A little bit of hebrew...

"They [man and woman] each have one different letter. In woman’s name it is “he” (ה): it represents the spiritual breath (it is twice in God’s name, and without it, we get the word "fire"). So woman is predisposed to spiritual things. She will help man to enter deeper into God’s presence and will awaken his desire to know, serve and love God. Woman is naturally more religious than man. In the Jewish tradition, the woman does not have to go to the synagogue or observe the 613 commandments because she is always related to God! The letter unique to man is “yod” (י). It represents the hand, hand of man but also hand of God. That is why man is naturally oriented towards action!" Georgette Blaquière - Dare Live Love

Here is a Jewish midrash (homily): at first Abraham and Sarah’s names were Abram and Saraï. Then something happened that made God change their names. Hebrew letters each have a numeric value. The ï’s value is 10. The h’s value is 5. Saraï shared her portion of the spirit with Abram who became Abraham when she became Sarah.

As for the man, at Baptism, woman is anointed and given a participation in these three offices of Christ — priest, prophet and king.