From some of our couples:

The Mother is the family member that gives birth, that nurtures, that runs with the help and consent of the father. The Father: is the leader of the family, the Shepherd, the caretaker, the captain of the boat. And both having different roles, at the same time are one entity, "parents" that should always give example to the children by acting as "parents" and at the same time as the different roles of mother and father. We think this is one of the most difficult, but at the same time most fulfilling part of life, to have a family, to grow with it and see the fruits in the short and long term. Peter and Amanda

To be a mother means to bring forth life, and to nurture that life after birth. It means a direct connection to the life of the child created, in a manner that does not occur with the father - at least, not in the same way. For the mother, the child is a living part of her for nine months, and there is a bond there which is unique. To be a father means to protect and support that life. Fathers also nurture, and mothers also protect and support, but because a father cannot have the same bond that arises from carrying the child, it is important for him to recognize his distinct role. In many traditions, the father is also responsible for giving the child their identity (initially by naming the child). For the father, supporting and protecting the child also means supporting and protecting the mother. Ross and Amy

We also suggest that you re-read this quote we gave you in Answer Key One: The Role of Father as Family Protector
Very often maternity is more natural to the woman than paternity is to the man.