8- Infidelity is another major cause of divorce.

“It’s ironic: technological advancements keep us “productive” 24 hours-a-day, stealing our time, attention and energy, leaving us little for the nurturing of intimate relationships… Our life in the fast lane causes us to neglect our intimate relationships. Immersed in a “brain-centric” technology-drive world, our intelligent-intuitive heart is deprived of the intimacy it so desperately needs…. Most human intimacy is about communication, understanding, appreciation, affection, mutual respect, friendship, quality time, sharing, and many more non-sexual actions and factors. One of the great preventions and protections against addictions is true human intimacy, the quality and quantity of time you spend together as husband and wife, parent and child. This is what matters most. But how-how in this crazy world do you find the time to spend with those you love, and what do you do in those precious moments together to cultivate and enjoy true intimacy?”   (And then the author gives the means to attain this goal… but it’s a whole book and I am done typing J! The Drug of the New Millenium, Mark B. Kastelman (Power Think Publishing))