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Friday Feedback 11

Friday Feedback 11

Dear Instructors,

Before we go in and fill out the feedback we would like to take a minute to thank you both. Not only have you helped us through this process for the Church but you have made us so much stronger as a couple.

You opened up to us and made us feel extremely comfortable talking to you both.
We were able to look at you both as family instead of strangers!
You opened our eyes to things that we never had brought up in our relationship the past 5 years of us being together and we now know things about each other when we thought we knew it all before!
We are more connected with God and we owe it all to you!!
We feel that the bond between us and God has become so much stronger because you have made it feel natural to just bow our heads together and pray to him for help or just to say thank you to him for making our lives stronger!
You are both incredible people and we are honestly grateful to have gotten such amazing mentors throughout this journey to our marriage!
Thank you both so very much for being so great to us and for teaching us all of the things we truly need in order to have a successful marriage with God with us the entire time!
We can’t thank you enough for bringing us to where we are today and we always talk about how grateful we are for you both to our priest when we meet with him!!
Our priest can see that we have changed a lot since this process began..
I am able to open up more with my future husband and not keep things in and he is able to express his feelings and love with me 100%..
We are both able to be in the middle of disagreement but then stop and realize that it isn’t worth the little fight.
We can both sit together and speak about marriage and future babies without feeling awkward because you have opened our eyes to communication and with each assignment brought up new topics for us to discuss together which in the long run made us so strong!
I will say it again and I will say it a million times more we honestly appreciate you helping us through this process and making us who we are today before we walk down that aisle and become one with each other!!
You are both a blessing to us and we were truly blessed with two amazing people to share this journey with!!
Thank you again!

Bryan and Ashley

"Beta Marriage" or testing marriage out
Friday Feedback 10

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