Since 2004, the only online interactive mentor-led pre-cana program.

Main goals:

  • To help couples integrate St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body into their whole life.
  • They discover the dignity of each Person.
  • They form their conscience to the beauty and complementarity of their different missions as man and woman, to the nobleness and worth of their sexuality, as well as to the fruitfulness of their love.
  • They discover the incomparable value of each life.
  • They also enter deeply into the Sacrament of Matrimony, the “primordial” sacrament, as St. John Paul II called it.
    “That mystery, as God’s salvific plan in regard to humanity, is in a certain sense the central theme of all revelation, its central reality. It is the most ancient revelation (manifestation) of the plan in the created world.”TOB Sept. 8th, 1982 – p.p. 321-22

The program helps couples pass from an intellectual understanding of the Faith to actually experience God’s love and presence in their daily lives.
It makes them to understand that Marriage is a vocation, it is the path they choose to answer to God’s call to help each other become the Persons God created them to be.

The program started as a live course in 1999 for the Archdiocese of Denver. It is deeply rooted in the Teachings of the Catholic Church, especially John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.
It became the First online interactive Catholic marriage prep program in May 2004 under the name Catholic Marriage it is available in - English – Spanish – French
It is under the patronage of Saints like St Joseph, St Paul, St Maximillien Kolbe and Saint John Paul II.