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Conscience Protection

Once in a while, I watch the French news via Internet.

On Sunday, March 3rd, there was an astonishing broadcast about how difficult it's become today to have an abortion in France.

The broadcast showed a woman doctor (either preparing for, or actually performing an abortion, I'm not sure. I couldn't watch that part), and a local Planning Familial (the equivalent of Planned Parenthood) pro-abortion employee making fake phone calls to different hospitals, and two women who wanted to have an abortion because of their desperate situations.


There was not a word from women who had had an actual abortion, or from counselors, or spiritual leaders of any religions. Not a word about the aborted babies either.

What were the goals of the fake phone calls?

The ‘lady’ wanted to show the public that, despite the fact that abortion is legal and paid by the national health insurance, it is more and more difficult to obtain an abortion in France.

The bottom line was that:
- Some hospitals don’t offer abortions. They don’t even have doctors practicing abortions, because it’s more and more difficult to find doctors willing to do abortions.
- Some hospitals would drag out the process/appointments so that women would be too far advanced, and out of the law’s boundaries. Nobody could then practice an abortion legally on them and/or they would have to go to another country.
- Some women had to drive far from their homes to have an abortion because it was not available at their next-door hospital.
You can imagine how upset the ‘lady’ was!
She had to denounce this ‘scandal’ on public TV and make the ‘authorities’ aware of this contradiction: abortion is legal in France but not available on demand.

I believe this broadcast gives us some hope.

- It’s harder to find real doctors willing to do abortions.

- Not all Hospitals employees are pro abortionists.

It means that the protection of the Rights of Conscience is VITAL!

Let us all raise our voices to protect this fundamental right here in the United States.
Act now and support the new Conscience Right Bill by clicking here.

Also, today March 21st, at 3:00 pm, Governor Hickenlooper from Denver will be signing the Senate Bill 11 on Civil Union. Please fax or call him to ask him to ban this legislation that contains the potential for serious conflict with religious liberty, especially in relation to charitable services, adoption and foster care.

Governor John Hickenlooper
Phone: 303-866-2471
Fax: 303-866-2003

Death of Democracy in the Western World

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Tara Brooke
28 June 2022

Wow!!!  Yes, that is the correct word to begin this blog post!  I think I am still in shock!  On the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus our country just experienced the overturning of an almost 50-year-old law regarding abortion.  Roe vs. Wade was overturned!  

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