"The body is for the Lord, and the Lord is for the body... Our bodies are members of Christ. You are not your own."
6- How do you understand these statements?

Don't think the body is a mere shell that houses the soul. They are one and the same.

Pope Benedict XVI said on June7, 2005 that there is an “indissoluble bond between spirit and body: Man is, in fact, soul that expresses itself in the body and body that is vivified by an immortal spirit."

The body has incalculable significance. The body is not just a part of the person; it is the person insofar as the person belongs to the physical world. We are not souls that happen to be attached to bodies; rather, we are body-persons. Even our language instinctively recognizes this truth. You are not likely to hear a child say to another, "stop hitting my body!" but, "stop hitting me!"  Mary Healy, Men and Women are from Eden, p.14.