Friday Feedback 7

By Mark and Samantha

It opened up a whole new world for us.
We've gone to church together but never

gone this in depth with each other about what we thought.

What is your overall impression of this prep?
I thought it was very beneficial and it really started a lot of important conversations between Samantha and I. It really got me thinking about how much there is to our faith and what I have to look forward too in marriage.
Samantha Overall, this marriage preparation really opened up my eyes. It made me realize how much I don't know or don't remember about my faith. To add to that, it also makes me realize I don't understand everything about my faith. Our instructors were very helpful and explained things in great deal to help us better understand things. They also didn't judge us on our answers even when we were way off. It was definitely a great learning experience and helped Mark and I know where we were together in life and with our faith.

What did you appreciate most and why?
Mark: I appreciated the time I got to spend with Sammie learning about our faith. It was different then just hanging out with her. I got to connect on a whole new level with her.
Samantha: I appreciated the feedback from our teachers. I loved how they gave examples from theirs. I worry all the time about what life will be like and if I'll be able to handle it. They taught me that God will help me thru everything as long as I let him.

How did the course revive - or not - your faith?
Mark: It reminded me that our faith is special and nothing or no one can replace it. It reminded me that at least going to church once a week isn't that hard.
Samantha: It made me realize that I probably need to take a class or do a bible study to help me understand our faith better. I go to church every Sunday and occasionally during the week. It just made me realize that God did so much for me and that I should really dedicate more time for him.