't thought of saying”

Him: I would honestly say it exceeded my expectations.  It gave Claudia and I a chance to really reflect with one another and talk deeply about things we normally might not have time to talk about. It revived my faith in the sense of reading direct text from the Bible on how God has designed everything for a reason, and the importance of a relationship in our lives, and how this relationship echoes our relationship to Christ.
Her: This course was very helpful in getting Sheridan and I talking about certain things that we hadn’t thought of before. It also helped us think more deeply about the holy commitment we are making with each other and God. It was a great reminder of the love God has for us and how special it is that we are taking this step together with God.
Both: We gave each other the chance to listen to deep feelings and understand each other while learning about each other along the way.