February 13th Spencer and Jenna- La Ronge, Saskatchewan It provided a lot of opportunities for discussion.”
Him: I appreciated how much it got Jenna and I talking about subjects that we haven't discussed and how it made us elaborate on things what have talking about in the past. I found the answer keys very helpful because it has reinforced a lot of what Jenna and I understand about marriage.
Her: My overall impression of this prep is that it provided a lot of opportunity for discussion - and I really feel like we took those opportunities. I've always felt that Spencer and I were strong communicators, but it provided us with opportunities to discuss several things that we hadn't discussed previously, and it also provided a good base on the Church's teachings when it comes to love, marriage, sexuality, etc.
Both: Jenna and I did have always had great communication between us as we were forced to do so when Jenna moved away for 6 months. I feel that this course allowed us to touch on subjects that might have not gotten brought up otherwise and we had some great discussions. Having some insight into your marriage has shown us that continuing to communicate is key. I don't know if the course improved our communication - but I loved the opportunities it provided for us to communicate about things that we hadn't talked about before. It also provided the opportunity for Spencer and I to pursue old topics on a deeper level than we had previously - which ultimately brought us closer together with a deeper understanding of each other.

February 14th Wilberto and Gloria- New York, NY  “I highly recommend it for future couples in preparation for marriage.”
Him: It has opened my eyes and heart to better understand the sacredness of marriage and has given me a strong core base to start off in a positive and grand manner with the blessing of our Lord.It most certainly has shown me the true beauty and sacredness of the marital process.
Her: Everything was appreciated including the instructors’s incredible knowledge and sharing of their own stories. I appreciated all the extras provided to advance our knowledge and future planning.It has allowed me to maintain a positive attitude and mental state regarding the marital process.
Both: It provoked conversation regarding subjects we had not previously discussed in depth and opened up conversations we hadn't thought of discussing yet. As a result of this, we were able to discuss a lot of things and plan better for the expected & unexpected. We are more comfortable discussing realistic & important areas that are necessary as a succeeding couple.

February 15th Derek and Dara- Denver, CO  “It gave me a new perspective of how God plays such an integral part in our relationship and in our future marriage.”
Him: My overall impression was that this was a good tool for us to reflect on our relationship and to help set expectations that we will have going into marriage.
Her: My overall impression is that the course covered a lot of ground and led to a lot of good conversations between me and my future spouse. Even though we are both Christians, I don't think we talked a lot about our faith to each other before and this has been a good start to doing it more. I like too that it will be in accordance with our beginning our marriage together.
Both: It carved out space and designated time for us to thoughtfully discuss serious areas of our future and marriage. It helped us to slow down and listen to each other so we could grow in understanding what each of us thought and why.

February 16th Cleofas and Mary- Sacramento, CA  “Absolutely an eye opener!
Him: This class is perfectly designed for professionals like us. It is very informative, a good refresher of my early school catechism course. Kudos to [our instructors] in helping professional couples to get them into a right direction to a marriage life. It gets us both a lot closer to the church and to our God.
Her: I am very impressed and well planned course for couple in preparing to enter the married world.
Both: The course proved it to us that communication is one of the factors of successful marriage.

February 17th Christian and Carmel- Sacramento, CA  “It revives my faith because I know I'll be sure to celebrate the Sacrament fully.”
Him: It was a great experience and a well-made preparatory course. It gave me a lot of things to really think about and how best to handle situations. It also gave me the ideas on what questions need to be asked, how they can be answered, and what could be done.
Her: It's a very welcoming and encouraging course. Our instructors were absolutely great - very helpful and accommodating throughout the whole process. I went into this course wanting to feel prepared for marriage, and this course ensured it.
Both: Just the consistent reminder in each lesson on simply talking to each other and being open without any reservation has made it very easy to communicate with each other. Knowing that we both love each other, there's no issue too unforgivable if we're willing to talk with open minds, patience, and respect. We now make sure to remind us of this whenever we want to communicate, and it has worked greatly.