"Sent to your Parish"
A FOCCUS Couple Report for the Facilitator and
a FOCCUS Couple Take Home Report for the Facilitator to give to the couple.
US $50 per couple

Note:  Only one needed per couple.

The FOCCUS Pre-marriage Inventory was designed for couples preparing for marriage or seriously considering marriage. It provides them with a personalized profile of their relationship, its strengths and challenges. Overwhelmingly, couples give as their top response to the FOCCUS Pre-marriage Inventory, "It helped us to talk about what we didn't know we needed to talk about." FOCCUS actively involves the engaged couple in the marriage preparation process.

Every category of the FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory calls for the couple to examine what each person brings from his/her family, culture or environment. This includes attitudes and expectations about money, sex, communication, household roles, etc. that they are likely to repeat or react against in the new marriage. Emphasizing these aspects of the relationship allows a great diversity of patterns and messages to emerge and tailors the inventory to the couple.


  • Within 24 hours (weekends excepted), the future bride and future groom will each be emailed a UserID and Password from the FOCCUS website, www.foccusinc.com. This UserID and Password is your Login to the FOCCUS website to take the FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory. This email with the login information is separate from your registration login for this website.
  • Make sure to check your spam/junk folder for this email as some email providers will direct it to one of these folders.
  • Once you have received your email with the UserID and Password, log into the FOCCUS website, www.foccusinc.com, and complete the FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory.
  • The couple completes the pre-marital inventory online.
  • Once both the bride and groom have taken the FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory your results along with the Couple Take Home Report will be sent to Catholic Marriage Prep for disbursement to your Priest or Facilitator.
  • PRIVACY NOTE: The personal information submitted with this order will be transferred to FOCCUS (a third party) for the fulfillment of this order. No payment (echeck or credit card) information is transmitted or stored.
  • If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at info@catholicmarriageprep.com.