11- What is prayer?

For more, you can follow these links:

The Universal Call to Prayer CCC 2566-2567
Why Jesus prays
Prayer as God’s Gift: articles 2559 to 2565 of the Catechism

One of our students sent us this answer:

The word PRAY stands for "P" praise- we should always give glory to God first and foremost for who he is and for the things that He has given to us. "R" is for repentance.  "A" is for acceptance which means that we have to be ready to hear what God is telling us in prayer- maybe as a direct message or through the Bible or others around us.  "Y" is for yielding. Yielding is giving everything up to God and giving Him sole power in our life in prayer. We realize that sometimes we want so badly to be in control and to know what is coming around the next bend, but in prayer we can let go and let God handle it.... which is the source of peace and ultimate blissful living in our daily journey.