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Marriage is a journey, not a destination...

Who's Are We?


Who am I?  That is a question I have been called to ponder many times throughout my life.  Haven’t we all?  All over the world people ask: “Tell me about yourself!”  Job interviews, friendships, dating relationships…people want to know who we are!  I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, lay minister, co-worker, friend, aunt…the list goes on and on!  All of these titles are true, they are all part of who I am, but they dull in comparison to my one true identity…I am a child of God, and I am a beloved daughter of the King, and He is well pleased with me! 

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Happy Feast of Elizabeth Ann Seton!


"Faith lifts the staggering soul on one side, Hope supports it on the other. Experience says it must be, and love says let it be." - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

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The Saints of Christmas-The Wise Men


As we continue with our series on the saints of Christmas it would be amiss if we did not take some time to learn from the wise men.  They were the latecomers to the manger scene and they travelled the farthest distance to see the newborn king.  There journey was certainly difficult and confusing…what can we learn from them?

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Is There Room At the Inn?


Two years ago, exactly today, God called me to make one of the most drastic decisions I had ever made in my life.  One would think marriage or having children would top that list, but for me, those decisions seemed so natural, so perfect, so…welcomed!  When God called me to resign from my job, which, mind you, I loved, to stay home with my family, I blindly obeyed…but, I may have drug my feet just a little bit.  It wasn’t natural!  I loved working in ministry, and it was what I knew.  It didn’t seem perfect…wouldn’t I get bored staying home all day?  It certainly was not welcomed!  Why do I need to leave something I loved, wasn’t my family doing well?  I was filled with anxiety and confusion as to why God was calling this of me, but I was obedient.

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Saintly Parents Inspire Holy Children: Venerable Vittorio Trancanelli


Last year, I started doing research on saintly parents. I wanted to be inspired and find holy men and women, resolute moms, and dads, who were able to raise a family and live their faith fully. I was surprised at how many examples we have in our Catholic faith to inspire those of us who try to live the faith in our families. I want to share some of these inspiring stories with you all, in a series of posts I will call “Saintly Parents.”

Does parenthood make you a saint?  (Those of us living this right now may have different answers 😊)  Can your saintly life inspire your children to live holy lives as well? Venerable Vittorio Trancanelli is one example that proves that, yes, this is possible.

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Are You Ready for Your One-Way Trip?


If you had a one way trip to another county looming, how would you prepare?

The other day I heard one of the most sobering statements of my life. We were out to dinner after the funeral of a family member and one of my aunts said:

“Well, I guess we’re on deck”

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The Saints of Christmas: The Shepherds


As we move ever closer to Christmas, we continue to wonder with the ever-familiar saints of Christmas.  Today we will look at the everyday sainthood of the shepherds. What can we learn from the simple, most humble servants that visited our Lord at his birth? 

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