“What John Paul II does is defend necessary connections. There are things that are connected, in the created order – and there are many attempts in the modern world, to sever those things that are connected.

“Love and marriage are connected – and when you try to disconnect them, you end up with less love, and bad relationships. Likewise, contraception severs the connection between sex and procreation. When you sever that connection, you end up with people using each other, and neglected children.”
“In a way, he's a great sociologist,” Yenor said of Pope John Paul II.
“What John Paul does, is show that those sources of order and fulfillment– particularly the lifelong marriage of a man and a woman – are rooted in human nature, which can't be changed and manipulated.” Dr. Scott Yenor (Boise State University political science professor)

“Why do we have to wait to physically express our love?

Given the addictive power of sex, this kind of relationship can become co-dependent on a more physical level and can confuse sex for love. Instead of the sexual act being a life giving act of mutual love, it can often become a life-draining and very selfish abuse of another person. In a relationship which has a strong dependency on sexual intimacy it can be more difficult for the couple who lives together to resolve other problem areas of their lives. A couple can begin to use sex a s a way to convince themselves that the relationship is going fine. When sexual intimacy becomes the predominant way of communicating, it even stifles a couple’s discovery of the attitudes, hopes and desires of the other person. ... When one or both persons cannot delay their urge for sexual gratification before the marriage, what guarantee exists that the individuals can trust one another in the fidelity of their marital vows after marriage?  A Pastoral Letter on Cohabitation before Marriage – Kansas Catholic Conference