At first, years ago, priests and deacons only sent their problem couples: separated by distance, older couples, couples with difficult schedules.
Many now see the benefit of the online program for all couples versus live classes.
It gives couples more time and intimacy to discuss and process each topic.
It also allows for more resources via the Internet.
The program is not about knowledge. It's a process, a path towards conversion, and it requires time.

Because we have live instructors and therefore customize, we can deal and adapt to all kinds of people: convalidations, remarriages; we have handicapped couples, blind, autistic, special need couples.
We have more and more Inter faith couples (Protestants/Catholic, Jewish/Catholic or Muslim Catholic)
But we also have ‘specialized’ instructors couples:
- Several of our instructor couples are themselves in the military, they understand military life.
- Christian was born and raised in Africa, in a Muslim country with a large Jewish community, he understands both religions. He worked fifteen years in Africa and the Middle East too, it helps a lot.
- Rudy and Carmen are Hispanics; they take care of the Hispanic and the Spanish speaking couples.
We have instructor couples of different ages and background, it is easy to direct the engaged couples to them.
For example, Christian and Christine are ‘seasoned’, they like to work with older couples and convalidation.
Parishes don’t need to burn out their resources: they can send us their overflow or their difficult cases and we take good care of each couple.