12- a) Can you say that you have this personal intimate relationship with Christ?

“One must have the experience of God. The one who has had that experience feels transformed. That person knows what life is all about, the true one, the eternal life. He knows that God is the life of life and that, if we do not have an encounter with him, the life of today will be hollow and empty. That is the experience we must have, the only guarantee of our belief. As long as we have not met God, as long as we are not a loving gaze turned to him, God is like a false god. When we are within this space, and insofar as we remain fixed in it, then everything becomes true, real, and action is not a resounding cymbal, a bass drum, but a radiance, a power. We are immersed in truth, the total truth...

There is no other experience but that one: the face of a lover turned to his God, a God within himself, a God transforming him into himself and making his whole life a loving gaze turned to the Other.”
Father Maurice Zundel (Swiss mystic, poet, philosopher, liturgist and author)