Become a certified Marriage Prep Instructor Couple with Agapè Catholic Ministries
and teach live classes in your diocese / parish.

Start your Instructor Couple's training today!
Available in English, Spanish, and French.

COST:  US$ 265.00 (includes training and materials shipped in the US - For other countries, please contact us.)

Catholic married couples in good standing with the Church, married at least five years, having been Catholic for over five years, from anywhere in the world.

This course is designed to be taught in LIVE classes by married couples because of their experience as married couples.
The engaged couples will relate to experienced couples who know what it is like to overcome the challenges of married life and can give them advice on how to work through difficulties.

Before registering, make sure you fulfill the following requirements:

- You are a Catholic couple (i.e.  both of you are Catholic) in good standing with the Church.
- You both must have been practicing Catholics for over five years.
- You have been married at least five years,
- You are in agreement with The Church's teachings, especially regarding Natural Family Planning, that you practice or have practiced (if you are not of age anymore).
For now, please just read our Instructors Agreement.
We want you to be aware of the commitment before the start of the training.
You will be asked to fill this agreement out and sign it at the end of the training.

NOTE: Agape Catholic Marriage Preparation reserves the right to NOT certify any couple not deemed to meet the necessary criteria.
Those criteria are based upon the couple's knowledge of the Church's teachings, their understanding of the Church's teachings, and the couple's faithfulness to follow them.

Future instructors will follow the same curriculum as the engaged couples.
Answer keys from their personal trainers will be more thorough and geared towards instruction, with tips and advice.
Future instructors will have an additional worksheet dealing with the teaching method and their readiness to teach.

After they complete the formation, instructors receive a ACMP Instructor Couple Certification and a set of instruction materials: one Instructors manual, one Engaged Couple's Workbook, one Power Point Presentation USB key, a sample of abstinence cards and abstinence flyer.
The online training is to be completed within a three-month max time-frame.

To review the content of the training course, please go to our TRAINING CONTENT page.



One Instructors Manual
with class plans, explanations for each discussion question, quizzes, tips for presentations, slides from the power point presentations.
The manual follows the course's Point Presentation and the engaged couples workbook.


One Power Point Presentation USB key
Each of the four sessions is supported by a Power Point Presentation.
They are included in the USB key.

The USB key also includes:

    • A template for the engaged Certificate of Completion
    • The four sessions summaries
    • Several documents
    • Email templates for the engaged
    • Prayer of the engaged
    • Gospel Quotes
    • Wedding readings.

!---->!---->One Engaged Couple's Workbook

The Workbook is of superior quality, in full color, and meant to be a keepsake that the Engaged Couple will treasure and refer to for the rest of their lives. It includes all documents and is full color. It also includes two abstinence pledge cards and one pledge flyer.

!--Click image to flip through the workbook
--> (also available in Spanish)


Order books for your classes (for ACMP certified instructors only).