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Not the Destination...

Marriage is a journey, not a destination...

Friday Feedback 1

1) What is your overall impression of this prep?

Philip: My impression of this prep is that it provided us the tools and lessons to a very successful Catholic marriage. Everything I have learned throughout this program will benefit us so much to make our marriage stronger over time and allow us to overcome anything our relationship faces. These lessons have also opened our eyes to what we will teach our future children. I also very much enjoyed our instructors feedback to our answers in every single worksheet - they are both so insightful.
Andrea: This prep program was absolutely amazing! Not only did we learn so much more about each other but we now have the proper tools to overcome any obstacle our marriage may face. We also have a better understanding of a true Catholic marriage and plan on surrounding our life and marriage with everything we have learned from this program. I enjoyed our very attentive instructors as well, you both were extremely helpful.

2) Did it meet your expectations?

Philip: Yes!! This program exceeded our expectations and we will remember everything we have learned. This program has made me even more excited to finally make the biggest commitment to the person I love the most and better yet my best friend and surrounding our marriage in strong Catholic values.
Andrea: Oh my gosh, yes! I loved every interactive worksheet and videos. We learned so much about the true meaning of marriage and the life long commitment we are making to one another.

3) Did you take the time to read most of the links provided in the answer keys?

Of course we did! Every single link was so insightful and embellished each topic of each worksheet. These links allowed us to dig deeper into the true meaning of each worksheet. We really enjoyed the links!! We also really loved writing our love letters and forgiveness cards, they made us see each other in a new light and we plan on writing more of these to each other every month. :)

4) What did you appreciate most and why?

Philip: I appreciated the hands on tasks that were given to us. It allowed us to speak to one another about the material we had just gone over and expand our feelings or thoughts on the final lesson we were just taught. Each worksheet brought us closer to one another and closer to Christ.
Andrea: What I appreciated the most was how each lesson created a stronger bond between the two of us. We almost feel like a new line of communication has been opened, as we find ourselves talking about Catholic values and making sure Christ is in our every day lives and will be with our future children.

5) Did the course revive, or renew your desire to get closer to God and His Church? Yes

How did the course revive - or not - your faith?

Philip: My faith was revived as I was a man of little faith but I still had faith in my life. After doing this program, my faith is much much stronger and I can say that now I am a man of very strong faith and plan on converting to the Catholic religion later in life. I feel Christ in my life now, and welcome him with open arms.
Andrea: As I am a woman of Catholic religion, I wasn't practicing much. Now, after this program I have found Christ again and my practicing faith has been reignited. We have been attending church together more often than we did, and our relationship is stronger than ever - prepared for the live long commitment we will make to one another and our future life.

6) Did the course help you improve your communication and sharing?:Yes

Comments on communication through the course: This program improved our communication immensely. We didn't always mention things that were bothering us or discuss faith that much. Now, we discuss both so much - we bring up any issue as soon as one of us has one and we talk about it in depth and resolve our issues rather than bottling it up. We had been doing this at about 50/50 and not we did it 100/100 as we see the immense benefits. Our discussions of faith and Christ have made us realize how important it is to practice faith and be a part of a concrete religion. We want to raise our future children on a strong Catholic foundation and keep Christ in our marriage and life together.

7) Comments: We would just like to say that we enjoyed our instructors - you two are so awesome and we appreciate all of your wonderful and constructive feedback. We both feel like our relationship benefited so much from this program and we will take what we have learned and will be applying it to our every day life together, our marriage, and our future children. We will keep you both in our prayers as well!

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Friday Feedback 2

1)   What is your overall impression of this prep (his answer)? it was very helpful and eye opening

2) Did it meet your expectations?  Yes and beyond for both of us

3) What did you appreciate most and why?:

Him: the discussions we had during the course.

Her: I liked that everything was in such detail and didn't skimp (in order not to offend; it wasn't always what you wanted to hear, it was the truth)

How did the course revive - or not - your faith?:

Him: Gave you a taste of what the churches teachings are.

Her: I loved how in depth everything was. It was refreshing to hear real teaching with no sugar coating. And to hear topics I have never once heard a priest even address even when asked such as the contraception talk. There are a lot of church teachings that I have never heard discussed in all the retreats I have been to and other church functions. I’ve heard from a lot of people that many priests are just intimidated by many subjects therefore don't ever discuss them with their church goers. Another couple I know that got married this summer was very disappointed with the alternative marriage retreat (engaged encounter). It missed many of the topics covered here and they were pretty disappointed. They completely skipped over what the church really teaches about contraception and a few other topics so they will be listening to the talk that was given here.

Comments on communication through the course: We were forced and able to talk about a few subjects we haven't spent a ton of time discussing previously.

9) Comments:Thought it was very long but well worth it. I know we would have been a lot more relaxed about it if we would have started at least 6months before the wedding. I'm glad it was something we had to do and spend time on. I know a lot of the churches here don't even require the engaged encounter or offer this as an alternative. I think they should even though it is so much work; but people these days need to wake up and discover what marriage really is and if your not willing to make an effort to get married you're probably going to be lazy in your marriage also. Thanks for everything it was wonderful

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Friday Feedback 3

What is your overall impression of this prep?
I feel more prepared to enter into our marriage be cause we have had meaningful conversations.

Did it meet your expectations?
This absolutely, went above and beyond my expectations! I loved how flexible it was being online, considering we had to juggle different countries and time zones. Our instructors gave us insight on aspects of our marriage I never realized.

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Friday Feedback 4

Friday Feedback 4

From I. and K.

The class was fantastic and actually surprised me how fun many of the exercises were. I thought that maybe the class would be a review of what I learned throughout Catholic school growing up, but I learned a lot of information concerning marriage and also learned different techniques on how to
maintain a healthy and strong marriage.

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Friday Feedback 5

Friday Feedback 5

From D. and J.

It is really awesome that you guys take the time to help couples like us! You are truly a blessing!

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Friday Feedback 6

By Bob and Barbara

While this is both Bob's and my first marriage and we are "senior citizens," I appreciate that the Church asks us to give thought to the Sacrament of marriage.

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Friday Feedback 7

Friday Feedback 7

By Mark and Samantha

It opened up a whole new world for us.
We've gone to church together but never

gone this in depth with each other about what we thought.

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