Not the Destination...

Marriage is a journey, not a destination...

Is There Room At the Inn?


Two years ago, exactly today, God called me to make one of the most drastic decisions I had ever made in my life.  One would think marriage or having children would top that list, but for me, those decisions seemed so natural, so perfect, so…welcomed!  When God called me to resign from my job, which, mind you, I loved, to stay home with my family, I blindly obeyed…but, I may have drug my feet just a little bit.  It wasn’t natural!  I loved working in ministry, and it was what I knew.  It didn’t seem perfect…wouldn’t I get bored staying home all day?  It certainly was not welcomed!  Why do I need to leave something I loved, wasn’t my family doing well?  I was filled with anxiety and confusion as to why God was calling this of me, but I was obedient.

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Saint Francis Xavier


"Love is what gives value to all our works; its not thanks to the greatness and multitude of our works that we please God, but thanks to the love with which we do them." ~ Saint Francis Xavier

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Pornography...A Battle We MUST Win!


The other night my husband and I did a Pre-Marriage Inventory Session with an engaged couple.  We absolutely love working with engaged couples and helping them prepare to for the beautiful Sacrament of Matrimony.  We typically find that the couples are open to this process and really do want to get the tools that will help them to move into a successful marriage.  This particular couple was more of a “challenge” as they were open, but yet very set in their ways.  This was our second session with them, so a relationship had been established and we knew that we had some very difficult conversations to have.  There was one conversation that we had that has not left my mind.  I’ve been playing the conversation over and over wishing that it could have gone differently.  The statement we were discussing was, “I believe pornography is harmful to marriage!”  

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Sts Monica and Augustine: Mother-Son Saints!




The tears of the Mother gained the heart of the Son.

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Praying on Purpose Part 3- Praying for Another


What can we give that’s more valuable than begging God’s blessings for others?

This is the second part of a series on being more purposeful about deepening our relationship with God through prayer.  The first part can be found here, and I recommend starting there.

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Make Family Time Count


It’s the beginning of September and for us school is in full swing.  I am typically a lover of routine and schedule, but it is such a big adjustment this year.  Last year we homeschooled some of our kids and so it seemed that things were a bit calmer in our house, and adjusting back to chaotic mornings, school drop offs and pick-ups at four different schools, and extracurricular activities have been tough for this mama.  In the morning it takes a good hour to get everyone dropped off and then again at the end of the school day.  Then my seven-year-old has therapy appointments most days after school and my 10-year-old has 2 hours of football four nights a week.  This doesn’t include my daughter’s music, drama, and work activities.  I am EXHAUSTED!!!  Any other mama’s feel this way? 

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Married Dreaming


“A dream is a wish your heart makes, when your fast asleep…” What are your dreams?  When I was little girl, I was a BIG dreamer.  I remember wanting to be a teacher, just like my favorite teacher ever.  I was going to be as fun as she was, and I was going to love kids as much as she does!  I wanted desperately to be a mom and I was going to have a lot of kiddos to take care of.  I was going to love them as fiercely as my mom loved me.  I also wanted to be an astronaut!!!  I loved space and I loved learning about the planets…I was going to travel to space and touch the moon, just like Mr. Armstrong!  

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