Deacon Dan Brooke and his wife Tara share a passion for their faith, their marriage, and helping others deepen theirs. Dcn. Dan enjoys helping engaged couples prepare for marriage and married couples deepen their relationship through various writing, speaking, and marriage prep activities. He and his wife Tara have five kids, who give ample experience to draw from when sharing the highs and lows and the challenges and rewards of being part of a family.

Praying on Purpose Part 3- Praying for Another


What can we give that’s more valuable than begging God’s blessings for others?

This is the second part of a series on being more purposeful about deepening our relationship with God through prayer.  The first part can be found here, and I recommend starting there.

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Praying on Purpose Part 2- Reconciliation The best medicine to cure entitlement in prayer


This is the second part of a series on being more purposeful about deepening our relationship with God through prayer.  The first part can be found here, and I recommend starting there.

I stood on one side of the door and my daughter hid on the other.  I don’t yell or call names, but I sure can be mean.  It’d been a long day, my mind had been filled with anxieties about work, and my daughter had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Half an hour later I stood outside her room and knocked.  It was time to apologize.

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Praying on Purpose Part 1- Praise Starting Prayer Off on the Right Foot


Prayer is the most impactful factor of each relationship in our lives.  A deeper relationship with God leads to deeper relationships with the people in the world around us.  Jesus’ command to love our neighbors and our enemies gives complete confidence that as we draw closer to God he will encourage us to draw closer to our spouse, children, family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and the vulnerable.

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Focusing Our Wandering Eyes


Are we careful not to wander when prayer isn’t what it used to be?

 Can you think of a time when you felt completely on fire about your faith?  Truth and lies seemed so clear, didn’t they?  You had perspective on what really mattered and what was passing vanity.  You understood what “mountaintop experience” meant, like when Jesus took his coolest disciples up a mountain—the others must have been parking the donkey—and he was transfigured into something they’d never seen before and could barely describe (Mt 17).  They got it.  They saw what was really going on.

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Why Our Kids Annoy Us: How Can Those Little Angels Get Under Our Skin So Easily?


The house was a disaster.

Well, that’s a tad dramatic.  It wasn’t really so bad—by my standards—but it was messy enough and I’d already cleaned up so many times that I struggled to hide my disappointment and frustration.  

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The Art of Celebrating Easter: More Joy, Less Bingeing


Every year the Church asks 1.2 billion faithful Catholics to pray, fast, and give alms more for 40 days (plus a few for the Triduum and such) to prepare for 50 days of celebrating Jesus’ resurrection.  

If you asked those 1.2 billion people which is longer, Lent or Easter, how many would realize it’s Easter?  

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Your Family Needs St. Joseph...Now!


Seriously, if you have a family and/or are employed, you need St. Joseph!

 Two months ago, I would likely have taken one look at an article with this title and kept on scrolling.  It’s not that I was anti-St. Joseph or anything.  It’s just that I’ve never experienced “needing” anyone outside of my family to take care of my family.  These kinds of articles tend to talk about people who lived long ago, did important stuff, and are now saints we should build a devotion to.

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