3- How important is forgiveness in a marriage?

Another aspect of forgiveness in a marriage is asking your children for it.  Previous generations would never have done this on the premise that adults are always right.  However, young or old, we all make mistakes. To foster trust, respect, and true love we must be able to forgive and be forgiven.

It is easy to see our spouse as the enemy, at times, because of our own sinfulness and inability to renounce our self. It often starts with the small details of daily life.  For example, if a wife says, "He lets me do the dishes while he plays his stupid video game," she will start to hold a grudge. This will lead to judgment and resentment of a spouse and living together will slowly become unbearable. I was talking with our spiritual director about resentment and grudges and he told me that each time I feel resentment towards someone (my spouse) it is like a message from God telling me there is something in me that must change. We would like the other to change but God is saying you have to change first.