Christine Meert

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Journey to a Distant Land

Looked at the map: an impressive 10,178 miles to go, in Japanese: 鹿児島~名瀬~亀徳~和泊~
- Three hour flight from Colorado Springs to San Francisco
- 11 hour flight from San Francisco to Tokyo
- Another three hour flight from Tokyo to Naha.
Then we will be picked up and driven to Kadena Air Force Base.
Departure from Colorado Springs: Tuesday at 7:30 am (MST) - It will be 10:30 p.m. in Okinawa! 15 hours difference!
Arrival time in Okinawa: 9:00 pm on Wednesday.
The weather is supposed to be good: 72 to 75 degrees Farenheit with 73 to 80 % humidity! It will be a big change from dry Colorado.
Maybe we'll come back moldy and covered with mushrooms?

Stay tuned for our travel blog!


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