Christian Meert


Encounter at the Post Office

Friday 5:25 pm, at the local post office, two last customers in a hurry and three post office employees ready to pack up and leave.

While I was weighing and stamping my tubes and large envelopes containing the Rocky Mountain Catholic Men’s Conference's posters and flyers, the post office employee looking at the return address says out loud: “Ah, Catholic Marriage Prep!”
The other customer, a young lady sending packages to an APO destination, turns and says: “I just got married!” Everybody says: “Congratulations."
She continues :”We did the Online Catholic Marriage Prep program with Christine and Christian!”
I was dumfounded and said:” WOW! So nice to meet you, I am Christian!”
They had completed their program in March or April and her husband had been deployed five weeks after their wedding. They had both loved the program, her husband was extremely happy with it!
We chitchatted a bit more, her eyes were wet when we parted.
What were our chances to meet an engaged couple who took the Online Catholic Marriage Prep with us? One in a million? This was a nice encouragement!

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