February 4th Claudio and Kelly – Savannah, GA
“Our instructors took the time to provide very detailed feedback to each question and assignment.”

Him:  It was better than expected, excellent feedback for each assignment, I really enjoyed going through this process.

Her: I appreciated doing all the assignments together and the excellent feedback from our instructors.

BothWorking on the assignments we realized even more about the importance of communication, and how important it is to solve minor or big problems and to have a better relationship everyday.

February 5th Russell and Brett – Buffalo, NY
“We felt that this was a very valuable course and feel very well prepared.”

Him:We were able to take our time, which was great vs. rushing through a class in person. We felt we have learned from this class significantly because we could take our time! 

HerI really appreciated the love letters!!!They brightened my day and I feel it make us a stronger couple and put a smile on each other’s face. 

Both: We feel this course has made us stronger not only with our relationship but most importantly our relationship with God.

February 6th Stephan and Dorothy – Washington DC
“Just overall a great course and a wonderful experience for us!”

HimI appreciated the course creating time set aside for us to communicate our feelings and expectations in marriage.

HerI felt like this course was great for preparing for marriage. There were a lot of "real life" questions that sparked different conversations. 

BothThe course was enlightening and helped us both have open communication about our marriage that we may not have discussed otherwise. 

February 7th Justin and Allison – San Antonio, TX
“We grew closer together throughout the course and the resources were great!”

Him:The online format was good/flexible to be able to do on our own time.

Her I appreciated the Catholic aspect, which Justin is not familiar with, so that we could discuss more in depth my faith. 

BothThe feedback following each assignment was helpful. It helped us to solve problems/accomplish something together. 


February 8th Alexander and Lauren – Swanton, OH
“The course was a very fun way to learn with each other. We really enjoyed it.”

Him: I appreciated learning about marriage and how it fits into God's plan for us.

Her: (The course) revived my faith by reminding me that marriage is centered around God and Christ.

BothThe course made us talk about serious things, which was great because we listened to each other and learned about how we each feel.