Advice for Women:

Be a helpmate to your husband, there is a battle being waged on his soul and creating lust in his heart is an easy place to lose ground first; help him win!

Reading romance novels or watching soap operas doesn’t help towards creating a healthy and realistic relationship with your spouse. Reliance on these to make yourselves feel better when you are anxious, sad, lonely, or experiencing another negative emotion, quickly develop into a different kind of hindrance to true intimacy with a spouse, an addiction almost to fantasized romance.  To read more on this topic, “Emotional Chastity,” check out this website:

Pray for your husband and sons that God may send them the grace to conquer any temptation that will one day assault them.

Lead your daughters so that they will not become temptation to other men. Teach them their real beauty is revealing the innocence inside, not the skin on the outside.

How does a woman break free from pornography?