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This is my challenge to all of you today! Will you follow me? Will you be strong and smart enough to turn it off?
Why this challenge? Here is the story!
This morning, my daughters sent me this shocking picture:

I have a hard time believing that this kind of stupid, immature, uneducated... and self-centered comments can be published! (The irony is that this text is placated on a picture of the French demonstrating AGAINST gay marriage! Ha! Ha!)

Of course it is everyone’s business if we massacre our babies and if we destroy marriage! Of course it is everyone’s business if we don’t respect life anymore, if we don’t respect the natural laws anymore. Just imagine for one second that the sun decides to stop following its natural course! What would ensue? Apocalyptic chaos for sure!

It is everyone’s business because we are leading our culture and our future to disaster! Everyone will be affected for sure!
Don’t people care about their children’s future, about their children’s children’s future? What kind of society are they going to leave behind them?

For me, the big cause for this immaturity is TV. People are so brainwashed that they can’t think for themselves anymore. Americans spend an average of 5 hours per day watching TV! What a waste of time! It is no wonder that they lose little by little their critical thinking. Their brains absorb so much poison, so much junk, that they are saturated. They are totally desensitized. And when I say TV I mean of course the news (always biased) and all these trashy series that subtly – and not so subtly – make people think that perversion and immorality are the new norms!

TV has replaced people’s conscience. If they ever think, they think according to it. It’s the god in all households! It slowly and surely modifies people’s way of thinking, impregnates them with so many lies and false ideas that they are totally unable to see the Truth anymore. It’s easy then for governments to manipulate us and to bring us to where they want.

TV also takes away creativity form us. A few examples: our grandson Josh had been watching more movies than usual because of his parents moving. When he came to visit us, he started whining that he was bored when he had NEVER said such a thing before. All he wanted was for us to let him watch a movie! Our daughter, Charlotte, also admitted that when she watches too many movies, her creativity dries out and she can’t write anymore.

We do not have TV, although we do watch some movies that we choose. We are so much happier and healthier for it! When I told my daughter that I was going to challenge people to boycott TV, the answer was: no one will! Why? They are ADDICTED! Yes, on top of that, TV is addictive! So let’s show the world that we can get out of it, that we can turn it off for good, that we can stop the lies and the brainwashing, that we won't let "them" manipulate us anymore, and let's start thinking straight again! YAY! Happy 4th of July!

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