We gathered the responses from ALL our engaged couples across the world that completed the program in 2018. These couples are diverse, from the languages they speak to the cultures they live in; to their ages, educations and socio-economic situations. Despite these differences, they were overwhelmingly changed by participating in our program.


Building Christ-centered marriages, one couple at a time, since 2004.


Catholic Marriage Preparation Statistics History and Methodology

“The Church says “YES” to the dignity and the beauty of marriage as an expression of a faithful and
fecund alliance between man and woman.” Pope Benedict XVI Jan. 19, 2013, address to the Roma Rota.
More engaged couples go through the Agapè Catholic Marriage Prep program every year and the very
positive statistics remain strong and steady. It’s a great opportunity for conversion.
Even though abstinence and N.F.P. are not the core teachings of the program, they are good indicators
of the engaged couples’ reception of the Church’s teachings.

How do we get these encouraging numbers?
We care for our engaged couples and give them: 

- A solid content; faithful to the Catholic Church teachings and John Paul II Theology of the Body.
We proclaim the Truth and the couples welcome the Truth!

- A one-on-one mentoring of each engaged couple by trained Instructor Couples faithful to the
Magisterium who live what they teach.

- A solid relationship between the Engaged Couples and the Instructors, based on trust.

- Couples have time to process the information and can ask all their questions to real life Instructors.

- No lecture type, no video-only training, but rather hard work from the Instructors and the Engaged Couples.

We also give the right life skill tools to the engaged couples to cope with every aspect of their daily lives:
communications, conflict resolution, finances, family of origin, parenting, and much more.
We take a holistic approach of the life-skills and cannot separate the practical from the spiritual so we show that
even when learning these life skills Christ still comes first and is entwined in everything we do every day.


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