By Bob and Barbara

While this is both Bob's and my first marriage and we are "senior citizens," I appreciate that the Church asks us to give thought to the Sacrament of marriage.

What is your overall impression of this prep.?
It has been a very thought provoking discussion on the importance of marriage with special attention paid to living a righteous life with God's love a marriage that will help us enter the gates of heaven so that we can be together throughout eternity.
Barbara: I found the online marriage preparation course very informative and enlightening and it made me do some deep thinking and recalling material that I learned in growing up from the Bible and my school Cathechism classes. Feedback from both of you added depth to our answers as well as the additional reading material. I truly enjoyed taking this course with Bob and got deep into some subjects we hadn't gotten to discuss as far as religion and how we felt. Although the course was longer than I expected but the rewards came at the end when Bob told me that he really enjoyed the course that my Church asked us to make. It was much less distracting online than classroom discussion would have been. I know that with Gods blessing, Bob and I will make a good marriage dedicated to each other and to be together here on earth and in heaven.
Did it meet your expectations?
Bob: I think that I had no expectations prior to starting the course but was pleasantly suprised as we got into it. It caused me to give consideration to issues that I hadn't thought about till starting the course.
Barbara: The course exceeded my expectations because I got the chance to search deeply within myself for the answers and how they would relate to a life with Bob.
What did you appreciate most and why?
Bob: It caused Barbara and I to discuss all manner of subjects such as the issues that causes marital failures. Also, the marriage "First Aid Kit". In the nine years that we have been going out we had never gotten in discussions in such depth and certainly with biblical text and the help provided in the answer keys.
Barbara: While this is both Bob's and my first marriage and we are "senior citizens" I appreciate that the Church asks us to give thought to the Sacrament of marriage.
Comments on communication through the course:
Thanks to this course, Bob and I have learned to enjoy communicating on a level that we didn't previously have. We gained a heightened respect for each others opinions with a better understanding of where they come from. We know each others past in much more detail due to our prep discussions.
Online courses are difficult for computer illiterates but because we live in different locations with unlimited long distance (thank goodness) it was our only good option. It turned out to be the better option because I can't imagine how one could cover so much detail in a one day class. Thank you both so very much for your thoughtful and heartfelt responses you provided in the answer keys. We know that your presence has helped our pending union and for that we thank God.