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“Weekly Best of” Feedback May 4 – May 8, 2015

“Weekly Best of” Feedback May 4 – May 8, 2015

At first, I just saw it as a course I just had to finish, but I came to enjoy reading each lesson and the opportunity it gave for deeper thinking...

May 4 - Alex and Jenni. Lansing, Michigan: mixed faiths
- Alex
:"I appreciated the quick responses of the presenters and I also appreciated that the answers were specifically tailored to our responses. It made me want to learn more about marriage and the church's teachings on it.
- Jenni: "I feel like, for me, it is good insight and introduction into the Catholic perception of marriage without being too overwhelming. I appreciated being able to express when I was having difficulties or had concerns without feeling judged. It helped me to gain a better understanding of my future husband's faith and ways to support his relationship with God."
- Both: "Rather than thinking of the training as just something to get through, we both took it seriously and even began taking it more seriously with each lesson."

May 5. Jared and Krista. Oakley, Kansas.
- Jared: "I appreciated the entire class, it was very knowledgeable to me and I learned so much from every topic that it discussed. I do think that it covered great topics and basis on building a strong and healthy relationship. It covered the value of a family and that is something I loved about it. Yes, it was a great course."
 - Krista: "There is a lot of advice that was given to consider every day in life and take with us to live our life. I thought it was well worth the time and a great way to spend time with one another. The part that I appreciated most was the base of a marriage. That it pointed out respect for a woman, it takes both man and woman to play their roles, and that God is involved in the marriage/allowing you to become one. I really liked the topic of pornography and agree with it to a T. I liked the topic on abortions and do not agree or believe in aborting a child."

May 6, Brendon and Elizabeth. Schwenksville, Pennsylvania
- Brendon: "There was lots of information that I did not know before. It exceeded my expectations and I liked the prompt and thoughtful responses. The feedback was a good learning tool. It made me curious about many of the Church's teachings.
- Elizabeth: "It made me consider many things about marriage that I did not think about. It made me more aware of the way God wants me to live out my vocation of marriage. I will continue to have an active relationship with Christ."

May 7, Schahntaey and Daniela. Woodland, CA
- Schahntaey: "Good course for guiding couples to what a catholic marriage is. I appreciated the thorough feedback. I am not Catholic but I will accompany my wife more frequently to mass, and to the events she attends outside of that.
- Daniela: "I really enjoyed it. At first, I just saw it as a course I just had to finish, but I came to enjoy reading each lesson and the opportunity it gave for deeper thinking... I appreciated being able break down the marriage vows as well as church readings. It made me want to reexamine what I thought I already knew and learn more and examine my relationship with God and how it can be strengthened.
- Both: "It showed us that we already had good foundation for communication, it did show that there are areas to improve in, so overall it did improve our communication. Thank you so much for your time and input! You really did help us set an even stronger foundation for our relationship."

May 8, Cy and Megan. Lafayette, Lousiana
- Cy: "It was wonderful and has helped us become closer as a couple. I loved the constant support from my fiance and being able to become closer to her. It opened my eyes to God's plan for us, it reminded me why this is so important.
- Megan: "It opened up communication for both of us and allowed us to make a plan for our future. This course helped me bring God into our marriage and realize his plan for the two of us."
- Both: "We plan to raise our children in the parish and continue to donate part of our income. It gave us a guide for the important things that we needed to talk about.”

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