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Sincere appreciation for the work you've done with the couple I sent you.   St. James is a small parish with less than a dozen weddings a year.  I've been pastor here only a few months and saw the online preCana as probably too-good-to-be true.  So I've been most interested in what David and Catherine have experienced.  The loss of the face-to-face seems not to be an issue in the age of cyber communications and, having done PreCana since the days when it was just the priest and a couple....then several couples...then married couples assisting...and so on....I feel assured that the necessary content is getting heard and that the couples are truly in critical dialogue with each other on that content, which has always been the bottom line, no matter the format. 

There may,  strangely,  be even more openness absent the face-to-face dialogue; people often are truly more up front when they don't have to face someone in authority, especially those -- and how frequently now -- whose association with the Church has been reduced by the culture in which they live, if not for any specific reasons of disagreement with Church teachings, especially about sexual isues.

I have another couple whom I've referred to Online as well; their marriage is coming up in May and will  be taking place in Portugal.  Their special circumstances found Online a better-than-nothing choice, but I've been hearing enthusiastic things from them about how the course is going.

So, between these initial exposures, the sanction of so many and significant dioceses, and this final glimpse of your parting dialogue with a couple, I will have a greatly eased conscience about going cyber with this very important part of marriage preparation.

God bless you all in the New Year and prosper the work of your keyboards.

Fr. Ed Windhaus
St. James, PA


Christine and Christian,
I love your program! I am having all my couples preparing for marriage do it! Thanks again!

Father Austin Titus
Holy Family Parish, NY


God bless you Christian, your family and your ministry!
I keep sending the couples to you. Your program is the best.
Blessings to you,

Father Bill Breslin
Archdiocese of Denver CO


In our last Deanery meeting, the subject of marriage preparation was discussed. When the various programs being offered currently in the Archdiocese were discussed, there was an overwhelming consensus that the formula offered by Christian and his wife is very popular and very effective. Numerous pastors already recommend their marriage preparation over and above other marriage programs in the Archdiocese.

Father Stephen Siebert
Archdiocese of Denver, CO



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