March 12th Jared and Jenna – New York, NY“The truth is that this course gave us a more in-depth knowledge of each others thoughts and goals for marriage.”

Him:This entire process has brought up topics that we have been mildly concerned with and gave us the opportunity to discuss and put goals in place to help alleviate the issues.
Her: The course gave us a lot to think about as a couple and start making decisions on how to continue together as a married couple. It really gave a lot of insight into what marriage should be- which was refreshing because we live in a culture of false expectations and labeling around marriage.
Both:It allowed us to be more open and brought up topics out of the comfort zone. It "forced us" to be honest about our discussions.

March 13th Michael and Beth – Colorado Springs, CO “I think there was a lot of good information about the Church's teachings and challenging us to analyze different faith-based values.”

Him:This course did meet my expectations in that I learned more about the Catholic Church and their teachings.I think that this course was done well for being online, it was a good experience overall and I am glad we did it. The course was good insight for me to learn more about the religion.
Her:I enjoyed the class, it was very convenient that we were able to complete the course online and at our own pace. I appreciated most being able to read his individual responses and being able to have meaningful discussions on our expectations for the future.
Both:Overall, we really did enjoy the course and appreciate all the feedback!

March 14th Andrew and Megan – Camden, NJ “..This made the course feel truly personalized, and enabled a very engaging experience.”

Him:Overall, this was a thorough & robust course. Quite honestly, I was able to learn and prepare for far more than what I expecting. The ability to prepare modules on our own schedule was critical given or busy schedules, and Bridget & Steve's attention to detail and thorough responses made for a highly engaging experience. Although we were unable to do a live couples retreat, I feel I was able to learn and grow more so from this course, given the level of detail and timing.
Her:I felt the preparation was very informative. There were many thought provoking discussions as a result, and I feel our preparation is truly more complete as a result! I appreciated the wide variety of subject matter. I felt it was a rather comprehensive overview, one of which could not be provided through traditional means.
Both:It offered many thought provoking concepts - some of which we may not have thought to discuss. This facilitated many great discussions, most of which I believe we will continue well through the start of our marriage!

March 15th Brendan and Dubraska – Great Falls-Billings, MT “Every couple should do it.”

Him:I felt like the questions were important and I am glad we did it.  I felt [our instructors] truly spent the time to read our answers and gave positive helpful responses.  I liked the scriptures and helpful tools to use.
Her:I am very grateful to have the opportunity to go through these preparation, it exceeded my expectations. [Our instructors] have been wonderful and amazing and these preparations have made me more knowledgeable about the scriptures, especially the old testament that I always had difficulty to understand.
Both:I-messages are amazing.  We learn to express feelings, behavior, and tangible effect.  It reminded us the important of prayer together.  It taught us tools to use such as the first aid kit.  Reminds us that God’s immeasurable mercy especially in times of difficulties.

March 16th Ryan and Vanessa – San Francisco, CA “We prayed more together than we have before.”

Him: Yes, it exceeded our expectations. We so appreciated the return of the answer keys in a super timely manner. Because we wanted to do the courses back to back so we had the content fresh in our hearts and minds, our instructors made that absolutely easy.
Her:I appreciated the transparency of our course instructors. I loved hearing their stories on how God saved their marriage, time and time again. It definitely went above and beyond our expectations. There was an exorbitant amount of information we know have absorbed.
Both:We were able to pray together every night we practiced this course. We were truly a team in completing this program and we think it's because of the love of God and Him knowing we are beyond ready for this next spiritual chapter in our lives. :) We had talked about many of these topics from a relationship stance, but it was beautiful to also be reminded and humbled to always remember to include God in these conversations, as well.