19- Man sinned in his Paternity mission

Man often fails his own paternity mission today by not naming evil for what it is:  EVIL!
Numerous examples abound of not identifying evil as evil: porn = lust/masturbation in the least, and rape in the extreme, abortion = murder, surfing the Internet at work = stealing. In short by not being the moral compass in the family, man neglects his role as Guardian of God's law.

Like many problems, it usually starts with little things and justification for the actions.
A few examples:

- Dads letting their children watch movies that are not appropriate for their ages on TV.
- Under age kids in theaters, so that parents can save on babysitter expenses.
- Dads using the business copy machine/phone/computer for their personal use.
- Dads making inappropriate comments (or lust) about other women, co-workers, women in the street.
Then it is bigger things:

- Men allowing or pushing their girlfriend/wife to abort instead of supporting them and protecting them.
- Men asking their girlfriend to use contraception so they can enjoy sex “without risks.”

The list goes on.

In how many families do we see this pattern where the father has totally given up? Please go to this link: The Role of Father as Family Protector

Think back to St Irenaeus' interpretation in question #8. He says that Adam, as a creature, was unable to reach God, the infinite, alone. He needed a partner to help him reach the divine.  However, when he received this partner, he mistakenly set his goal on her instead of taking her further to the divine. This would explain why Adam listened to Eve and forgot God’s command.