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Friday Feedback 2

1)   What is your overall impression of this prep (his answer)? it was very helpful and eye opening

2) Did it meet your expectations?  Yes and beyond for both of us

3) What did you appreciate most and why?:

Him: the discussions we had during the course.

Her: I liked that everything was in such detail and didn't skimp (in order not to offend; it wasn't always what you wanted to hear, it was the truth)

How did the course revive - or not - your faith?:

Him: Gave you a taste of what the churches teachings are.

Her: I loved how in depth everything was. It was refreshing to hear real teaching with no sugar coating. And to hear topics I have never once heard a priest even address even when asked such as the contraception talk. There are a lot of church teachings that I have never heard discussed in all the retreats I have been to and other church functions. I’ve heard from a lot of people that many priests are just intimidated by many subjects therefore don't ever discuss them with their church goers. Another couple I know that got married this summer was very disappointed with the alternative marriage retreat (engaged encounter). It missed many of the topics covered here and they were pretty disappointed. They completely skipped over what the church really teaches about contraception and a few other topics so they will be listening to the talk that was given here.

Comments on communication through the course: We were forced and able to talk about a few subjects we haven't spent a ton of time discussing previously.

9) Comments:Thought it was very long but well worth it. I know we would have been a lot more relaxed about it if we would have started at least 6months before the wedding. I'm glad it was something we had to do and spend time on. I know a lot of the churches here don't even require the engaged encounter or offer this as an alternative. I think they should even though it is so much work; but people these days need to wake up and discover what marriage really is and if your not willing to make an effort to get married you're probably going to be lazy in your marriage also. Thanks for everything it was wonderful

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