November 7th Brandon and Tara- Denver, CO “I think that spiritually we have grown together.”
Him: It was helpful because it made us consider things/situations that we hadn't before. If we had considered them before, then the prep lessons encouraged us to think and talk about them in a different manner.
Her: I think this course reminded me of how deep and rich the Catholic teachings are. I like that the lessons had explanations and reasons for the way we do and see things regarding marriage.
Both: It gave us the topics to talk about and we worked to communicate them to each other. Because we had to complete the assignments together, we got to dedicate time to sit down and share our thoughts and ideas.

November 8th Bert and Laura- Dallas, TX  “I love that it gave us a chance to dive into the tough questions and talk about our intimate feelings about everything that will come with marriage.”
Him: I thoroughly enjoyed it and am very glad that this is an option for us. [The mentor couple] were very involved and thorough, we very much enjoyed how personal they were sharing their experiences.
Her: I thought this was a wonderful way to bond with Cam as we prepare for our upcoming wedding. It gave us an opportunity to discuss very intimate details fully that we will reflect back on for the rest of our lives.
Both: It forced us to talk about things that are not easy to discuss, but it solidified that we are on the same page and we have talked openly about the most critical major moments to come in our marriage.

November 9st  Andrew and Jillian-St. Louis, MS “It made me interested to learn more about the church and its teachings.”
Him: I thought it was good. It helped us think about a lot of things we don't normally talk about.
Her: I liked a lot of it. I am usually very uncomfortable when talking about religion, so I am very vulnerable when I do. It created several intimate moments with my future spouse as we had difficult conversations. I expected uncomfortable conversations to arise, and they did. This made both me and my future spouse have to pause and think before discussing the ideas in the prep.
Both: We get to talk about faith for the first time! This has never been a huge conversation in our relationship, but it opened up the gates, and we hope to continue it.

November 10th Glenn and Christina-Scottsdale, AZ “I feel we grew closer through our learned assignments”
Him: Very informative, faith filled information, I feel we grew closer through our learned assignments, with a deeper knowledge, this will continue on our faith path, along with the Sacrament of Matrimony and the blessings we receive in Love for one another and for God.
Her: I loved it! So much truth and depth as is our Catholic faith! It was nice to sit next to each other through these assignments and really work together even more as a couple. A deeper sense of commitment to each other. I plan on reviewing our assignments; there is so much fantastic information!
Both: This is unlike anything we have worked on together as a couple, a moment to help each other connect deeper in our faith and our commitment to each other, to have and to hold, in sickness and health, We are so very grateful and happy we made this very important decision in our lives and for our family. Thank you for being our wings on this journey.

November 11th Michael and Alysha- Westminster, UK “It was good to learn and to be ensured what and which exactly are the values to the Catholic Church.”
Him: What I appreciated the most it was teaching couples that they should be humble and try always to overcome their problems as a team, not trying to blame each other or try to find something/someone to put the blame on.
Her: It was really good! I didn't expect to be so clarifying, so soul liberating. It had many things that I didn't know and I wasn't aware of it. This has also renewed my strength and commitment with God and His wills. This has been a such nice guidance which made me reflected on God's love and grace, allowing us to have created at the end of this preparation a strong foundation which is full of Christian's values to our marriage.
Both: It improved us to communicate better, to think about future problems that could possibly come along and how to solve them, to look our life how it is now and what are we trying to achieve with marriage, to make Jimmy understand more what are the teachings of God and why He wants it like that and understanding that God wants the best for us and He is and He will always be in our marriage because marriage IS living in God's sacrament and grace. We now know what we are, were we come from and what we want to achieve together, and to avoid future surprises.