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Not the Destination...

Marriage is a journey, not a destination...

An Unexpected Guest

At the end of four long days as exhibitors at the NACFLM conferences in St. Louis, MO, Blessed John Paul II paid us a surprise visit at our booth! Here is the story...

Saturday morning, the last day of the conferences. Everyone was exhausted and more than ready to go home. A pretty young 15-year-old girl stopped by to pick some chocolates. We talked to her for a few minutes, and she left. A few hours later, she was back for more chocolates, this time with her mother! We started discussing with the mom, Cecilia, who happened to be a servant of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

As we talked, we discovered that she knew Christian and Christine’s ex-community, and that she was friends with a sister there that they also knew! We all became more confident and she pulled out of her purse a beautiful reliquary containing the hair of Blessed John Paul II!

What an incredible surprise! Blessed John Paul II is among the patron saints of our ministry and it was an amazing and touching encouragement to have him visit our booth. Cecilia was taking the relic from a Carmelite convent to another. You can imagine our emotion.

We all took this visit as a wink from God to let us know that we are on the right path and to keep up the good work! Alleluia!

Encounter at the Post Office

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In our mission statement at we say: “Agape Catholic Marriage Preparation invites couples to a deeper relationship with each other and with Christ, one couple at a time.  Online, on-demand instruction rooted in Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, combined with personalized mentoring from a trained married couple, builds a foundation for a strong, healthy, Christ-centered marriage between a man and a woman.”  Who does that best serve?   From the very inception of serving military couples has always been on our hearts, even offering a military discount.

Tara Brooke
28 June 2022

Wow!!!  Yes, that is the correct word to begin this blog post!  I think I am still in shock!  On the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus our country just experienced the overturning of an almost 50-year-old law regarding abortion.  Roe vs. Wade was overturned!  

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Catholic Marriage Prep
16 November 2016
Now that Pope Francis has made it clear there will never be women priests, it comes as a letdown for many.  It seems that we think that in order to have equality, women have to be able to do the exact same thing as men and vice versa. The problem is, men still can’t breastfeed or bear children, and women cannot insert sperm. 


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