October 16th James and Phoebe – San Francisco, CA“This course was useful in learning about marriage, communication, and the Catholic church.”

Him: My overall impression of this class is amazing and insightful. This class has brought much insight of the Sacrament of Matrimony and Forgiveness to me. I learn so much in the progression of the course and I will use and hold this knowledge for the rest of my life. This class gives a great assistance and prepared us to live as a married couple into one body and feel closer to her as we found different view of our live, love, truth and faith.
Her: I so enjoyed this program and the class was a great way to focus our minds to prepare for the marriage life. We learned so much since I am appreciated the feedback which our instructors given to us. It also helped us to focus our minds and clarify our plans. 
Both: This course absolutely improved our communication.  We were able to talk and work through some topics (Natural Family Planning). We openly discussed our answers we originally provided with Jill and Bret in our initial interview to begin our marriage folder.  We honestly discuss and communicate well with one another and this course indicated certain topics that we can discuss more in future. 

October 17th Ryan and Michelle – St. Louis, MO “It reminded me of how important yet overlooked the spiritual side of a relationship is.”

Him: It was very informative with substantial material. I wish we lived in the same state to have the freedom to really dive into this but I think this just gives us a taste of what we can look forward to in our life together as parishioners. We are excited for couples retreats and looking at getting involved with Marriage Encounter to add a much-needed spiritual aspect to couples counseling.
Her: I have enjoyed delving into deep conversations with Ryan and talking through both of our perspectives and how we were brought up within the Catholic Church. It has been nice to see that Ryan and I are on the same page about most topics, but we still have unique perspectives that will help and add to our marriage.
Both: It allowed us to delve deeper into very delicate topics. We have talked about our desire to have children, but we had not discussed NFP yet, but we are both onboard and excited to practice NFP and to bring greater intimacy within our marriage. We also had not discussed how we would discipline our children, and this is something that we need to continue to talk about. 

October 18th Julian and Colleen – Portland, ME “It definitely reminded me of the role that the Church once played in my life, and still plays in the world around me.”

Him: It was a good way to take a better look at the "nuts and bolts" of our relationship, and helped affirm that our love is built on a solid foundation of trust, respect, and selflessness.
Her: The feedback appreciated our point of view, and was more guiding than correcting or commanding.
Both: It provided topics for in-depth discussion which haven't necessarily arisen naturally. We have discussed future plans, children, etc., but not necessarily our own relationships with God and Christ.

October 20th John and Abigail – Detroit, MI “It gave us a conversation starter and a nice perspective to see what we agreed or felt differently on.”

Him: I really enjoyed this. I learned a lot about marriage and relationship in general. I also got to look a little deeper in what marriage means in the church. And it was nice to get back responses to our responses and answers. 
Her: I thought it was very helpful. I learned a lot of information that I didn't know and you both were very helpful. It also made John and I slow down and talk about things and focus on each other instead of just everything we have to do for the wedding. 
Both: It gave us a better way to communicate and more urgent need of its importance to keep our relationship strong.

October 20th Matthew and Eden – Altoona-Johnstown, PA “It brings me closer to God knowing that there is much that I can improve on.” 

Him: It gave me a lot of insight into why the Church has a lot of its opinions and where these opinions can be traced back to the bible
Her: It was very informative, eye-opening, and brought us closer together as well as closer to God. It gave me a greater idea of married life and definitely made me feel more prepared. It went beyond my expectations and I have already begun recommending the online prep because I believe it allows you to be more open and honest while still having an open connection with your sponsors.
Both: It allowed us to look at both sides, compromise, expectations and listening.